Thursday, July 30, 2015

BCW Magentic Card Holder Line

I was recently given the chance to try out BCW's newest line of magnetics. Personally, I have moved on from Toploaders for jersey cards or thicker memorabilia ones. I much rather prefer magnetics as they are simpler to use and protect cards much better. However, they are a bit more costly. But, they are more worth it in the end.

One thing that I found very helpful in every pack of BCW magnetics, were these:
I have always struggled in deciding which size toploader or magnetic I need. I know some may just know off the top of their head, but this is a huge help in my opinion. Below, I will show you how it works if you need an example.

They also have an information card that covers both toploaders and magnetics. I have a few extra copies of this and will be including them in future contest mailings :)

Alright, here is how you use one of these. With a full sampling on my plate of magnetics and a card, a 2012 Panini Black David Wilson Onyx Rookie Jersey in need of some protection, I must find the card thickness to know which magnetic I need to use. It appears I need a 100pt magnetic.

So I grabbed a 100pt magnetic, opened it up and within seconds had a beautiful clear protected work of art!
I am a fan of these for sure. BCW offers many different thickness options for their magnetics from 35pt all the way to 360pt. They are all UV protected so your autos won't fade and are crystal clear so you can display. You can find all of their varieties HERE. The only problem that I had with them was running out and not having enough!
Toploaders or Magnetics for your memorabilia/autographed cards? Or both?


  1. I stick to top loaders. I'd love to use magnetics, but I just don't have the space.

  2. That looks like a handy guide to have.

  3. I use magnetics for just about all my higher $ value and super thick cards. Have you seen the ones made specifically for book cards. They are really nice.

  4. Never used the magnetics but now I know how beneficial they can be. Never knew exactly what to do with those extra thick cards. Thanks for the info and post.