Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Contest Mail Day From Baseball Card Breakdown Part 2:Flowing With Goodness

Yesterday, I posted the first half of my contest winnings from Baseball Card Breakdown blog, you can find those HERE. Today, I am posting the rest and hope you are ready!

First up, I start off where I ended yesterday with more Yankees. One that really stands out here to me is the Finest Abbott. Loved that Finest design.

Up next, a Ruth and sweet Mantle Reprint

Now we move on from baseball for a second for some GGGGGGMMEEENN! I am expecting big things this year from Moore. He has gotta step it up filling in for JPP.

I will always remember this guy. He was amazing and unstoppable when not injured. Other than that amazing Tyree catch, Smith was the guy who helped them win the Super Bowl with big catches in that 4th quarter.

KEN GRIFFEY! Pops as I call him.

And here comes Junior! I am in love with these Simpson's magnets that Baseball Card Breakdown put together. This is another rare piece for my Griffey PC and it also has one of my favorite shows

And to end this mail day showing, a SICK Roy White auto. It's also CHROME!!!!
Overall, I just wanna thank Baseball Card Breakdown Blog for this great mail day and can't say thanks enough. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, please do so it's on my blog read list. Some great reads on there and you can also find him on Twitter for a fun follow @breakdowncards

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