Saturday, July 18, 2015

Like Basketball Cards? Here Ya Go Part 1

I have already revealed some of the goodies on here that I got from my former teacher's son, but now I am getting into the heart and soul of the lot. THE BINDERS. There were two binders overall and both were super packed with stuff. Most of it was basketball, but there were a few baseball and even football sprinkled in.

So if you are a fan of basketball cards or even was at one point, especially in the 90's, you are gonna wanna check these out!

I think the best way to sum up these pages it just to point out a few favorites of mine off each page. If not, I could go on for hours and you will leave early. So, here we go.

I was a huge fan of Ex in the late 90's. The cards were stunning and possibly the best base cards of the 90's other than the late Spx years. Though I wasn't a Mashburn fan (being a Knicks fan in the 90's any Heat players cramped my style), I am a huge fan of the design.

HAKEEEEEEEEEEEMM OLAJUWON!! Flair Showcase was the bomb! Was super stoked that Upper Deck revived it last year.

Metal was another fun product. The PMG's were rare hits and something I am still trying to chase down one of from the 90's. I don't care about the player, I JUST NEED ONE!

If you have paid attention to my blog, you know my love of rookie card collecting. Lots here including Jermaine O'Neal.

Hello Mr. Robinson....sorry just had to....

More metal and one of my other favorite products, Fleer Ultra. This particular design was probably my favorite one.

Like I said, there are a few other sports sprinkled in. I really liked these Jackie Robinsons from 1997 Upper Deck.

And the end of the pages for today's posts were MAILMAN, Mr. Karl Malone! Seems this guy I bought them from liked collecting Malone. I really liked watching him and wished just once he could have beaten Jordan in the finals and had won a championship.

The Stadium Club here, middle card of the page, was one of my favorite designs for that product.

I really liked these Hardwood Leader inserts. They fell one-per-pack in Fleer and was part of the reason why I bought so much Fleer basketball in the 90's.
I was pretty impressed overall with both binders with the mix of sports, rookies and inserts.

Today's post is only a minimal preview of what is to come, there are MORE Malone's in the next part too. I hope you come back and view the rest!


  1. I didn't collect a lot of basketball, but I did have quite a few KG cards. If I ever got back into it I'd chase his stuff and maybe AI and Stephon Marbury (I still have a pair of Starbury's).

    1. Marbury was a great player and would make for a fun PC.