Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Favorite 2015 Stadium Club Base Card: A Grady M. Mail Day Part 4

Upon flipping through Grady's mail day, I stumbled upon one Griffey card for my PC. It's a card I have been wanting.

Unlike a lot of collectors of today, I get excited over a base card. Especially a well done one. When I saw the preview for the Ken Griffey Jr Stadium Club base card I knew I had to have it. Not just because it would help towards #MissionGriffey, but it's simply just a great picture.

What says baseball more than a father and son simply just having fun together? Who doesn't remember playing catch in the backyard with dad? I remember my father and I taking wiffle balls (we didn't want to use baseballs as it was a bit dangerous in such a small area of field) and we would duct tape them shut to act like a baseball. We would pitch and battle for hours. My father had a similar pitching style like Randy Johnson and oddly enough he hadn't had his hair cut for awhile and that resembled Johnson's as well. I, well, I was Griffey. Trying to imitate that swing was impossible but I did my best. I did get the best of my father after a couple years of playing as my power hitting finally did him in.

This card is a great reminder of how fun baseball is to play and how much fun I had playing it. I also dig the throwback uni's as well and the expression on both of their faces.

Now I gotta pass a question onto you, what base card or cards do you have in your collection that stand out to you and does it have any memories attached to it?

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