Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Results And Thoughts On Favorite Topic Voting

About the start of July, I had you guys vote on your favorite blog segments. This was supposed to run til the end of July but I hadn't seen any voting in over a week, so I thought it was time to pull it and show you the results.

Here they are:

Hobby Topic
  4 (23%)
Caption This!
  3 (17%)
Breakin Wax
  4 (23%)
  8 (47%)
What's In The Box?
  6 (35%)
General Stories
  6 (35%)
90's Flashback
  7 (41%)
Throwback CARDSday
  4 (23%)
I Miss The Hobby
  4 (23%)
This vs That
  5 (29%)
Hobby Tips
  4 (23%)

It's pretty even across the board as I expected as most of my posts have similar amount of views. I was a bit surprised with the lack of excitement with Caption This however, but I don't plan on pulling that and even have one coming up this week. I think it's fun to see what you guys come up with.

I was happy to see good numbers for my Reviews (I put up to an hour into EACH one) and for 90's Flashback as many must have the same love for that era I do.

As I stated when putting up this poll, this wasn't meant for change, this was meant to give me an idea in general to see if I can increase in one area more than another. These topics and others will remain intact.

Now that the votes are in, I want to ask you straight out knowing you can only choose one, which topic do you enjoy reading the most?


  1. Shane's reviews would've gotten more votes, but those haven't been around for a while...