Friday, July 31, 2015

Trademendous Mail Day From @Batcavelv

What started out with me taking claim to trade for this 1979 Leaf Playball helmet...

Turned into so much more!

The helmet kicked off the trade, but I got plenty of other goodies including some awesome Griffey additions to the PC. Let's continue on so I can show you the goods!

Up next, 90's pack goodness!!!!! 95 Stadium Club baseball, 95 Collectors Choice baseball, 95 Upper Deck football, 95 Topps football and 96 Edge Advantage football. These will be featured in upcoming Breakin Wax segments. Pulled a few cool cards including another Griffey for the PC!

Speaking of Griffey, this trade allowed me to add 13, well, 12 new Griffeys. I messed up on one of them. The bad part of not having your checklist done in time. Despite that, I did still get the 13 because of the one I got in the packs. I also got to add another one because I just found it in a box lol.

I really thought the Kraft cheese standup was really cool!

This 2013 Archives was the one I forgot I had.

And then the card I fell in love with after @batcavelv posted it on Twitter..........
At first I thought these were stupid lol. But, then I kept seeing them pop up and somehow, someway they grew on me and I fell in love. I actually liked and understood the concept and creativity, something I preach endless about. I would take this over a plain colored swatch ANY DAY. I must also note that this one is numbered 24/50. Yes, 24, the number I always consider to be Ken's.

With these, my Griffey total is now up to 546. Now it's the drive to 600!

Overall, a great trade mail day from a great guy. I am already setting stuff aside for our next one. Thanks again!

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