Tuesday, July 21, 2015


WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!!! I yelled, well, quietly yelled to myself making a movie reference from the ending of Seven. Cause honestly like Brad Pitt, I had no idea what was inside this shoe box.

If you read Part 1, you know that I didn't find a head like in the movie. And if I had, it wouldn't have been my box and that would have another topic for another day :-P But I did find some Olympic cards from the back of a cereal box. This time, it's something a bit more interesting. A 2013 limited edition Christmas Card from Upper Deck.

In the mail a couple of years ago, I received an envelope from Upper Deck. I wasn't expecting anything from them so this caught me by complete surprise. I had no idea what was inside, but I knew coming from them that it had to be good.

Inside was this Wayne Gretzky Holiday card. I loved watching Wayne skate as we all know, he was/is The Great One. I found it to be an interesting/cool collectible of one of my favorite hockey players and I also dug the design. I did see that others received them but not sure on how many of these were sent out, they could be limited.

The back of the card is a thank you to loyal collectors, long-time partners and dedicated fans. They must know how much I enjoy and have enjoyed their products.

Also inside the envelope was this small writeup from Chris Carlin. I wouldn't get it graded though cause the centering is awful ;) #BadHobbyJoke
I was glad to have found this again because I had forgotten about it. I really need to get it into a larger sized top loader so the card won't get bent. Cause who knows if I will ever see another cool thing like this again and I might display it too.

Part 3 of What's In The Box will be coming up soon! Stay tuned for more fun ahead.

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  1. Cool Gretzky. Gotta find one for my insert album.