Friday, July 24, 2015

YANKin In A Mail Day:Grady M. Mail Day Part 1

There is nothing more exiciting then when you know a package is on it's way. We all know that feeling as card collectors. When Sport Card Collector reader Grady messaged me and told me to keep my eyes out for an all baseball mail day, I kept them wide open and checked the mail daily.

Up first in my mail day from Grady, will be the Yankee portion of it. Well, most of the Yankees. I saved some for the shiny part of it. I believe there will be 4-5 parts to this overall spread out over the next week or so. So as Grady would tell me, KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for rest of the mailings.

I am glad to have found some 2015 Yanks in there. I still don't have many this year and sadly my first base card of Stephen Drew in a Yanks uni.

A-Rod's 2015 Topps base is in this next batch. He is having a surprising year and to me the Yanks as well. I just wished I could respect A-Rod like I once did but that's what the 'roid accusations does to me and players.

A good mix of players here...

and here. Man I miss the days of Paul O'Neill.

Stadium Club base! Look at those amazing photos. I wished more Topps brands looked like this and not artsy. I think my favorite of this group is the Rivera.

Two of my other favorite Topps brands are Gypsy Queen and Allen and Ginter. I need to find myself some 2015 Ginter somewhere.

And closing up this portion of the mail day are some nice Ruths.
A nice opening to this mail day. But, as I stated, there is more to come. So come back and be ready for those!

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