Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Blogger Promo (NEW ADDITIONS)

Well folks, for the 4th year in a row Sport Card Collectors blog will participate in the Panini Player Of The Day blogger promo. However, this years edition will be a bit different.
What's going to change? Mostly locations of the contests as I will try to hit all social media sites this year. None of these contests will be hosted on here however like in years past.

Why the change? Well, Panini changed things up a bit almost deleting the blogger promotion all together as they are trying something new and moving to a different POD promoting field. But, I luckily begged for you guys and will be hosting it again. So please make sure to make some noise so I can continue to host this for you. If not, this could be the final bow.

Another reason for the changes in my promotion this year, in years past, not only were you guys getting some sweet prizes, but if I ran the best promotion, I would also receive some cool prizes. It was a double bonus which I enjoyed immensely. I liked giving away the prizes both from Panini and myself and I also liked using my mind/knowledge of promoting and trying to outdo other bloggers and myself yearly. I like a good challenge and being an underdog blogger I always rose to the occasion. Which if you didn't know, I was crowned champ the last three years out of the three years I have participated. This year the big change is that you guys will be getting the prizes and benefiting and I won't be getting anything since technically the blogger promo is no more. This means I put in the work, pay for shipping and do it just for you guys. That's how you know I love ya!

So with these changes being made this year, I decided to take my promotion in a different direction. I wanted to make it easier since I didn't need to push myself as hard. In the last few years I spent many, many, many, many countless hours on here uploading, downloading, commenting, posting, sharing and so on with the contests. Not this year. NO WAY!

1. You will find the contests mostly on the BRAND SPANKIN NEW SCC POD Promo 2015 Facebook page. You can find and LIKE that page HERE. Yes, I moved most of this promo to Facebook! This will make it easier for most to post pictures or comment. YOU MAY WANT TO HURRY UP AND LIKE THE PAGE AS THE FIRST 100 LIKES WILL BE ENTERED TO WIN A PRIZE. (IMPORTANT Note: Like with all of my contests due to shipping costs, these will be open to ONLY U.S. Residents or residents outside the U.S. who have a mailing address in the U.S. or have someone willing to ship it to them)

Contests will start next week once the prizes arrive so you have a week to be one of the first 100. Please SHARE the page with friends, on Twitter or if you are another blogger even on your blog. Let's make this contest successful.

As for the contests themselves, they will be easy and fun. Some will be just comment, some will be adding a picture and some may involve you checking out SCC or the POD website. Details will come next week on the Facebook page.
2. The rest of the promotion, the bigger prizes will be given away on our brother blog The Card Bin. You can find that HERE. Please FOLLOW the blog, add it to your keeps list and like the SCC POD Promo Page or follow me on Twitter @sportcardcollec to keep track of when the bigger contests will come.

3. I may run a couple of Twitter contests as well.

So here is to another fun year of hosting this contest. May the luck ever be in your favor!

Thoughts on this are always welcomed!


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