Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Platinum Addition To My Andre Williams PC

What a rough weekend of football that was for me. I ended up with only 6-8 games right in my NFL Pick 'Em leagues, I lost my first week of Fantasy football in the league I created, and my NY Giants LOST against Dallas. I put lost in big letters cause that's exactly what they did. Dallas didn't win that game, the Giants once again found a way to let Romo beat them for the fifth game in a row. What I still won't get is why they didn't either let Jennings score or run on that third down. I think the game had a different outcome if so.

Enough with my rant, that could have gone on for awhile.

It had been awhile since I had last added a Andre Williams card/autograph to the PC so I had to break that streak....for $1.99.

I couldn't go wrong paying that for a rainbow shining on-card autograph. Though Williams didn't have a big game on Sunday or make any impact, 6 carries for 14 yards, I still think the ceiling is high for him and with enough opportunity he will make an impact.

At least this card brings a bit more cheer to what was that rough weekend. Here's to a better Week 2!

What were your thoughts on the opening weekend of the NFL? Your team win? Fantasy? NFL Pick Em?

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