Thursday, September 24, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! I LIKE GOOOOOLD! Ruben Randle Topps Chrome Rainbow Update!

What seemed like a stretch for years, has now turned into a reality with this addition

That's right, the Gold refractor numbered to 50!! I also got an awesome deal on it from COMC. My first purchase from there as well.

I am now ONE card away from completing my 2012 Topps Chrome rookie rainbow of Rueben Randle! However, that card being the Superfractor, may make my rainbow always one card short.

I recently did a search of the Super to see if I could even find it or have a shot to afford it. This was the last appearance by it:

Then I got excited, despite the price, when it said view relisted item!

Happiness turned to sadness very fast.

Despite possibly never having the "full" rainbow, I am pretty happy with my accomplishment and to me, this is a rainbow. That doesn't mean I will end my search for the Super, but if it is never listed again, I will be okay with this:

Have you ever completed a rainbow? Are you finding it hard landing the super?

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