Sunday, September 13, 2015

Go Ahead, Tell Me You're Disappointed

Months ago I claimed...THIS IS THE SUMMER OF SORTING! ALL WILL CHANGE! NO MORE PUTTING CARDS BY NUMBER! PLAYER SORTING HERE I COME! Months later, I am still sorting the same way.

I just can't get out of my rut. I started with these 98-99 Topps basketball cards in attempting to sort by team, then take out the best players and keep those sorted. I couldn't do it. It was really hard to sort that way and I couldn't face the fact I could be missing out on putting a set together. Guess that's the 90's collector in me. Which by the way, I put together three sets as you can see:
The problem is, I really want to sort by player and team so when I go to do trades, I can easily find certain players or teams. I also think sorting by player and team would be easier. The type of sorting I do now with by numbers, years, certain players can take up to hours to accomplish just for one pile. ONE PILE!

Hopefully sometime I will get myself out of my current habit and accept some change. It will be a tough habit to kick and something I may need to get some hobby counseling for lol.

So I gotta ask, how do you guys sort? Have you ever had to change a certain way you do things in the hobby and it felt like an impossible task? Let me hear it all!


  1. Players go into their own graded card boxes because sometimes I find graded cards very cheap. . Most cards of players are not so expensive so I just buy two or more. Whichever is the better deal at the time. For the more expensive player cards, I most likely buy one. I do most of my sets in binders so what I do is either keep the card in the set or move it to a player box or album and insert a piece of paper with relevant info into the sleeve where the card would have been in the binder. I do that for graded cards as well. I have a box for any particular years set which I have a corresponding binder for. My 1956 Topps baseball binder is filled with these homemade paper inserts due to at least half being graded. That's the gist of it. Dupes of players go into a box labeled dupes.

  2. There was a time in my life that "sorting" was therapeutic. Presently... I actually get a little "put off" when I see the stacks piling up on my desk. As for how I sort my extras. I primarily sort by teams.

  3. If it's just a base card, then I am most likely sorting it by number with all of my other base. Makes them easier to find when looking for set needs to send off. If it is a hit, parallel, or anything other than base or insert, I have it sorted first by team, then by player name. Works pretty well, but like everyone else, I let cards stack up rather than putting them away immediately. That's my problem.