Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Miss The Hobby Episode 6

I miss the hobby....remember when we had innovation and creativity on base cards and inserts? What happened to that?

I remember when cards were printed on acetate (base cards too), leather, wood, thick cards, thin cards, shiny, holograms, were on CD-Roms and so much more. Where did this go? Base cards have pretty much gone to basic printing and basic designs. Not to mention, especially with Topps, being printed on the thinnest cheapest cardstock available. Inserts are a thing of the past and most appear as base cards or subsets to me. Where did the creativity go?

I assume a lot of companies have pushed past base and inserts as the hobby as shifted into a hit only hobby. But, what they don't realize that there are still us collectors who collect those things still. What about us? I am tired of the non-creative base cards and inserts and have pretty much been pushed away from set collecting because of it. I want creative base cards like Spx (late 90's version), EX2000, Playoff Contenders (98 version) and others that give you full blown photography.

I wanna see inserts that are die-cut, shiny, include holograms, are printed on a unique surface, are zingy and catchy. I am so tired of the product "filler" looking inserts.

I don't ever picture companies putting an emphasis on these things again. The hobby seems to be moving forward in the hit only feel. What companies don't realize is that moving forward isn't always the way to go. Sometimes you need to dip into the past and what once worked great for the hobby.

How many of you still set collect? Collect inserts? Why or why not?


  1. There are still some of us out here. I build sets, have player collections (mostly from 60s to 80s), and one football team collection. I don't have much desire for prospects or rookies in general. I don't care a lot about mojo hits or grading. I'm not slowing down intentionally, but there are fewer and fewer products coming out that I'm interested in. Exclusive contracts and corporate committees deciding what sells instead of what's exciting are killing creativity.

  2. Love this stuff. Just purchased a box filled with this stuff last weekend. My guess is you're one of the fellow collectors out there that can appreciate the post I published today: