Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oyo!! I Said Oyo! Odell's Catching In My Home

Ever since I found them on social media, I have always wanted to own a Oyo toy. What is an Oyo toy? Oyo's are building block figures with life-like looks and movements. They come in a variety of sports and players. They also have many other parts of sports like mascots. It's a pretty well-rounded product that continues to expand.

I don't know what it was though about the product that attracted me. Was it the kid in me? the former block builder in me? Or the simple joy of adding yet another unique sports collectible of my favorite team to put on the shelf. Whatever the means were, I wanted one.

It only made sense that I needed to pick one up before the NFL really kicks into gear tomorrow.

So I went to their site to find out how to get one. There were many players to choose from on the Giants from offensive weapons to the lineman, but the one I had my eye on the most was an Odell Beckham Jr one. So I got one. I guess you can also consider it his rookie edition. They also have an LSU version which I consider to be his "parallel".

So for $12.99 I brought home this.......

The "toy" comes with a stand, helmet, hat, water bottle and football for your displaying.
Right now, I have the item still in it's packaging. I am not sure if I will keep it in there or end up displaying/playing with it. As with most fun collectible items, you can swing one way or the other on what to do with them depending on your mood. Right now my mood is to keep it mint, tomorrow when the Giants play, it may not be like that.

How many of you own a Oyo or have heard of them? If you own one, who do you got? Did you open or keep it sealed?

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