Thursday, September 17, 2015

Upper Deck Game Dated Cards...I GOT ONE!

When you bought Upper Deck in the late 1990's, other than filling action photography base sets, chasing the elusive UD Game Jersey cards and nailing down some impressive inserts, you always wanted to pull a rare UD Game Dated card. Well, I didn't pull one but I did finally add one to the 90's PC.

These cards fell at a rate of 1:1500 or 1 in every 1 or 2 cases so they were not easy finds. Rumors also had it that only a certain number of these were produced for each of the Game Dated cards in the set. Even as low as 10-25 limited on some.

Some collectors, including myself early on, found these cards were also a bit confusing as many have claimed to pull them since Upper Deck put Game Dated stamped on some of the base cards. Well, I am here to tell you that cards that look like this......
ARE NOT Game Dated parallels.

However, this one I picked up for a great price on eBay, is. Ain't she purty!

Here they are side by side. The foil on the card with the side by side really shows you a great example of what to look for.
 Not Real                                                                Real

I am pretty stoked to had finally added one of these to my PC. There are not many of them around, but most can be picked up for about $12 unless they are MJ. I found this one for under $5 so I had to snatch it.

I hope you enjoyed my newest addition and I hope the extra info on these helps you if you want to add one to your collection.

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