Tuesday, September 8, 2015


WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!!! I yelled, well, quietly yelled to myself making a movie reference from the ending of Seven. Cause honestly like Brad Pitt, I had no idea what was inside this shoe box.

Not long ago, there was another one of these Materialistics in this box. The previous one, Roger Clemens. Materialistics are not game worn jersey, but just an image that is printed on jersey type material. There are two variations to some which are home and away jerseys. My Gaffney is a home jersey.

In this Fleer Focus product there were box topper ones and regular sized card ones. This one is a box topper.

Here is the back of the card and explanation of what the card is.
Not a bad find. I think these are pretty cool and glad I have one for both football and baseball. These are something I don't believe has been done since, so it makes a bit more of a fun collectible. At least to me it does.

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