Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The segment you thought was over last week, has one more addition to it. A very special addition at that.

Recently my mother-in-law dropped off this box and told me I would like it's contents. She had picked up this item at a yard sale she happened to stop at before coming to my house.

I slowly opened the box expecting to find some oddball items and hopefully not earnings. Luckily I was in-agreement with her after opening it up. .
SWEET! CARDBOARD! She knows me so well and is always on the lookout for cards at yard sales. She paid a dollar for the box and it's contents. I immediately started to rummage through the goods.

There wasn't really anything too special in here, but here is the rundown of every card that I found.

Not a bad McGwire amongst some prospects


Classic. A few names here.

Can't go wrong finding a Nolan Ryan

Pedro I will have to send my buddy Shane. Boggs too!

The Straw-man!
It seems to be at least worth the dollar she spent. A few of these I will keep and the rest will be used to pay-it-forward especially since I have most of them.

I must also note before you ask, the box isn't FT or FS as my mother in law took it back. Sorry!

Hoping this isn't the last time I get to do a What's In The Box post but in all likelihood it is. Unless another surprise like this arrives.

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  1. Hold up. Is that the limited edition, one of a kind pink butterfly box? If it is... you've hit the jackpot!