Saturday, October 3, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 3 Of 7:Mountain TOPPS Of Inserts!

Part 3 of my Grady M mail day was loaded with Topps inserts. The problem I see is that the camera took the TOPPS off from the top row of cards. So please be patient as I figure this thing out. However, I think you will get the point of what the card and player is.

Great players in Gwynn and McGwire here.

And here is the beginning of the cuts lol. A new First Pitch to my collection. I still need and want the Fluffy one.

Well, most of these are Topps. Yes, an Elite one snuck in but it's Cutch, it's ok.


More parallels

And even more! Gold are numbered to 2015.
You guys have already seen a lot from the box, but there is still lots more to come! Tomorrow, we look at the Yankees I scored.

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