Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Player Of The Day Contest Closing Words AND CONTEST!!

Disappointment comes to mind when thinking of this years contest.

One, the prizes and contest started later than usual due the up-in-the-air status on whether this blog was participating or not. Two, despite the amazing views, entrants were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY down. Only three people in the main contest and four in the kids. GUARANTEED WINS just to enter in those. And nobody did and I was extremely saddened for the kids one. Three, very little RT's, LIKES and SHARES on these contests to help spread the word. It seemed as if this years contest didn't matter. It may because I had to cram so much in such little time or it may be because all of my contests this year have lacked. Not sure. Also not sure what this means for contests going forward.

Either way, I appreciate those that did put forth an effort and entered. I also wanna thank Panini, Panini POD and Scott for allowing me to host this contest for the fourth straight year. I am hoping despite this years turnout, that I can host it again next year and that there is more time to get this put together.

Since, there was no claims on this card, I said, why not host one more contest and give it away!

  1. Must be a U.S. Resident or have a shipping address in the U.S.
  2. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. I will mail it as safely as I can, then it's up to the USPS to get it to you safely. 
  3. Comment below with your thoughts on my contest this year and whether or not you would like to see this contest next year. A thank you to Panini may not hurt either.
  4. Have your entry in by November 13th 2015 and you will be entered into the random drawing.
  5. Winner will be announced on November 14th 2015 in the comments below.
  6. Good Luck to everyone and thanks again!


  1. I always enjoy the contests, but with everything on the main contest focusing on having a dealer near you, it eliminated me from entering.


  2. I liked it. I just didn't have a chance to get to my hobby shop running the promotion, and the kids promo was awesome. My nephews, who I live with, just aren't into sports cards so I didn't enter it. I thought that you ran the contest perfectly.

  3. A huge thanks to you for the contests and a shout out to a panini for creating such great exclusive products for collectors everywhere. If I didn't have to drive 2+ hours to get to the nearest shop that participates in the Panini promotions, I would enjoy them even more!

  4. I don't think you should participate next year. You put in way too much work for a very poor turnout. You would think that out of your over 4,000 followers, more than three people have access to a hobby shop. I've seen people RT the POD contests that Panini runs, but they can't be bothered to visit their LSC? Come on, people! It's nice that Panini runs promos like this and the Father's Day one. Perhaps it would have helped if they could have retweeted your contests as well.

  5. Thanks to panini and you. A great job as always. I hope u do this next year.

  6. I hope that you keep it up. I have participated in the past and I love the contest and Panini POD, but this year time slipped by me and I missed out. I am baffled at the lack of kids contest entries, as that was easier than going to an LCS and could be done is a few minutes

  7. I enjoy it. Although there is only so much I can do lol.

  8. I Don't Think You Should Have Any More Contests Next Year. Its Not You I Think People Have Just Gotten Lazy Going Too Their LCS Is A Lost Art. And People Just Don't Like Too Comment. Its More Easy For Them Too RT.

  9. There are many places that don't have a local card shop anymore unfortunately. I go to one or two every week. But I live in a large metro area so at least there are a handful of options. At the heart of it, we need to get the kids involved. I have a couple of them - one being a Packers fan. I'm trying to get him to show an interest in sports cards. The pull of technology is strong though. Kids start at an early age.

  10. There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    Michael Wardrop
    Daniel Dubay
    richard procter
    Tim B.
    the bowl cut kid
    Tracy LeVeaux
    Luke X
    Dave Kaltenmark

    Timestamp: 2015-11-14 14:28:51 UTC, IP:

    You have randomized this list 7 times.

    A big congrats to Grady M. Please email me your address to You will have 7 days from today to claim your prize.

    Thanks again to everyone who turned out for the 2015 Sport Card Collectors Player Of The Day promotion with Panini. Make sure to tell them thanks as well.