Sunday, November 29, 2015

ODELL What A Mail Day Part 2

If you missed it yesterday, I posted Part one of a two-part Odell Beckham autographed card early Christmas gift mail day from my wife.

Today is card number two. This one is a beaut! On-card, well designed and no 00 jersey. Hence, I would give it 5-Stars. Yes, really bad pun too.

I must have told my wife thank you a million times for these pickups. It feels tremendous to have a top want list card knocked off, especially when you get two of them. There is no way this gift gets topped, I can guarantee it.

Before I say, you're always welcomed to leave a comment on my mail day, I just wanted to say.Merry Christmas Eve! Hope everyone has a safe one.

Now if you want to, you can leave a comment on my mail day or let me know what the greatest Christmas gift you have ever received.


  1. WOW What a Merry Christmas That is For you Sir Hope You Get Your Wife a Very Special Present.

  2. I don't collect football cards with regularity anymore, but that card is awesome! I wish my wife would get me something like that! Greatest Christmas gift I ever got as a kid was a Sega Genesis from my sister. Was totally not expecting it.