Friday, December 18, 2015

Going Back To The Hamptons

As the title states, I am going back to the Hamptons....Rodney Hamptons that is.

With the help of some trades and an early eBay gift card Christmas present from my sister-in-law, I have been nailing down some Hamptons and crossing them off my list.

Overall there are 781 Rodney Hampton cards. As I type this, I have hit the 233 mark which is 29.83% of his cards. This is much higher than my Ken Griffey Jr search which is more about 4.68%. Not that I have given up on Ken, but he has so many cards, more everyday and each one costs twice as much as Rodney's.

So for now, my main search is for Hamptons.

Here is my current updated checklist of what I do and do note have. What I do have is highlighted.

 I am pretty happy where I stand right now. Hopefully I can keep this momentum and strive to get them all. Well, at least most ;)
When you guys PC someone, what is your ultimate goal? All of their cards? Some? Just the hits?

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