Friday, December 18, 2015

Grady Strikes Again! Mail Day Part : Blinded By Shinyness!

I don't really have much to say about this portion. So, unlike most of my posts, I will let the galleries themselves do the talking. These are shiny objects from Topps, Topps Chrome, Prizm, Bowman, and Upper Deck.


Alright, maybe just a few words. I tried to make the top row like Christmas lights. Ran out of greens for the bottom but at least the Pete Rose is glowing!

This was my first gander at Topps Chrome football this year. I hadn't had the money in time to pick some up.
Bottom has two wicked sweet Prizm parallels!

This looks cool. Not sure how other bloggers get these to move to show the colors, but these are really sharp in person.

Never seen these before. Absolutely stunning. Topps needs to do more of these in flagship to spice it up a bit.
Well, that was it.
A big thanks goes out to Grady M for another stunning mail day loaded with PC goodies. I have got to finish getting his put together then mailed.

As always, comments on this mail day or past mail days this week are always welcomed!

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