Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Received A #RandomActsOfChristmas

On Friday, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a mail day from one of my longtime readers,Twitter follower and someone I have followed since I started Twitter and saw a beautiful card that I was pretty sure from the Giants. As always, I comment on mail days people post but this time I also asked if I was seeing the picture correctly.

It turns out....I was right. The sweet looking card was a Giants one.

A few hours later, I had no idea that the card would be mine.

You see, @SolorioAmy, later picked out about 5 followers and mailed them something from her mail day. I was one of the lucky recipients.

She not only messaged me the tracking number, she also sent a number of bonuses as well. So we will do those first before showing off the card that had me at hello.

Nice booklet from 2015 Playbook combining two of the Giants defensive greats...boy they could use them right now.

Everyone knows who this is I am pretty sure...Parallel and regular insert.

Despite the losses this season, I bELIeve in Eli!

Nice Longevity parallel of Ryan Nassib that's numbered to 49.

And here it is...it's a playbook...here is the outside of it....4/5.....

Open it up and......NASTY Sapphire Victor Cruz booklet patch card!

A HUMONGOUS THANKS goes out to Amy for her generosity. I still can't say thanks enough. I will always remember your generosity moving forward when I look at this or any of these cards. Thank you.

Now for a hobby question, how many of you have ever received generosity from another collector? What did you get? Let me hear it all in comments!


  1. I've gotten so many great cards over the years from other collectors, but one that stands out is from a YouTuber who sent me a rainbow of Addison Reed rookie and autographed cards as well as a debut ticket and 1st career save ticket after the D-Backs got him. It was unexpected and the package came on my birthday.