Wednesday, December 23, 2015

@InWoodWeTrust Trade Mail Day Part 2:Get Your Popcorn Ready

Yesterday I posted the freebie bonuses that @InWoodWeTrust sent for our trade, now I will get to the bread and butter, the main course, the top dog, you get it.

First up, an autograph of Terrell Owens. This caught my eye for a variety of reasons. One, I don't have his auto. Two, it's an auto from my favorite TV Network and three cool design. I even have a fourth, it's unique. Not something all collectors have or could acquire.
And finally the card that started the trade, a 2014 Contenders Rookie Of The Year autograph of Blake Bortles. I have been wanting his auto and now I finally have one. This guy has been quite impressive his first two years playing for a bad Jaguars team. However, they are building an offense to be reckoned with.
A humongous thanks goes out to @InWoodWeTrust for this great trade and I look forward to doing more future trades with you. Also, if anyone else has any Steelers cards that he may be interested in, I back trading with him as you see I got some great stuff.

As always, thoughts on my trade mail days welcomed!!

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