Thursday, December 24, 2015

Twas The Night Before Christmas And In My Mail Box Was....

It has been a strangely odd winter thus far and an unexpected green Christmas will take place tomorrow. Another thing that was very unexpected and odd was finding a package in the mail box today when I wasn't expecting one. It was also odd to see where the package came from cause I had never received a package from this person before. But when I read the label and saw @BossHardy202, I knew something good was hiding within.

As with all of my packages, even the expected ones, I couldn't get it home and ripped it open in front of my mail box..

Revealed inside was a NY Giant mail day. Not only a NY Giant mail day, it was an extra bonus as it contained my two favorite products in Topps Chrome and Contenders.

Some great rookie cards right here. Pugh is a solid tackle who the Giants have flexed all over the line this season. I think Moore has a career ahead but only if he can get his head straight. He is with the Dolphins now so best of luck to him. Hankins has been a beast as always.

Everyone knows him now. Even non-sport people who hide under rocks. I think what Odell did was wrong, but I think there was also something that Norman did to cause this. I haven't yet this season see Odell drop a wide open pass and be overly aggressive with an intent to injure. There has to be more to this story. I wished Norman got the suspension too but at least he got a fine.

Either way, without any argument, Odell is one of the Top 5 most exciting and best players in the NFL. I didn't have this card so it's a fresh sight to the PC.

SHINY!! I love shiny!! Randle refractor rookie!

And finally a sweet Shane Vereen Contenders autograph. He may be suited in the awful Patriots uniform, but he was one of the Giants best Free Agent signings. I just wished they would use him more. Every time he has had his hands on the ball this season it alerted defenses taking off some of the pressure from the WR's.
A big thanks goes to @BossHardy202 for this sweet surprise. I really appreciate your kindness and hope you and your family has a Merry Christmas. Also, you never know when you may have to watch your mail box ;)

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