Saturday, January 17, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1993-1994 Fleer Ultra Basketball Series 2 Pack Break

As I have stated before, Fleer Ultra was always a hit with me. They had creative inserts, nice base card photography and tough sought out parallels. This was one product that had a little bit of everything and was created the right way

Now onto this newest episode of Breakin Wax.

In every pack of 1993-1994 Fleer Ultra basketball cards is 14 cards. You will find an insert one-per-pack. Some of the inserts were tougher to find than others.

Great base card design and photography

It appears that Frank Johnson really wants that rebound. It's photography like this that brings you closer to the game. We need more of this.

My rookies from the pack. I remember watching Lindsay Hunter and Gheorghe Muresann play. I was especially a fan of Hunters. Of course the fun thing about Muresann's card is the Bullet's uniform. You know, the team in Washington before the Wizards but had to change their name due to the graphic name of Bullets.

 USA Basketball subset card. Great design here as well.

And my insert pull from the pack. Can't go wrong with a guy like Scottie Pippen who was a big part of that Bulls dominance of the 90's.  Nice looking insert too.
Overall, great break. Nice insert, a couple decent rookies and action photography. I wished more of my breaks felt this way.

One, Two, Three...Wait New But Not New To Me?

Have you ever forgotten about cards you owned or not realized you owned them? I hadn't, until recently.

The other night I was digging through binders and boxes to put together care packages for friends when I came across my binder full of Sage Hit cards that I had opened way back in May. At the time I had opened them, I only pulled out the key players I knew and left the rest to be dealt with at some point but had forgotten about them.

I was glad to come across them again when searching the binder for my friends care packages when I found three key cards that I had no idea I owned. If I had, they would have been pulled (which they are now), and put somewhere more important.

Those three Sage Hit cards were....

Alfred Blue who filled in marvelously for Arian Foster many times this year has shown flashes of what he could do as a full-time starter.  He now has more rookie cards out on the market, but this was his first and happens to be my only one of his.

Allen Hurns who made a name for himself early on this season for the Jaguars and made it on my fantasy team too, dropped off for a bit with a few injuries then finished strong again. Despite the two good rookie WR's in Marquise Lee and Allen Robinson they drafted, it was the undrafted guy who stepped up. He could be someone to watch out for in the future with his great timing with Blake Bortles. I am glad to have found this card as it's the only one of his I have. He has a few others out now.

What's to say about this third and great find, we all know who this guy is.
These types of finds makes me want to go back and look for more. What other rookie cards do I have hidden somewhere? What sport should I check next? Will there be more hidden gems?

All I can say is if I find more hidden gems, I will definitely be posting them on here.

Breakin Wax: 1996 Pinnacle Laserview Football 8 Pack Break

When I think about buying 1990's packs now, I think about products that I knew excited me. You know, the ones with fun inserts, the nice looking base cards, and the creativity like no other. Well, here you will VIEW a product that has all of that.

1996 Pinnacle Laser View football came with one, yes, one card per pack. I paid roughly $12 for the 8 packs which was much cheaper than I would have paid back then. The base cards for this product are holograms that moved when the card was tipped slowly. Most showcased a great play by the featured player on the card. I found this technology now and then very high tech. I wished companies still did these types of cards.

I had forgotten how fragile the pack was to open. It's made out of a weird foil that tore very easily. So you had to be very careful not to rip the card as well.

If you looked at the back of the wrapper, I know most of us don't read the fine print and just rip, you would notice there were three things to chase. You could get base card gold parallels, Eye On The Prize Insert 1:24 packs or an Inscriptions autograph which was a really cool autographed card printed on acetate and fell 1:24 packs. You can find many of the Inscriptions listed on eBay now-a-days. However, a lot of the autographs have faded unless you knew how to store them correctly.

Here was a tip card that was inserted into every pack to help you know how to view the cards so you can enjoy them the way they should be enjoyed.

My first pack was a great kick-start. Brett Favre!

Back Of The Card:

Here were the next four packs. I was a bit disappointed to land Bledsoe twice as I rather have had a different player but that's okay. Also here is Jeff Blake, underrated Bengals QB to me, and Jim Harbaugh who I think is a better coach than he was a player.

Then in the final three packs I landed subset cards called Pure Energy. I Got three great players including one of my favorites from the 90's, Kordell "Slash" Stewart. That guy could play any position on the field because he was talented, fast and very athletic.

Back of the Pure Energy Kordell Stewart:
Overall, a fun break. To me, cards are not about value. They are about fun. Yes, in terms of value for you value collectors, you won't find much here. But, for you fun collectors, there is a lot offered here.

This break was a great reminder of what the hobby once was and once had with its creativity. It was also a walk down memory lane of my collecting beginning. I would definitely break these all over again if I get the chance and you guys will be the first to know if I do.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Can You Say eBay Steal?

I felt like I robbed the eBay bank after my last purchase on there. You will have to read on for why I felt this way.

As always, I scour eBay looking for the next big deal and stumbled upon a lot consisting of Eli Manning rookie cards and rookie inserts for a starting bid price of $1.99. So I was like, why not. I also told myself I will not bid any higher than this, my new strategy by the way, and if I get it, awesome, if not, oh well.

To my surprise a few hours later, BOOM, sold to me for $1.99! I figured out the rough estimate on the book value and it came to about $60. I knew it was more than what I paid, but didn't expect that much. Nothing feels better than pulling off what seemed impossible!

So enough with me bragging and let's get this photo gallery show on the road!

First up, 2004 Topps Total rookie card

Next 2004 Fleer Tradition rookie card

Followed by 2004 Bazooka rookie card

2004 Ex Sky's The Limit rookie insert

And the big boom, not only BV of $25, but is also numbered to 250 with two star QB's....
I couldn't have asked for a better purchase off from eBay. This may have been the best buy ever for me.

You have now seen my steal and now I have gotta ask, have you ever gotten a big steal off from eBay? What and how much?

Breakin Wax: 2013 Sp Authentic Football 12 Pack Break

One of the greatest products Upper Deck has ever created is Sp Authentic. I doubt many of you would argue that.

So in my recent Upper Deck break, I went and broke twelve packs. I think my results were pretty good. Only one way for you to agree. Read on!

This is usually where I put up a picture of the pack, well, I don't have one this time. I forgot to take it. So, I will still give you a pack breakdown and price but just no picture.

In every pack of 2013 Sp Authentic football there are five cards. Each pack will run you about $5.

The base cards stay true to the Sp Authentic design with background in a gray or white color and a player in the forefront. The base card checklist is a mix of Legends, Veterans and Rookies.

Back of the card:

Rookie in the base set:

Here are a couple of Canvas cards that fall 1:6 packs

Sp Prospects inserts. These fall 1:6.

Now onto some magic I had in these twelve packs. First up, a Rookie patch cards parallel numbered to 25 of Aaron Dobson. Hopefully he will tear it up in these playoffs, but I still hope the Patriots lose. I must also note this card is hard-signed for those of you who only like cards signed on-card.

And here comes another card off from my hobby bucket list. Ladies and Gents, I finally got myself my first Shadowbox card. Not a shabby player to have pulled either. These fall at a tough rate of 1:110.
Overall, Sp Authentic still is rolling out nice pulls for me.Just think, these are pack breaks. Maybe I should try for a box next time. Then of course, why mess with a good thing.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Jammin Kind Of Mail Day

One of my favorite sites is Jammin JDcards and that's not just because he is a buddy of mine. I sometimes find myself getting lost on there looking at thousands of cards that I want to add to your PC and sometimes could spend up to an hour searching. So every once-in-awhile I have to make a purchase to cross a few cards off my want list, so that's what today's mail day is all about.

First up, I had to snag a couple of steal deals in Hardwood Leaders. These fell one-per-pack in 1995-1996 Fleer basketball. I was a fan of the design and at one point had the set. I no longer have the set so I decided that All-Star additions of Grant Hill and Hakeem Olajuwon would be great additions to my 90's PC.

Speaking of All-Star 90's PC additions, I need a TIMMY rookie really bad. Now I have one. Seems his cards are disrespected in terms of value for a guy with multiple championships.Guess that works for me!

And my final pickup was when I stumbled upon a 1997 Collectors Edge Stephon Marbury Game Used card, I had to jump all over it for my 90's PC. I don't own a single 90's memorabilia card so this is my first. Kinda unique how they used to keep the game ball piece on the card. Feels like a soft plastic covering over the hole.

To my surprise, that wasn't the end of my mail day as Jammin JDcards threw in some bonuses!

NY Giant adds:

This is a cool 90's and NY Giants add

Eli! Love the Crusade design too. My first Giants one.

Then came a little boom...ODELL BECKHAM JR GREEN REFRACTOR!
A big thanks goes out to Jammin JDcards for the bonuses and fast shipping! If you haven't checked out their site yet, please do so. You will not regret it....or you might if your wife finds out how much you may spend there.

Breakin Wax: 2013-2014 Sp Authentic Basketball 8 Pack Break

One of the greatest products Upper Deck has ever created is Sp Authentic. I doubt many of you would argue that.

So in my recent Upper Deck break, I went and broke eight packs. I think my results were pretty good. Only one way for you to agree. Read on!

This is usually where I put up a picture of the pack, well, I don't have one this time. I forgot to take it. So, I will still give you a pack breakdown and price but just no picture.

In every pack of 2013-2014 Sp Authentic basketball there are five cards. Each pack will run you about $5.

The base cards stay true to the Sp Authentic design with background in a gray or white color and a player in the forefront. The base card checklist is a mix of Legends, Veterans and Rookies along with Flashback Rookie FX's that fall 1:4 packs.

Back of the card:

Here are the Flashback Rookie F/X's. Landed three good players including the best one to get in Jordan.

I pulled two Canvas Collection cards that fell 1:12 packs. Can't go wrong with these two players either and the fact that I like the design.

I pulled two hits. My first one was a By The Letter Autograph numbered to 60 of Calbert Cheaney. In every box of Sp Authentic you will land three different kinds of autographs including possibly By The Letters.

And the more exciting hit, least to me, a Supreme Court Authentics of Lebron James. These bad boys fall 1:144 with a nice swatch of flooring from when Lebron played in High School.
Overall, could I ask for anything more? I think this was a tremendous break for eight packs landing two hits and five inserts. Not to mention landing the players I did.  I feel like I more than beat the odds here.

Once again, Sp Authentic hits a home run for me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Autograph Mail Day From @ThatGuyTaz

Around Christmas time I entered a contest from @ThatGuyTaz on Twitter to win a Stevie Brown autograph card and turned out to be the random winner.

Today, the card arrived and is going to make a nice PC piece.

If you don't know who Stevie Brown is, he is a Safety for the NY Giants. A couple of years ago he had a breakout season with eight interceptions before getting hit with an injury. He has yet to be the same since but played better down the stretch at the end of this season. Hopefully next year he can be a full-time starter again.

Along with the Brown, Taz also threw in bonus card. Being a 90's card freak I absolutely loved this addition:
A John Wallace hard-signed autograph hand numbered 229/400 from 1996 Scoreboard.

I had forgotten about Scoreboard til I saw this card. Guess I will have to dig out a few Scoreboard cards to share on here now in my 90's segment.

A big thanks goes out to @ThatGuyTaz for the giveaway and bonus card and go give him a follow as well.

Breakin Wax:1991 Fleer Basketball Pack Break

Old fashion wax packs. Some collectors love them, some collectors hate them. Whether you love or hate them, all of these cards have a place in cardboard history including 1991 Fleer Basketball.

In every pack of 1991 Fleer Basketball were fourteen cards. There were also chances at Pro Vision inserts as well which I did not land in my pack. The Provisions had an artsy look to them.

The card design was not one of my favorite Fleer ones. A lot of border especially on the left hand side that took up almost a third of the card. There were some decent photographs but with so much border it took away  from that making you focus on the border itself. On a positive note, the cards have very little gloss on them which can make great cards to be signed for those of us who do TTM (through the mail) autographs.

Now onto the break:

And the highlight to me of the pack...a Michael Jordan card. Anything with his picture is worth owning so that will go into the PC.
Overall, nothing jumps out at you. But, there is just something about opening up an older pack and bringing back those childhood memories.