Saturday, February 21, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Topps Platinum Football Rack Pack Break (Auto)

Other than Topps Chrome, one of the other great retail buys for football is Topps Platinum. I have had good success in the past with hitting autographs in rack packs and blaster boxes. This year was no different.

In each rack pack of 2014 Topps Platinum football are 4 packs. Three packs of Topps Platinum with four cards per pack and one special 3 card pack of all Urange Flame parallels. Each rack pack is roughly $10.

As always the base cards look nice with the rainbow foil.

Back of the card

And once again the rookies are done in rainbow foil on a chrome surface. I got two good ones in my packs.

And third pack in, I pulled this.....once again an auto hit!

Then in the final pack was the Orange Flame parallels

Best one
Overall, I can't complain. A few good rookies, some parallels and an autograph pull. Nothing too big, but enough to warrant another possible buy.

Breakin Wax:2014 Topps Prime Football Hobby Box Break

Topps Prime has been a product I have wanted to try for some time now.  I have picked up some retail before and the thing that catches me every time is the amazing photography. Topps doesn't usually do a lot with photography focused products as a lot of their products are based around artistic or border laden base cards. But, these cards show if Topps actually did more photography focused products, they could do a great job.

I don't have a box pic for this post but will give you the run down. Each box of 2014 Topps Prime football comes with 10 packs per box with 6 cards per pack. Each box is roughly $60 and comes with 4 hits per box.

Like my opening statement about the product, the base cards are simply amazing. No border, little writing and full bleed photography. Each one captures a special moment in a game. Just check out this Richard Sherman.

Back of the card

Even the rookies are impressive. Yes, they are not game shots, but they look really nice.

Here are two photo Sp variations I pulled in my box. One rookie, one vet.

Here are some base card parallels

Inserts. These I didn't care much about. Two bland.

The Primed Rookies were okay.

First hit. Ebron.

Second hit. Cooks from what it appears patch. I was at first thinking mustard stain because of the size but I suppose it's a swatch. I like that they used the nice photographed base cards for these but you have got to increase that swatch size up some.

Copper autograph parallel. Once again a guy I have seen multiple times in my boxes in 2014.

And speaking of a guy I have seen many times in my comes AJ again! I hope this guy is the next Brady. I mean, I have four or five autographs of his now and been on a streak of him recently. If he had been a Giant, I wouldn't have cared as much lol. But, I just don't see him getting a chance in Cincy.
Overall, other than some nice base cards, nothing too special here. My hits were poor in my opinion. They do look nice, but they were poor. However, that doesn't turn me away from the product as we all have those off boxes. With a decent price, a strong rookie class and four hits in a box, I will definitely go back if I get the chance to again.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Upper Deck USA Football 5-Pack Break

Since 2012, I have made sure to pick up some Upper Deck USA football. Why? Well, it's the only football prospecting product out there. This product consists of the top high schoolers in both Canada and the USA. Though I am a bit confused by Canada still being in a USA product. Should be two seperate. None-the-less, it's still a great bust.

Now you may be asking, why am I so high on USA football?  In the 2012 edition, it alone has possible NFL first round draft picks in 2015 with Jameis Winston (who could go number 1) and Todd Gurley. 2013 edition has yet to be seen what they could produce and 2014 could have possible big names as well.

Upper Deck also has a new box layout for the product that is now including 14 hits in an 18 pack box. And with packs running at $5.50 each, you can't really go wrong when most of the time you will get a hit. 11 of those hits will be autographs.There is no other prospecting product like it baseball or football.

So here is my 5 pack break. I got four hits out of my five packs. I don't know the names, yet, but like with any prospecting product, you could soon.

In every pack of USA football you get 12 cards consisting of base from both USA and Canada players.

The base card design is simple, but looks nice. The card stock, high gloss, layout and design is very similar to Upper Deck Victory.

Back of the card

Canada base card

Autograph hits

Jersey card. There are only 2 of these per box and all are most importantly GAME WORN!!

And another thing I like about this product is the amazing patches they come with. I have pulled a nice patch every year. This years comes with one patch per box.
Overall, a great break. Nice looking base cards, future prospect autographs and a nice patch. Can't argue with this product. I strongly recommend you go pick some up before these guys are stars.

Space Jam.....with Wallet Card!

It has been awhile since I last updated what Wallet Card has been up to other than resting in my wallet that happens to be sat on by my bum.

I figured that Wallet Card needed to be let out for some fresh air so I had him watch Space Jam with me. My favorite part was watching the credits and letting him get the perfect spot in the movie....
I think MJ was questioning my decision of my Wallet Card being in the movie with his expression, while Bug's felt bad about where Wallet Card would be going after his short movie spot.

And yes, he is back in the wallet til next time and you never know where he will be or what he will do next.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Yesterday, I showed you how far I have come on my Rueben Randle rainbow. Today, I am going to show you a secret rainbow I have been working on.

A few months ago I opened up three packs of 1997 Totally Certified football and fell in love with the product all over again. Then it hit me, why don't I take my love of it and put it a step further by trying to complete a rainbow? My first 90's rainbow!

Then came the biggest decision of all, which player should I do? In those three packs I did pull a Robert Smith Platinum Red and Platinum Blue. I already had 2/3 of what I needed. It seemed obvious to me at that point I should try to get the gold of him and fill my rainbow needs....well.....all sounded good til I looked him up on eBay and saw that prices of his Platinum Gold were ranging up to $50. It was something I didn't have to spare at the time. So I began looking through my pack for the next player and finding them at $50+, then the next and the next and the next. All of them were $50+. But, I understand why as well. These bad boys fell at a rate of 1:79 packs and were all numbered to 30. They were rare and tough to find.

Disappointment started to kick in after a few more player look ups. I took a few days off from looking them up in hopes that something would change. Well, it did when one day I looked up one Tim Biabutuka. You know the running back from the Carolina Panthers they drafted in 1996 with high hopes but only turned out to be someone who was injured often and never played more than 12 games in a season. I will say though, he had one of the coolest names in the NFL. Tim was short for Tshimanga,

Well, anyways, I had pulled his Red Platinum from those packs and needed the Blue and Gold. The Blues ran for $5 so that wasn't an issue. Then I began to look up the golds. There were only three listed. Two were the usual $50+, but then one stood out to me. It was $17.95. That's right, $17.95. I just about fell out of my chair and probably would have except I didn't want it to slip away. Well, as you have probably already come to that conclusion, it didn't.

So here it is, my first 1990's rainbow of one Tim Biabutuka. It's a beautiful thing. Especially up close.

Yup. I can see you drooling. It is truly a thing of beauty and something I will display proudly.

Someday I hope to complete another. You never know when I might get my hands onto that missing Robert Smith piece.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BREAKING! Updated Rueben Randle Topps Chrome Rainbow!!

Last Friday was a very important mail day, with the help of my buddy at Jammin JDcards in a trade, I was able to add a 7 card refractor lot to my Rueben Randle rainbow!!!!!!!

Here are the shiny new additions including a black, blue, camo, orange, base refractor, prism and finally a X-factor.

Here is my rainbow all together so far. I never thought in a million years that I would get this far on a rainbow. Especially after only starting three weeks ago.
I am currently only THREE short of completion!!! I need the Gold (I have only seen one on eBay floating around but it is too expensive for me right now) Red (haven't seen one of these listed anywhere at all) and the Super Fractor (this was just listed on eBay recently for $299).

In the end, I would call my rainbow complete if I could haul in the Gold and Red refractors. Odds have it I won't ever be able to get the Super unless through a trade.

Let's hear your thoughts on my rainbow up to this point.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Trade Mail Day With @dpalagi518

Up until the last six months or so, I hadn't traded very much. I kinda just kept stuff to myself and didn't want to take any chances with trading with the fear of finding an untrustworthy trade partner. But, recently, I have been adding some great traders to my trade list and one of them is @dpalagi518. He is not only a great trader, but he is a great guy as well.

I helped him fill a few PC needs and sent a few extras as well for good measure. This is what I got in return.

An Andre Williams Elite auto

And one of my favorite Williams cards I have so far in a Topps Prime Level V auto/memorabilia card. I love the overall look and balance of it. This card was a must in this trade and luckily @dpalagi518 was generous to give it up as he too collects Williams.

Also, with most of his trades I have seen him make including one with me in the past, he threw in some sweet 90's bonus packs.

Here were the best cards from those packs including a Giants PC add and a Jerry Rice card
Overall, another successful trade and a trader I highly recommend to all of my readers.

Thanks again goes out to @dpalagi518 for this trade and I look forward to more future trades with him.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Jason Giambi Retired (Man Cave Piece Too)

After 20 years and 440 Home Runs in baseball, Jason Giambi has finally called it quits and will retire at age of 44.

I have mixed feelings about Jason. After his admission of steroid use from 2001-2003, I immediately jumped on the "cheater" and "dislike against him" and ruled any card I pulled of him thereafter useless. This comes after my excitement that the Yankees had brought him in and how much I enjoyed watching him club the ball with his nice swing. I became a fan and couldn't wait til his next at bat. But, all it takes for me to turn on a player is a steroid accusation. I did the same to Sosa, McGwire, Clemens and Bonds. I don't like cheating.

After he left the Yankees, a move in which I was quite excited about at the time, I didn't actually realize he was still kicking around til I saw a highlight a few years ago with him in a Rockies uni. I was like, really, Jason Giambi still plays? However, what I didn't realize was how he changed after his admission playing the role of a leader and father of a young Rockies clubhouse. He did the same after for the Indians. It was like having an extra coach. This came completely unexpected to me and a part of me wanted to forgive him for his steroid use. Not many players turn something so controversial into something meaningful afterwards. A big example of this is Alex Rodriguez who seems to like stirring that controversy pot more into a thick stew. I don't think he will ever mature and as a Yankees fan, a baseball fan and baseball card collector, I am not looking forward to him playing this year.

So, going back to Jason one more time. I still can't forgive him completely for his steroid use especially while playing for my team. Cheating is still cheating and the 200+ home runs he hit while playing as a Yankee in my opinion shouldn't count. But, I will say that I have gained a ton more respect for him after hearing about his life turning around with the Rockies and Indians and wish him the best after baseball.

As a small tribute and to show my gained respect for him, here is a piece that I have in the man cave that I traded for years ago. It contains a Classic baseball rookie along with a 2005 Donruss card and a 8x10 signed photo. It's a really nice piece that I will continue to leave hanging on my wall as a reminder that people do make mistakes, but if you own up to them like Jason did, you can still make a difference.

Breakin Wax: 2012 Upper Deck Soccer 12-Retail Pack Break

Well, when my wife ordered me cards for Christmas she got some free packs to choose from dacardworld. She knows that I mainly collect football and baseball but knows I have a rule on picking those, whatever comes with the most packs, you get. So that's exactly what she chose. This time the selection was 2012 Upper Deck Soccer retail that came in a lot of 12.

The design of the cards is usual Upper Deck with little border and full color action photography. Two great players here in Donovan and Beckham.

Now a bunch of Debuts and Rookies to follow. These are great PC material with them being rookies.

To me, this is as good as it gets with free packs. I know I didn't get a hit, but with the amount of rookie cards I got, that's just as good as a hit to me.

Best Panini Rewards Mail Day Yet!

With my recent run on Panini Reward points, saved up 950, I knew I either had to trade them away or find something that catches my eye. The first time I used Panini Rewards I didn't find anything I really wanted, but this time something stood out to me and I had enough points to grab a few nice cards.

2014 Panini Certified had some beautifully done Freshman Fabrics this year and when I saw a Giants player as one of them offered, I had no choice but to snatch it.

I first snatched this, yes Sims didn't get much playing time, but it's sometimes important to take a chance on the future. And for 150 Panini Rewards, I would have been stupid not to have.

Then I went on to grab TWO of these for 250 Panini Rewards points a piece. Normally I am not a person who likes to do doubles on things like this, but I think Andre Williams has a bright future and with him being a Giant and the cards looking as nice as they do, I couldn't walk away without a least a couple.

Really liked this one especially. Nice patch!
Overall, I spent 650 Panini Rewards leaving me with 300 for another future pickup. I will say I am a bit antsy with holding onto them and was tempted to pick up another Williams. I still might. Whatever I decide on will be posted on here of course! Stay tuned!