Saturday, March 7, 2015

Breakin Wax:2014 Press Pass Football/Press Pass GameDay Gallery Duo Blaster Break

In my search for more Odell Beckham Jr and to bust Press Pass one last time, I found two blaster boxes on sale over at Steel City Sports Cards online and took advantage.

First up was the flagship football product. 1 Rookie auto per blaster.

Here was my best base card player from the box. Not too shabby.

Blue parallels including Cincy running back Jeremy Hill

My autograph from the box. On-card auto of WR T.J. Jones who plays for the Detroit Lions.

Now onto the blaster break GameDay Gallery. This as well has 1 auto in the blaster.

And here it is! Yeah, I skipped the base this time. Once again I get the nice pull, just not the good player. This is a Target Exclusive Red Level autograph of Tajh Boyd numbered 8/10. This guy just keeps popping up in my boxes like Ha-Ha Clinton Dix. Least I know someone who may be interested in Boyd if I want to trade it. But, with his recent contract with Pittsburgh I am not sure about moving it now.
Overall, not bad breaks. They were both under $7 a blaster and pulling the Boyd, despite it being Boyd, was still a nice pull for retail.

Grady M Mail Day Part 5/7: NY Yankees!

Part 5 of this mail day tackles my Yankees PC and also adds to my rookie PC. That's what I call a nice double whammy!

Let's take a gander!

Yankee rookies including Joba, Henn and Solarte.

Oh man! Seeing that Ian Kennedy makes me miss Upper Deck baseball cards even more. The wide open photography is outstanding.

2 Ivan Nova rookies. I hope he has a bounce back year, they Yankees are going to need him to be at his greatest with a somewhat weak rotation.

Jeter and A-Rod card, wonder what both would be thinking up at the podium right now if they were together...

More rookie and prospect adds

I like these a lot

More 2015 Yankee adds. I didn't have any of them

My first Jeter base card of 2015

And a nice Cano jersey card to finish off the Yankee portion. I still will always picture this guy as a Yankee. Not right seeing him as a Mariner.
Overall, some nice Yankee additions for my rookie PC and for my regular PC.

We are heading towards the end of these mail days. Gear up for another post tomorrow especially you Giants fans!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 4/7:Football Rookies

Part 4 of my Grady M mail day was all about the football rookies. There were tons!

First, some Topps Strata. I never bought any of this product this year so all of these are new for the Rookie PC.

More Absolute retail rookie adds


Select. I really like this product and it looks even better when it's a parallel

No joke Ha-Ha, more Topps Fire for the collection!

Crown Royale. I really like how they did the base card die-cuts this year

Assorted group of Prestige, Prizm, Rookies and Stars and Topps

Then to finish it off, a really sweet looking Gold from Totally Certified /25
This sums up the football rookie portion of the mail day. A lot of defensive players found in this pile and I think that defense is underrated in collecting. It's the main reason why teams win championships. You gotta show them some hobby love too!

Part 5 coming up tomorrow. Yankee fans are welcomed to check that out.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 3/7: HOCKEY!

It's cold out and when I think cold, I think hockey. I think Grady did the same in Part 3 of his mail day. So let's take a look at what he sent!

First I found some NHCD cards. I didn't have any yet. The Messier on the bottom isn't part of the set, that's from Spx. That's for my Rangers PC.

Speaking of Rangers PC< here are some more additions

Some more Rangers including a sweet Prizm parallel in Select and a few inserts from other teams as well

Who doesn't like die cuts??!!

Now onto my favorites of the group. I really love Prizm and as with most collectors I am all in with shiny things.

There was even a green prizm in this group!
Part 3 was great. Quite a few PC pieces and speaking of PC pieces, wait til part 4!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 2/7:NYK/Baseball Inserts

In Part 2 of my most recent Grady M mail day, I am sharing the basketball cards and baseball inserts he sent.

Time to view on!

Knicks players and inserts. There wasn't a lot of basketball this time but some good ones and ones I didn't have.

Now onto the baseball inserts. These were very 2015 Topps baseball heavy which I didn't mind at all since I still haven't gotten my hands onto any.

Nice Babe Ruths for the Yankees PC

Good players here including Mike Trout

More great players including a NEW Griffey for my PC!

Some extra base

Still hard for me to see Cano in a Seattle jersey. Will always be a Yankee to me.

This was a cool concept. I like these types of inserts.

And now the conclusion.

There were a couple Gold Parallels and the Kershaw is a rainbow foil, the first time I had seen one up close, included in the box. Topps did a great job with the parallels in 2015 in my opinion. It's been awhile since they put nice looking parallels in flagship.

The Jack White is new to me as well and not one of the ones Grady sent in his last package. Now I have four in that set. I still really like that concept and the pictures used on them are hilarious to me.
Well, this wraps up Part 2 of my Grady M mail day. Part 3 tomorrow! They get better by the day I promise!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 1/7: Football Inserts

On Friday, I received this box.......

It was loaded with goodies from Sport Card Collectors Facebook pal, Grady M, who sends out these amazing packages every once-in-awhile. Sometimes by surprise, sometimes not. I have so far shared everyone he has sent and this one will be treated no differently. Once again Grady has blown me away with his generosity. There was sooooooo much in here that I have to spread it out this entire week to show you. And so it begins....

Today's post will cover the football insert portion of the box. Enjoy as I did....

I really like these Clarity inserts. Of course the Zedd song comes to mind every time I see one. I wonder if I should attempt a set now. I have 5.

Nice Gold of Steve Smith /25

Eddie Lacy parallel

Sp Authentic cards. Big names!

My man Barry Sanders. Loved watching him play. Not that Kurt is too shabby himself.

Peterson is the green parallel.

Crown Royale looked great this year. Really like these parallels.

This card just jumped out at me. I really like the design and the fact that it's a prizm parallel it really stands out.

And the rest of them
This is only the beginning of this mail day and a week of sharing! Check out Part 2 tomorrow.