Saturday, March 28, 2015

PC Masterpiece:1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Mickey Mantle

What is there not to like about this card? Great photo, Nicely designed card front and back and the obvious part, IT'S THE MICK BABY! I am glad to have this apart of my Yankees PC.

Friday, March 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW" Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life AND CONTEST!!

Most of us spend times daily trying to figure out situations and troubles in our lives. This leaves some of us searching for answers and where to go next. It's almost like we need a "playbook" in life to know what the next "play" needs to be. Well, that's where Beyond Championships comes into play.

Beyond Championships is not like all of the other "life changing" books I have read before. The 9 principles that Coach Dru Joyce II lays out are relatable to most of us and all of them can be applied to any situations in our lives no matter what is going on. There is no other "playbook" like it in my opinion. These are proven outlines that will help improve you in all areas of your life.

The book is broken down into 10 easy-to-read inspiring chapters starting with The Beauty Of Rock Bottom and ending with Dare To Dream. The chapter titles alone will take you in and grab your attention.

Each chapter also begins with a inspiring quotes from famous inspirational leaders from Winston Churchill to Maya Angelou
Without giving away too much of the book (cause honestly, then you wouldn't give it a much needed read), between the covers this book has tons of useful insight that could be life changing. I couldn't set it down once I started. Was a blessing to read.

If you are looking to help improve your life in many ways or need a present for someone who needs some guidance, I strongly recommend this book.

Now onto another positive message, I am giving a copy of this book away thanks to Family Christian. But, if you don't happen to win, you can still find this life changing book HERE.

Now onto the giveaway, this is as easy as it gets.
  1. Must be a U.S. Resident to enter
  2. Tell me in one word what the title of your life Playbook would be called
  3. A random winner via will be chosen next Friday, April 3rd 2015
Thanks again goes out to Family Christian for providing the prize and good luck to all that enter!!

Breakin Wax:1999 Prism Football 1 Pack Break

Women like shiny things like Diamonds. Collectors like shiny things like refractors. Since I am not a woman, you know which of those two I like.

That's what led me to breaking a pack of 1999 Prism football. Shiny is one of many words you can use when viewing these cards especially up close. This is something that Prism is known for always bringing.

In each pack of 1999 Prism Football, there are three cards. Yes, I said three. But all three glisten like refractors with the rainbow foil and look even nicer up close. I picked up this pack at Jammin JDcards for $2. Well worth the risk for me knowing that they were $2.99 back in the day. You can find these located HERE.

I didn't hit any inserts or pull any rookies, but the base cards alone is almost like pulling an insert. Heck, they look better than most inserts put out now-a-days.

Player 1, LB Chad Brown from the Seahawks. I remember watching him play and how underrated he was. I was always hoping he would find a way on the Gmen but never did.

Who didn't like Ed? Great hands and came from a great team before Denver :)

And I think we all remember what a beast Mr. Junior Seau was. Guy tore it up for some pretty bad Charger teams in the 90's before landing with the Patriots later on in his career.
Overall, I felt my $2 was well spent. Some of you may argue with that, but I also throw in the fun aspect which is not something a lot of collectors think about or consider in today's products. It's all about the hits. Not back then, there was a fun aspect and Prism was one of the ones that brought it.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog

For a few weeks 90's Niche Football Card Blog and I have been working out a trade. What started out as a small few cards for a small few cards, all of a sudden blew up. He received my mail day last week and I got mine on Monday and boy was I blown away.

Before continuing on and showing you the goods, I must make note that NOT all cards will be featured in this post. He packed a nice box full and included many 90's inserts that I will include in my 90's Flashback Posts. I apologize but you will just have to be patient and wait for those posts :) I will of course give him a shout out when those are posted.

In the meantime, just enjoy what I am allowing to see :)

Tons of NY Giants base cards rollin out!

Try saying his name 5 times fast!

The shine of Finest and Platinum!

Rookies including a few Demontre Moore. I hope this guys turns out dominant this year. The Giants are really going to need him to step up.

More for the Nassib PC. All new!

My boys Odell and Dre Williams!

Another Nassib and some more really sweet inserts.

More inserts including a "rainbow" of Steve Smith. I wonder how far that guys career could have gone if he had stayed healthy. He put up some nice productive seasons for the Giants.

A few Randle adds

THESE LOOK AWESOME!! I tried my best to capture them on my camera but it didn't work. They shine like a refractor!

Ignore the horrible Patriots symbol and replace it with beautiful NY blue! Welcome to NY Mr. Vereen!

And to close up this mail day a pretty cool Bowman Chrome insert of Eddie George. I really liked watching him play...that was until he signed with Dallas :-p
I was blown away by this mail day. Especially the stuff I haven't shown off yet. If you are 90's fans and especially enjoy 90's inserts, you will enjoy when I post the rest of the cards. So stay tuned!!

Thanks again to Bryan over at 90's Niche Football Card Blog and I look forward to our next trade! If you haven't checked out his blog yet, please do so!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mail Day From Baseball Card Breakdown

One of the things I have been trying to do the last few months has been visiting other blogs, checking them out and adding them to my blog read list. Actually, if you are reading this and I don't have you and you don't have me, just comment below with your blog link and you will be added!

One of my new favorite reads is, Baseball Card Breakdown.

Recently he was hosting a contest for some pretty cool items and luck of the draw had me as the winner. Here were the items that he mailed me.

I don't have either of these which really surprised me since I have a lot of them.

Tony Fernandez auto. I like his signature.

And same goes with my first Bobby Richardson auto. These guys know how to sign cards and make them legible. None of this TF or BR or scribble scribble. Just straight up nice clean autographs.

Also included in this really nice mail day were these two Ken Griffey Jr magnets that he had made up. They are even hand numbered! These are wicked cool and will look great on my desk in the man cave.

Here is the 1989 Fleer design. 

And a cool 1989 design with a Griffey pic from The Simpsons.
Some great items added to my PC overall. If you haven't checked out Baseball Card Breakdown please do so. It's a great read!

Thanks again Baseball Card Breakdown for this awesome mail day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

90's Flashback:1998 Upper Deck Collectors Choice StarQuest One Star Pedro Martinez

For a low end product, I think StarQuests were some of the more fun inserts in the 90's. Some years looked better than others, but still, they all were fun to collect.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Off Hiatus Baseball Card Blog Mail Day

Recently, Off Hiatus Baseball Card Blog celebrated their 1 year blogversary. As a way to celebrate, he sent out many packages to readers who listed off what they collect or would want for a mail day. I of course listed NYY and Ken Griffey Jr.

Later that day, he emailed me asking if I would prefer something off my most wanted list instead of the Yankees and Griffey. If not, he would still send Yankees.  I couldn't say no to the most wanted list. My most wanted list is my main wants in the hobby and if I have a chance to knock some cards off that list, I will take it any day.

Fast forward a few days and these four rookie cards arrived helping me knock four more off my list

Wade Boggs. You could technically call this a Yankees PC add too.

Same thing for "The Rocket"

Always wanted a Kirby, I mean, who wouldn't. The guy was one of the greats.

And finally, Jim Kelly's Rookie. Now that I have Kelly in hand, only Marino and Young remains for rookies I need from that era.

Awesome mail day overall and a big thanks goes out to Tony for his generosity. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you are missing out. Go give it a view today!!

PC Masterpiece:1995 Skybox Premium Pay Dirt Dave Meggett

Today's PC Masterpiece serves as a 90's Flashback post as well, though we still will do one of those this week as well. What I like about this card is the obvious, the shine. The Giants blue against the rainbow foil looks awesome. I just wished my photos on here did some of these awesome cards the justice they deserve!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box Break

Stadium Club. A name that was the king of the 90's in my opinion. The strong unique full bleed photography on the base cards and legendary inserts such as Beam Team made this a must for 90's collectors. When I heard that Topps had revived the line again in 2014, I wanted some. Especially after viewing some images.

After many months, I finally got my hands onto some.

The new version of Stadium Club has a new and old feel to it. There are three mini boxes per hobby box with each mini box containing 6 packs and one autograph. A hobby box is reasonably priced right now falling just under $70.

What caught my attention in the early images of Stadium Club, was the photography. Now, the base cards aren't as thick as I had hoped (I was hoping for the 1997 high gloss thick edition) but they have some classic action and creative photography as you will see in the next paragraph.

The base set consists of 200 cards with rookies, veterans and legends alike. The pictures are like no other I have seen in awhile on a base card as most tell a story. One of my favorites is the Jackie Robinson below.

Here were the parallels I pulled from mine. They normally fall one per mini box. The bottom right hand corner is a foilboard parallel numbered to 25.

Field Access. One per mini box.

Beam Team's triumphant return! This wasn't the only Stadium Club favorite to make an appearance. Members Only, Triumvirates and Lone Star Signatures make appearances as well.

Some die cut insert fun

Now onto the hits. This was the one thing I heard collector ramblings the most about this product. That the autographs were aplenty and led to lesser known player pulls in boxes. I felt that with mine. But at least they were rookie autos so you never know.

Overall, Topps did a great job with the product. I do feel value vs what you pay is a concern here but that might be an easy fix. The box price right now is very reasonable and for those of us who like minor risks or like to take a trip down memory lane this product will suffice.

I also hope this is a product that gets carried back over to football in Topps' last season with the NFL.license. I would call that going out with a bang.

This Week On Sport Card Collectors Blog

This week on Sport Card Collectors.....

We have three NEW PC Masterpieces including a final one.

There is also everyone's favorite 90's Flashback, Hobby Topic and maybe even a Caption This Card

I may also throw in a couple throwback posts of Breakin Wax of the 90's I got off from Jammin JDcards. We will see on those however.

I will also say this is the final This Week On Sport Card Collectors Blog post as well. Just seems like an un-needed post.

Thanks for checking in as always! Stay tuned for some great stuff ahead!

Have a great week and God Bless!