Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hockey Card Contest Mail Day From @APetrelak

@APetrelak on Twitter was hosting another one of his challenging contests of guessing the score. This time it was NCAA style. Up for grabs, a card lot from each sport for you to choose one of.

Once again, I chose a pretty spot on score from one of his contests and won my choice of lot. I chose the hockey one.

Yesterday, I received my prize lot in the mail and was surprised by the many, many bonuses!

Here is my prize....

Oooooooooo SHINY AND DIE CUT!!!

And a sweet rookie jersey card. Not to mention, Game Worn. Those words mean a lot!
A big thanks goes out to @APetrelak for the prize lot. If you are not yet following him, do so! The NHL Playoffs are upon us and I bet he will have something up his sleeve for them. Not to mention, great hobby guy as well.

#WalletCard Is "lovin it"

It wasn't my first choice for lunch, I am a Burger King kinda guy myself, but #WalletCard decided he needed a bite to eat and that McDonalds fries and a drink sounded ideal to him.

The fries this time were crunchy, exactly the way that he likes them.

After a few tastes of grease saltiness he needed a swig root beer
Where or what will Wallet Card do next? Well, stay tuned!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Showing Off The Dre's

I figured it was time to show off where my Andre Williams collection currently stands. I know mine will not even touch some collections of him, but I am pretty proud of what I have so far. I think this collection would be a little bigger if I could surpass my "hobby ADHD" that doesn't allow me to put focus onto one collection anymore lol.

I used to have more focus in the 90's with sticking to just one thing such as I did with my Griffey collecting. But, after watching that collection flop after injuries, I decided to do an open PC with sub-PC's within. This also created my "hobby ADHD". Yes, this may sound like complicated collecting to some, the easiest way I can explain it is just take it as I collect it all. I have come to realize at this point in my collecting that I enjoy the hobby too much as a whole to put focus JUST onto ONE area of my collecting anymore.

Enough with the back story, now onto showing you my Andre Williams thus far.

These are some of my favorites. I like the Panini Choice Awards and the Prizm NYG parallel I got from my buddy Turk.

Jersey card. Not pictured is a Panini Playbook Jersey booklet. I couldn't find where I placed it.

Now onto my autos! Most I got from trades



These are stunning!

My favorite auto of the group which also happens to be my first Slide Show auto.
Hopefully this won't be the last of my additions to this PC. I look forward to adding more this summer and will keep you posted on this.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

UD USA Football eBay Mail Day

You ever just have one of those random buys, well, that's exactly what this was. I happened to have been on eBay searching for USA Football cards, I love the patch cards from this product, and stumbled on this 2012 jersey card for $1.04. I couldn't go wrong. This could be a future star.

Review: 2014 Panii Black Gold Football Hobby Box

Many months of being teased with previews of what appeared to be a great product and many drool galleries later. I finally got my hands onto this product. The previews did not serve this product justice as I was even more impressed in person.

In each box of 2014 Panini Black Gold Football there are 2 packs with 4 cards per pack meaning only 8 cards for roughly $210. Yes, that's right. This is a high end product. But, a very well done one.

They are awesome. All base cards, both rookies and veterans, are printed on a very unique shadowbox design. These cards are thicker point cards with high gloss. This kind of technology used on the base cards reminds me of something they might have used in the 90's. Kudos to Panini for thinking outside the box with a shadowbox base card design.

Panini stands true to the product name throughout the product. The cards are black, the writing is gold. And the feeling of magic takes place as Panini combines both Panini Black and Panini Gold Standard to make some pretty nice hits.

My first hit from the pack was this Bortles. I have seen these with all laundry tags and patches. Look great.

GET AWAY BOYD!!! You are always in my face..I mean box. Nice design as well. I preferred pulling a Sizeable Signature that is a jersey/auto silhouette taken to the next level. Just look a few up on eBay.

Defensive player of the year was up next. I really like the design of these. Very nice layout.

You will find two of these Seal Of Approvals per box as well. These either contain an NFL or team logo medallion done in the thick shadowbox design as well. These are pretty cool. They are usually numbered to 149...

Unless you get a parallel. And hey look, I did. Mr. Manziel! The medallion is silver and numbered to 25.

And my final hit was BOOM. A 14k gold swatch of Teddy Bridgewater. These are limited to 20 unless you get a team or NFL logo engraved in the gold then they become more rare. These were brought in from the Gold Standard part of the product and make for a very nice addition. I would take 14K gold over any one-color jersey swatch any day!
Very classy and impressive looking product. There is ton of potential and big hits waiting to happen here. I only had one problem with the product, the fact it was printed black. What do I mean by that? Well, some of the cards in the pack had chipping problems on the back. Not bad, but still a tad noticeable with someone who has hobby me.

And one more tiny problem, me not having the right size cases handy for these cards. Some are extremely thick due to the shadowbox layout. Just look at them.

Got to be something I contact BCW Supplies about to see what they have to offer.

In a final closingnote, I am sure the price-point for the product jumped out at you for 8 cards. One thing to remember is all products you buy have risks and rewards no matter the cost. Some may have a bigger payoff in the end when you get the big hit which is why some products cost so much. If you can't afford a product like this, I still recommend getting your hands onto some of the cards for your PC. They are well done. Easier ways to do that is group breaks or buying singles.

I want to also leave it open to your thoughts on Panini combining Panini Black and Panini Gold Standard? Do you like it? Should they start over? Do you want it to return in 2015? Any changes you would make? Let me know as I would love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Contest Mail Day From Jaybarkerfan's Junk Blog

A few weeks ago I participated in a contest over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk Blog and was one of 10 winners. It was a fun contest and something that I hadn't done before. I was also pretty stoked just to have won from him. I have seen how excited people have gotten from his mail days. Now I was going to be one of them.

So here is what I took home....

Nice swatch of J.J. Barea

Miss UD NBA cards, here is a jersey card of Rudy Fernandez

And this Hardcourt Materials of Samuel Dalembert

Next, 2 Hardcourt Materials of Kevin Garnett. This guy I used to love watching when he played for the T-Wolves in the 90's. Those were the days long before his Celtics run. So adding these two was great especially with 2 different color swatches.

And finally, what possibly may be my most favorite of the group, an auto card of the legend himself. It's not only cool, but makes me jealous.
A big thanks goes out to Jaybarkerfan. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I hope you have checked out mine as well. Thanks again and hope to see you enter some of my many contests.

Review: 2014 Panini Country Music

First off, I must admit, I am not a fan of Country Music. Just not. But, when Panini announced they were producing Country Music cards, that was a different story. Cards are cards and when they are unique and signed by famous singers, you immediately catch my attention. No matter the music.

In every box of 2014 Panini Country Music, there are 4 packs with 8 cards per pack.You can also find four hits and 2 numbered cards per box. Each box will run you roughly $85.

The base card design is as clear as it gets. It showcases each singer. There are also a couple of subsets as well such as Fresh Faces.

I pulled two low numbered silver parallels numbered to 49. Both are of Fresh Faces or what they must consider "rookies'

Other inserts include Top Of The Charts, I got one of the better ones on the checklist with Sara Evans

and Backstage Pass. I really liked the design of both of these as it fits the theme they were going for with the insert titles

I am a fan of the design of these memorabilia cards. Well balanced design with hint of elegance. Well done.

This McCreery swatch is pretty unique.

On average you get two memorabilia and two autographs per box. Not sure if both autographs will be like this....(there are some big names such as Lambert, Monroe, Green, Wynonna, Joe Diffie, Kimberly Perry, Heidi Newfield, Chris Young, Ronnie Milsap, Randy Owen)

Or if you may get a Combo Signatures. that I didn't. but includes featured bands and collaborations such as Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, Big & Rich, Brantley Gilbert/Colt Ford, Gretchen Wilson/Terri Clark, Pat Green/Chuck Wicks and more.

Or if your box will have some BOOM like mine did with a legendary authentic material autograph silhouette.
This is one awesome card. Even more so up close

Panini Country Music was fun to open even for a non-country music fan. My wife rather enjoyed the product as well. The checklist is deep with many big named stars signatures to find but there are many left off such as Reba, George Straight, and Keith Urban among others. Maybe Panini will put out another series or two of these to cover more of these singers.

The designs are nice in the product and if you are a fan of Country Music, music history or celebrity autographs, you need to boot skoot boogy your way and get yourself a box. I know you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Donruss Baseball Hobby Box

Last years edition of Donruss baseball, especially Series 2, was by far my favorite baseball card bust of the year. Yup, I said it and would say it again with full confidence. NO OTHER PRODUCT IN 2014 TOUCHED 2014 DONRUSS SERIES 2!!!

In every box of 2015 Donruss Baseball is 24 packs per box with 8 cards per pack. Each box will run you just under $70 and you will find three hits per box. There will also be more than 50 INSERTS!!

The design of this years Donruss baseball base cards is a bit overtaken by border in my standards. It's always so hard for me to look at baseball cards without the MLB team on the helmet or hat. There are some great shots of individual players, not much in terms of action shots here, but my eyes immediately jump on the missing logos. I hope MLB wakes up soon and realizes that they need more than one licensee.

I must also make note that I do like the Donruss throwback symbol a lot.

There are 150 cards in this years base set consisting of veterans

and Retired players such as Frank Thomas and Pete Rose.

One thing I didn't read about anywhere that caught me off guard was these black/white parallels. Same number, different photo and color.

It also appears just like in my basketball review of Donruss yesterday, that Panini Sp'd the rookie cards in this product. I only pulled 4 (sorry one wasn't shown). This means these fall at an alarming rate of 1:6 packs. This adds value to the rookies and makes if fun to have a chase for the set collectors out there. I was glad to see Pederson in my box.

Every box should have the following amount of inserts, four 1981's, four Diamond Kings, 12 Donruss Preferred, one Elite Series, one Dominator, one Longball Leader, one USA Baseball Collegiate National Team, one All-Time Diamond Kings, two The Rookies, two Stat Line and one Press Proof.

The base set all have parallels from Stat Lines to Press Proofs. All of which are numbered.


Panini went old school with including 1981 Donruss design as one of the inserts. These as well have parallels.


In every pack of Donruss, you get one of these Elite inserts. I really like the design of them. I was happy to find Kris Bryant who I only have one rookie of.

Panini also added more nostalgic feel with Dominator and Elite Series two fine looking inserts. Can't forget about...

The Rookies nostalgia too!

We continue the nostalgia with Diamond Kings and All-Time Diamond Kings. These are just like the originals. Except for the really high gloss.

(parallels too)

These are very cool Completely die-cut.

Even more nostalgic adds, sorry for the blurry pics, these are Production Lines.

And then Panini took a classic product and added a "new times" touch to Donruss Preferred. I wonder if this is a sneak peek at a future full line product....

A die cut low numbered parallel.

So far this product has been built on nostalgia and throwbacks. I think this theme carries over to the hits as they have a retro feel to them. Not much to show here in terms of big hits, but there are some to find. Panini has inserted original autograph buyback cards from names like Frank Thomas to Cal Ripken Jr to Derek Jeter. So there are bigger hits waiting to happen. Just not in my particular box.

The Jersey Kings look nice and I like that they used a crown die cut around the jersey swatch. Just adds more to the card especially because they are single-color swatches.

Here is my autographed hit. If you know me by now you know I am totally digging this rainbow foil auto.

Donruss has a great price point for the value you find and the hits you could get. I cannot argue with that. I will say that this years version fell just short of last years full excitement but still was a fun bust. The inserts are bold, colorful and nostalgic.If you have been a collector for awhile and remember these classic designs and throwback product names, you will rather enjoy opening up some. I think even newer collectors can appreciate what Panini is doing here.

Once again, the biggest catch for me is the fact that they don't have logos. But, that's just my thing and others may not be bothered by that. Overall, a very underrated product that has plenty of potential and is worth the risk.