Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trade Mail Day:Hop, Dre, And Black Gold Viewings!

Recently, I have decided to step outside my usual closed shell with trading and expand it. I was only trading with a select group of fair/trusted traders but recently I have been seeing some pretty sweet items come across that I just "needed". But, before I would make any trades, I would still do my research on the possible trader before I made my move.

My most recent trade was with a newbie in my circle in @6000ftw on Twitter. He was someone I didn't need to do research on as a longtime follower and someone I have seen make trades with my trading partners. This was a no-brainer.

Tim is a Bengals fan so I thought an Andy Dalton 5x7, at least in my mind it was roughly that size, autographed photo from Panini would be up his alley and it was. Up my alley was more additions to my Giants, Andre Williams and auto rookie PC's.

So for the Dalton I was able to acquire everything that I had wanted. Up first, this Black Gold Eli Manning base card. I really love this product.

Second, a Deandre Hopkins Score Rookie autograph. I had been needing his auto despite his awful initial signature of DH.

Then more Black Gold. After pulling two team symbols in my box I broke, I really needed a Giants one and landed one with the salsa dancing Cruz!

And finally, another Andre Williams autograph I didn't have.
Overall, very easy trade and a great new trader I can add to my circle. I am also very happy with adding these cards to my PC. Hopefully we can do another future trade as well.

Have you made any recent trades? Get anything good in return? As always, leave your feedback in the comments!

Breakin Wax:2013 Upper Deck USA Football Hobby Box Part 2

I have said this before, Upper Deck USA Football is one of the most underrated products out on the market. It's like the Bowman baseball of football cards.

All of the guys featured in the product are 18-19 years old and have yet to hit potential. So call this a pre-draft product. Heck, in 2012 USA football it featured two of this years tops players in the draft in Todd Gurley and Jameis Winston. I am glad to have bought some of that when I found it cheap. After the draft, it may not be.

Anyways, I busted another hobby box of 2013 and pulled a bonus hit. Five hits were mentioned, but six were found.

First, are the jersey cards I pulled.

I always like pulling key offensive positions in this product. That's where the true gold mine could lay.

Then autographs

A RB, sweet!

I really like the triple autographs. It's like getting extra hits!

Then each box is always topped off with a sweet auto/patch card. Another thing I like about these patch and jersey cards is the fact they are game used. You don't see much of that anymore.
Overall, another good break. The prices on these boxes are cheap and there is so much variety in them. As I have stated before, if you prospect at all, this is the way to prospect for football. Even if you don't, give it a try anyways. There are some nice looking cards to find especially the memorabilia ones.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Dual Mail Day Of Awesomeness! Contest Score, Trading, GREAT CARDS GALORE!

It's always a sad day when you go to the post office and no packages arrive. That's the way I felt the last two days. However, today was much different as two nice packages arrived. It caused for a celebratory dance in the post office parking lot and a package being opened before I got home.

My first package contained this Museum Collection autograph of C.J. Wilson from APBoomBox on Twitter that he mailed to me just for being a great follower. Thanks again man for the nice PC piece. This also happens to be my first card from Museum Collection.

My second package came from a new trading partner on Twitter in @ElbertPhillips. I have had a 2014 Ha-Ha Clinton Dix Contenders Autograph SSP /25 up for trade for awhile now and finally found someone who really wanted to trade for it.  

We went back and forth on Twitter for a little bit but had the trade worked out pretty fast.

Here is some sweet items I was able to bring home!

Yes, I know I have complained about pulling this guy in what seems every box I open, but I guess the prospector in me is hoping he can put up big numbers next year in Cleveland. If not, maybe I should PC him too lol.

Same goes for Savage. I really like Contenders and I think Savage has a legit chance to start for Houston who is building quite a team. So adding my first auto of him I hope is a good move.

Next up is a baseball auto I couldn't turn away. Once again as someone who likes to prospect some, I like to hope Lake could someday be a star. But, that's not the main reason I traded for this card. I really like the design and swatches on it. It looks really cool.

Of course I had to keep adding to my Andre Williams collection. Here is a nice sized jersey card with a stitch sticking out on the right hand side.

And a sweet Dre auto /25 from Hot Rookies.

And finally the card that set this trade in motion. This thing is BEAUTIFUL and even more so in person. Panini did an excellent job with this product and I can't say that enough. Black Gold may be one of the best looking products of the year.

But here is that beautiful card I spoke of above, it's a dual patch card of Eli and Peyton that's numbered to 25.
Ever since this morning I have been unable to take my eyes off from so pretty...just look at the nice swatches too.... overall a nice looking card.

A big thanks goes out to Elbert on the trade and for being a great trading partner. He is someone I highly recommend and plan on going back to trade with again. Possibly very soon.


Now that you have seen my awesome mail day, did you get one today? I wanna hear about it!

Inspired Pickup

Every night I read other sport card blogs especially ones who grab my attention with catchy post titles. One of those nights, I read the title The Box That Broke My Heart written by The Chronicles Of Fuji Blog. If that post title doesn't grab you in, none will. In the article he discusses 1996 Spx baseball and suddenly I felt inspired to go and look some up on eBay. No joking. It literally happened just like that. There was just something about the post and pictures that sent me a vibe that I needed to search. And search I did.

Upon scrolling a few cards down, I noticed a set of the 1997 Spx baseball that was soon ending on auction. I felt led to bid and I did. So a post by someone else inspired me to bid on something out of nowhere on eBay and would you have guessed that I won the auction. Not only just won it either. I scored the entire 1997 Spx set for $12!! Call the police! That's a steal my friend!

So I can cross off 1997 Spx baseball from my 90's Spx set hunting all thanks to Fuji's post. Wasn't even ready to cross that one off yet.

Let's take a break from the story and get to what you want to see. The set! Well, here it is. Try not to drool.

My camera didn't care about catching the holograms all that well so I tried to get you a general idea of how they all look from this Eddie Murray.

Back of the card

Now onto the rest

Overall there are 50 cards of pure hologram goodness. The Griffey in the set also serves as a PC piece I didn't have before either. Those alone you can't find cheaper than $6.

Thanks for the inspiration Fuji that led me to this heck of a deal. I look forward to future reads that may do the same. Just try to stay within my budget.

For you 90's card guru's or readers that have been paying attention to my Spx search, I now have 1996, 1997, 1998 Spx football along with the 1996 Marino/Montana inserts and the Marino/Montana autos. I also have half of a 1996-1997 Spx hockey set and now this one. Still more to got but hopefully this one time dream of chasing these all down can become a reality.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

HOBBY TOPIC: 2015 Elite Baseball

This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

BREAKING NEWS! I am going to add Hobby Topic more often throughout the week when more products are previewed or released. That way you can leave your opinion on each of these products along with other hobby topics as well. I have also changed the POST TITLE and added what the topic is about. I have also added info on the products when the topic is about them. This should be fun!!

What are your guys thoughts on Elite Baseball 2015? Do you like the design? Do you like the fact they added some veterans in their college uni's in the base set? What's your favorite thing about Elite in general? Or any other thoughts you have on it leave em below!

Here are some images and information for you to nibble on to help with this discussion.

Panini America 2015 Elite Baseball Joc Pederson 

Panini America 2015 Elite Baseball Kris Bryant 

Panini America 2015 Elite Baseball Dustin Pedroia 

Panini America 2015 Elite Baseball Ken Griffey Junior  

2015 Elite Baseball will have a 200-card base set that includes veterans, rookies, retired legends and 15 current stars in their college uniforms. And in typical Elite fashion, it has plenty of die-cuts and six parallels numbered to 199 or less. Each hobby box carries five cards per pack and16 packs per box while also delivering four autograph or memorabilia cards.

99 Cents For What?!?!

If you haven't noticed recently, a lot of my collecting is shifting towards stuff from the 90's. It's not just because as VH1 would put it, "I love The 90's", but it's because there are deals to be had on cards you may have once wanted but couldn't afford.

That's where these three cards come into play.

After getting an eBay gift card for my birthday, I started scouring for deals. I won't overpay for a card and will sometimes even lose a card if I feel it's above what I want to pay for it. That even includes $3. Yes, I am stingy but I feel there are deals to be had and I like to stretch my dollar as far as I can.

And stretching that dollar I did with these pickups. For a TOTAL $2.97, free shipping too, I was able to acquire three tough pulls from the 90's, yes .99 cents each.

Being a huge fan of refractors and PCing them, landing not one but two 1:80 pulls for under $1, was a heck of a find.

I always liked this guy despite him playing for the wrong NY team. He was very underrated for what he provided to the Jets.

Then I also landed this. A 1997-1998 Select Certified GOLD MIRROR PARALLEL that were really tough at 1:299 odds. Now I just need to get the other two mirrors to complete a rainbow. These Golds are so tough, hough not numbered, are limited to just 24 copies.
You can't argue that I didn't get a great deal, I know I did. The cards are also impressive looking and more so in person. These also cross off some insert wants from the 90's as well.

As I type this, I already have my watch list filled hoping for another steal like these. It may never happen again, but with some patience, you just never know.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Pages Added: #SCCGivesBack, 90's Spx Project, Trade Stuff

If you haven't noticed recently, I have added three new fun pages to the top of the blog.

They are as follows:

On The Trading Block
1990's Spx Project
#SCCGivesBack Promo

On The Trading Block is exactly as it states, it's items I have up for trade at this current time. I have most listed already, but may still have more to come.

1990's Spx Project is all of 1990's Spx projects I have completed so far.

And finally, #SCCGivesBack is an ongoing contest. Find out how you can earn FREE CARDS.

I hope everyone who reads this checks them all out and leaves their thoughts.

Another new post coming up soon on Sport Card Collectors!

Trade With Baseball Cards Come to Life! (Bo Rosny) Blog

I am a bit behind on posting mail days I have gotten over the past month, yes month, but I promise to everyone that I will get to posting these up. I would do more than one post daily, but by doing that, the older post sometimes gets lost and I don't like that. So my eBay pickups and trades will ALL be posted, but you must be patient and continue to check in.

So on to today's post. Here is a bit of a back-story on how this trade went down.

I received a random email back at the beginning of February from a Bo Rosny that stated he had acquired some huge cards lots with a vast majority that was in the mid-90s and consisted of baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. Since this lot was so big, he wanted to trade off what he didn't need in big lots and included his blog link in the email.

At first, I was curious and wanted to click onto the blog link. Then I stopped myself. I get many spam emails with links and attachments and since I didn't know of this blog I didn't just want to click on it. I had to do what I normally do with things, I did my research. After a few new blog visits and a Google search, I found out that it was legit to click on. I know this sounds a bit strange, but in today's day and age of people sending out viruses, you gotta protect yourself.

Fast forward a bit, I commented on the link that was in the email that contained a list of the cards available.  I saw lot's of 90's goodness on there and wanted to make sure I got in on the action. So we went back and forth for awhile through email and finally came to terms on a trade.

I received my end of the trade a few weeks ago and as I said earlier, I am a bit behind on posts and apologize. So here it is. Some 90's awesomeness!

We will kick it off with some basketball. Most of it was Fleer Metal but that doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

Some shiny stuff....ooooooooooohhh

I remember pulling the Kobe rookie like the ones below. I like the Raymond Felton Gold Medallion add too.


A little on the Gridiron!

Hockey Cards

Two of my favorite additions from the trade. We all know my love of Spx and the Tim Brown die cut is awesome!

And finally, I will close up this post with some phone cards from Classic. In this group is two Dale Earnhardt Sr.

And by far my favorite phone card if not my favorite card from the trade. A pretty sweet Jason Kidd one from Assets.
Overall, a very successful trade that made us both happy.

If you haven't yet, go check out Bo's blog, Baseball Cards Come To Life!, there is a lot of fun things to read especially viewing where his #WalletCard gets to go. It's already been to more fun places than I have lol.

Thanks again Bo and I hope to do more future deals with you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

HOBBY TOPIC:2015 Score Football

This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

BREAKING NEWS! I am going to add Hobby Topic more often throughout the week when more products are previewed or released. That way you can leave your opinion on each of these products along with other hobby topics as well. I have also changed the POST TITLE and added what the topic is about. I have also added info on the products when the topic is about them. This should be fun!!

What are your guys thoughts on Score football 2015? Best design yet? Full player photos, do you like them more or head shots better? Like the one auto-per box set up?

Here are some images and information for you to nibble on to help with this discussion. 

Panini America 2015 Score Football Ameer Abdullah Base 

Panini America 2015 Score Football JJ Watt Artist Proof 

Panini America 2015 Score Football Dan Marino Gridiron Heritage 

Panini America 2015 Score Football Tom Brady Inscriptions

In a late June release, each box of 2015 Score Football  will have 12 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. Each box will also yield one autograph or memorabilia card and each pack will deliver up to three Rookie Cards. 

I NETted Me This!

When I saw a POST on Twitter from another blogger, I am talking about you The Snorting Bull, about Pacific having made a net card from netting on foul poles or from goal posts, I immediately knew I had to have one.

Since I collect Ken Griffey Jr, I thought that is where my search should go first. But, my one and only find of the aforementioned Pacific card ended before I had funds to make the move. So I went to plan B, my love of football.

Upon researching and trying to find the best deal and find a card of a player I actually liked, in the end I landed a 2000 Pacific Paramount End Zone Netfusion of Mark Brunell. Brunell was a player I loved to watch in the 90's. He could take it to you with his feet and through the air which helped lead the Jaguars to winning seasons and the playoffs. That's something they have lacked since he left.

So I was pretty happy to only have paid $1.99 for it and get it of one of my favorite players of the 90's.

Another unique card off my list and I wouldn't have even known about it if it wasn't for The Snorting Bull. It truly pays to read other blogs :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I DID IT! I landed probably the toughest card off from my Want List up til now. A card that is both rare and a piece of sport card history. I landed the first ever produced Game Jersey card. I FINALLY landed a 1996 Upper Deck Game Jersey Card. On an even bigger note, I landed it for under $25.

Now the player on the card isn't the best off the checklist, actually he is the worst, but that isn't the principle of it. I now own a piece of cardboard history. The very first jersey card. The card that fell at an incredible 1:2600 packs. The one that has eluded me, especially because of the price it cost. But, now it's mine. I got an eBay steal and it's mine. My patience of waiting on the card to end paid off.

I hope you guys enjoy my celebration moment as much as I do. Here it is in all it's glory! Yes, even though it's Rashaan Salaam!

Back of the card. I like how it actually states..THE FIRST EVER game worn jersey card....just awesome.
Try not get too attached. This bad boy isn't going anywhere.

I still am in awe that I was able to pick up one of these. My hands were shaking when it arrived in the mail. I know many 90's collectors who I will be the envy of over this card.

So I gotta ask, do you envy me over this card? What are your thoughts on this card? Do you consider it a piece of cardboard history? Let's hear it!