Saturday, May 16, 2015

What Does An Fleer Ultra Hockey Rookie Redemption Look Like? See Here!

Patience. Something all of us must have when it comes to redemptions. That is something I had to learn with my first Upper Deck one in years....and it wasn't even for an autograph!!

In Upper Deck's 2014-2015 Fleer Ultra product, amazing product by the way, they inserted these that fell one-per-box that you needed to redeem online like a redemption card.

With early season hockey card products featuring carryover rookies, rookies that made their debut after the previous hockey card season, Upper Deck decided they would try to include those rookies before the following years products released by including these Rookie Redemption cards. So no waiting til 2015-2016 products to get those late skating rookies. Upper Deck has them now.

And in exchange for the redemption card I redeemed, 5 months later, I received this on Friday...
Not a bad looking card. Just seems like a long time to wait for an non-autographed card but I understand why. I do like the aspect of getting those late season rookies included somehow so you don't have to wait. Other sports could use that too. It also helps that he is in a Rangers uni even though he no longer plays there. I guess that is the only bad part of the redemption promo is UD keeping up on possible moves for these players as well.

So now I gotta ask your thoughts on this. Do you mind waiting for a non-autographed redemption card? Do you like Upper Deck's idea and attempt to try and get these rookies in? Let me hear your thoughts!

Friday, May 15, 2015


This card is crying out for a Caption.

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Upper Deck Football 2-Rack Pack Break

FINALLY!!! That's exactly my words when I found out that my local Walmart had gotten in 2015 Upper Deck football. I felt like they were trying to exclude me from being able to rip a few packs.In what is Upper Deck's last run with the CLC license, they obviously wanted to go out with a big bang and leave all of us wanting more. Why do I feel this way, well, read on!

In every rack pack of 2015 Upper Deck football, there are 32 cards. Along with those 32 there is ONE Jameis Winston and ONE Marcus Mariota College Football Heroes inserts. Each rack pack runs for $4.98.

This years base card design take a big upgrade. It still has Upper Deck's glorious action photography now along with a clean design and gold foil. These are probably the best flagship base rookie design I have seen since they took the CLC license. Way to go UD!

In my first rack pack, I got exactly what I had wanted immediately. The Giants first two round picks. I especially like the Collins. He will be a big difference maker in that secondary.

In both packs combined, other than Amari Cooper, I landed all of the rookies I targeted.

I even got the Top 2 picks and Top 2 rookies in this class I believe in

Jameis Winston....

And Marcus Mariota

Above I mentioned the Football Heroes inserts that fall one of each player per rack pack and here they are. I totally love the revamped design on these.

Overall, very stoked with my results.$10 well spent. Great design, bonus inserts in each and a shot at autographs (I have seen them pulled by others) and Upper Deck rack packs are a great value. I will miss this product if it is no longer made.

What are your thoughts on 2015 Upper Deck football? Do you like the design? Will you miss this product going forward? Let's hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HOBBY TOPIC: 2015 Prestige Football

Hobby Topic now covers not only topics that I come up with, but new product releases I like to get your opinions on.

Today's Topic is 2015 Prestige Football

What are your thoughts on the early images? Is this something you can't wait to buy? Do you like Photoshopped team images when a player is on a new team? The new base card look? Overall product?

The Hobby Topic segment is all about you guys. Leave your opinions and thoughts (clean of language of course) on the topic chosen.

Here we go and comment away!!!

Panini America 2015 Prestige Football Andre Johnson  

Panini America 2015 Prestige Football Jameis Winston

Panini America 2015 Prestige Football Melvin Gordon 

Panini America 2015 Prestige Football Matthew Stafford 

Each hobby box of 2015 Prestige Football will have eight cards per pack and 24 packs per box. It will also have three autographs, one Rookie Jumbo Patch card, one foil-etched Jumbo Draft Pick box-topper, 24 Rookie Cards, four Rookie Photo Variations and 13 additional inserts.

90's Flashback:1997-1998 Pinnacle Mint Card+Coin Jaromir Jagr

Card and Coin. Coin and Card. A match in heaven when you can combine two hobbies into one.

I couldn't ever figure out if I wanted to insert my coins into the card fearing it would damage the card, but when I traded my dad for this one, it was already in there. I think this was one of the greater innovations and ideas in the 90's. And yes, there were coin parallels like Gold, Silver and more. So there was a chase involved as well. This one is just a common coin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HOBBY TOPIC: 2015 Americana

Hobby Topic now covers not only topics that I come up with, but new product releases I like to get your opinions on.

Today's Topic is 2015 Americana

What are your thoughts on this product? Are you glad it returned? Do you like what is offered in it? Whose autograph do you want to pull? Who do you wished was in the product?

The Hobby Topic segment is all about you guys. Leave your opinions and thoughts (clean of language of course) on the topic chosen.

Here we go and comment away!!! (releases tomorrow!!!)

Panini America 2015 Americana QC (6) 

Panini America 2015 Americana QC (17) 

Panini America 2015 Americana QC (43) 

Panini America 2015 Americana QC (73) 

Panini America 2015 Americana QC (102) 

Panini America 2015 Americana QC (117)

When One Became Two

After winning an eBay auction, I usually pay pretty fast and usually the person on the other end ships the next day. So when I had won an auction for an auto/patch of Andre Williams and saw no shipping updates after almost a week, I became concerned.

I asked around for opinions on what to do and most said just leave it and wait. Something in my gut told me not to. So I stuck with my gut and contacted the seller. They responded the next day apologizing that they didn't realize the card had ended and promised to send an Odell rookie with the order. Well, they stuck with that promise.....

Here is the Andre Williams I won in that auction. Love the patch! Goes well with that one I traded for a few weeks back.

And the Odell Beckham rookie they promised, a Topps Strata. I did not have this one.
Overall a pretty solid mail day with a bonus. I am so glad I stuck to my gut and contacted them. It was also very nice of them to make it up by sending an extra, despite not having to. I wished other sellers were this nice when they mess up. But we are all humans, we all make mistakes.

Have you ever received a bonus on an eBay mistake? Have you ever given one? Your thoughts are always welcomed!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Panini Redemption Replacement Mail Day..#d 4/5!!

I have no patience. I don't like to sit and wait for redemption cards. So when the four month waiting period comes up, I get it replaced. I would rather have a card in-hand, then not have a card at all or have to wait years for it.

My latest redemption card replacement was for a 2013 Totally Certified Gold Signatures /10 of Alec Ogletree of the Rams. I am not a fan of defensive players cards, though in Madden and on the Giants I love my defense, so I was happy to receive this card as it's replacement. It's Giants blue, a QB and low numbered. Doesn't get better!

Glad to had made the replacement. I have another redemption ending soon from Panini but haven't decided whether to replace it or not. It's Jarvis Landry, so to me, that's up in the air as Landry is an excellent player with a very bright future. That one I may wait on unless they can replace it with another Landry auto. Time will tell.....

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#SundayFunday Contest # 1:Football

Well, it has been awhile since I have done a giveaway and there may be many reasons for that. One, giveaways are very time consuming sometimes. Two, I have been setting aside my prizes for the fall when I possibly host the Player Of The Day contest. Three, the last few giveaways I have held there seems to be a lack of interest in them. I mean, 10-12 entries doesn't seem worth it.

But, with so much generated interest around the #SundayFunday giveaways and all of the generosity I have seen and been given recently, I decided to join in on the fun. So for the next 4-5 weeks I plan on joining in on the #SundayFunday fun. Mine however, will have contests hosted on here and more than one day to enter.

For my first Sunday, with the recent draft being held, I thought I would kick it off with a football giveaway.
Here are the goods:

And now onto the easy entry.
  2. THE CARDS WILL BE SHIPPED IN A PWE. Sport Card Collectors blog will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. The cards are being shipped to you with the hope they arrive safely. I have only ever lost one package so the chances of arrival are high. If the package is lost, stolen or damaged, I may replace them with something else. But, don't always count on that and try pulling the "they were lost" thing. Sport Card Collectors will make the final decision. Failure to follow any of the rules, you will be asked to forfeit your prize.
  3. To enter, just tell me YOUR teams draft grade
  4. Since this is a #SundayFunday contest, this contest will start today May 10th 2015 and end next Sunday, May 17th 2015, at 12:00 am e.t. where a winner will be announced before or around 10am e.t. that morning. That way a full Sunday to Sunday. There will be a random 7 times to pick the winner.
  5. The winner will have ONE WEEK to claim their prize once they are chosen or they will forfeit it and it will be re-given away..
Most importantly, good luck and have fun!! Please RT this on Twitter and Share on Facebook as well.

Rueben Wilson, David Randle? Something's Not Right Here

It's taken me awhile to write this, but awhile ago, a reader pointed out that one of my Rueben Randle mail days wasn't an actual Rueben Randle mail day. It was a David Wilson mail day. Now you must be curious.

A few months ago I got this card amongst a card lot....

At the time I received it, I didn't think anything about it the autograph on the card even though I have seen Rueben Randle's autograph hundreds of times. I probably wouldn't have even given it a second glance until one of my readers said.........ummm, I don't think that's Randle's autograph. And they are correct. The autograph on this card comes from former teammate David Wilson as you will see.

Here is David Wilson's auto. A spot on match and a decent signature.

Here is what a Rueben Randle auto should look like. You know, a scribble. Lol.

And what the card above should look like. I actually own this version. (sorry about the blurred photo, it was one of my stock ones)

I haven't even considered emailing Panini to get the top one fixed. I like the card the way is and I already own a corrected version. I find it adds a unique twist to my Randle PC and technically my David Wilson one as well. Most of us like it when people fix their mistakes, however, this is one mistake I don't mind staying the way it is.

What do you guys think? Would you have kept this card the way it is or would have you replaced it? Do you own any error cards like this? Would love to hear about them!