Saturday, July 11, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Score Football Hobby Box (1/1 HIT)

In my next break from my vacay, I busted another box of 2015 Score football. I just liked the first one so much that another just had to been broken. If you missed my first break, you can find it HERE.

This box contained a few more surprises including my first 1/1 of a.....


In every box of 2015 Score football, there are 24 packs with 12 cards per pack. So you know you will be getting your money worth. Each pack comes with a couple inserts and 2-3 rookies and boxes will run you roughly $45. I paid $48 at the LCS.

I am going to skip over the design breakdown this time due to my review already of it. I am just going to jump straight to the goodies!

This was my only Jameis Winston in the two boxes. I am wondering it top rookies are a tougher pull.

My two photo variations. One of Aaron Rodgers, the other a Desert Camo of Richard Sherman.

My Scorecard finds. Best is Alshon.

Now comes the insert portion of this. I only showed my parallels of the inserts from my box. The regular inserts are not shown.


Giants Gold Team Leaders. Alright!

The tougher black find of the Dallas Cowboys Team Leaders.

Gridiron Heritage including a gold of my boy Strahan and a black of John Elway!

Red parallel of Peyton Manning.

Both camos and both of Dez Bryant. Don't like the player, but the die cuts and puzzle concept are still really cool.

Red and Gold....Red and Gold. Sorry, my inner Christmas fun came out.

And then came my hit in the box in the very last pack.......

BOOM!! My very first autographed 1/1 Printing Plate of SF rookie Dres Anderson. It's a black printing plate.
Overall, great box! Probably the best box I have opened of Score.....ever. I think I may be addicted as this didn't feed my need for Score and I want more. Stay tuned as I may hunt down more.

Have you tried this years Score football? What are your thoughts on it whether you have or haven't tried it? As always, your thoughts and comments are encouraged!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Stadium Club Baseball 8-Hobby Pack Break

Topps Stadium Club has everything that I look for in a product. Amazing photography on base cards, reminiscent inserts and to me a lack of focus on the hits. This is the first product in awhile that brings me back.

I wanted to open more than what I did, but I also wanted to spread my funds around as much as possible so was glad to open what I did. Gone are the mini boxes of last year and it welcomes a hobby box of 16 packs. I like the change.

What did I find and what were my thoughts? Well, read on.

In every hobby pack of 2015 Topps Stadium Club baseball are 8 cards with one of them being an insert. Each pack for me was $7 but I got it at an LCS so I assume they must be about $5 normally. Once again, I don't mind supporting an LCS seeing what it's like without one where I live.

Each Stadium Club base card is simple but masterfully done. No borders. No bold names and oversized font. No colored backgrounds. Just plain...wait for it.....BASEBALL! Isn't that why we buy baseball cards?  It doesn't have to always be about the pizazz! Give us baseball. Bring us closer to the game!

Here are my Yankee PC adds from my packs. I really like the angle on the Ellsbury, great photo choice.

Here are my gold foil parallels. I don't even care about them being parallels. Look at that clear photography especially the Strasburg..

Legends are in the set as well.

I pulled a few other non-parallel inserts as well. These all fall one-per-box. I pulled a Jackie Robinson as my Legends Die Cut. You can't see it but these also have a rainbow shine to them too.

Love these! Luminous inserts are basically Finest cards and these as well are die cut. Brings me back to the 90's.

To my surprise, I also found an autograph. With this having been a fresh box and with me buying half of it, I was pretty stoked to had hit one of the autos and a black foil /49 as well. There was a change to these as well as the white background to the on-card autographs from last year has disappeared leaving for a much cleaner look.
I was once again left impressed by Stadium Club. My only dream would be that they make a football version as well. However, with Topps in their final year with the NFL license, I can only assume my dreams will be squashed. But at least I have a pretty impressive baseball version to enjoy for awhile.

What are your thoughts on Stadium Club? Is there anything you would add to improve it? Take away? Let me hear your thoughts!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Make Your Call.....CALL YOUR SHOT...Well I Did

As I stated a few days ago on my Breakin Wax 10 Pack break of 2015 Topps Series 2, I would inform you of my results of the Call Your Shot game card. Well, today, was the day I scratched it. It was almost like a scratch ticket,except I didn't get my results immediately so it left it hanging with a bit of drama.


I called for the home run of an autographed relic on the card knowing my odds ahead of time were well against me. But, I wanted the gamble knowing this may be my only shot.

Well, unlike The Babe, I couldn't call my shot.
Shucks! I didn't expect to win, but seeing the loss for real made things more real lol.

So this also leads to a topic today as well. How many of you have actually "called your shot?" And what did you get? Can't wait to hear your responses especially from actual people who have won.

Throwback CARDSday:1978 Boxcar Elvis

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Baseball Series 2 10-Hobby Pack Break

Day 3 of my vacation breaks takes us to 2015 Topps Series 2 hobby packs. My straight aim with these was to get a Kris Bryant rookie card. I didn't really want to buy a whole box, but managed to buy 10 packs worth over three days. Did I get my Bryant? Well, read on!

In every hobby pack of 2015 Topps Series 2 baseball are 10 cards. Those 10 will consist of veterans, rookies and an insert or two. Packs should run around $2-2.50 which is what I paid for these.

The base card design is the same as Series 1 and is still the best in years for Topps.

My rookies. Bryant. #sad

Gold parallels. These are all numbered to 2015.

Rainbow foil, really cool, fall 1:10 packs.

Til It's Over. Wasn't really a fan of this design. These fall 1:8 packs.

Eclipsing History was an impressive design. I liked it. Along with the Stepping Up insert design as well. Highlight Of The Year (top) falls 1:4, Eclipsing History falls 1:10 and Stepping Up falls 1:6

A Topps Bunt insert. I will not be holding onto this as I MUCH PREFER real cards over digital ones, so I will be giving it away or trading it. Haven't figured that out yet.

My first ever Call Your Shot Game. I believe these fall 1:12. I will be sharing my results in a future post and let you know how it turned out.

The Heart Of The Order insert brings me back to the 90's. This is the kind of stuff Topps needs to put out for inserts. These look good enough to put a set together of. If they did more good insert designs like this, their inserts might actually have pop again. Quite impressed. These fall 1:6.

And I know lot of people don't like finding celebs in their baseball cards but I loved it. Topps should continue this set going forward. Sadly out of my 10 packs I only got one, but it's Kevin Hart so that was okay. I do hope to get the Gabriel Iglesias and Stan Lee ones as well. I would also strongly encourage Topps to do autograph versions.
Overall, some nice stuff. I was quite impressed with insert designs in Series 2 and I hope this carries over to next year along with the base card designs. Keep up the good improvements Topps!

What did you guys think of the Topps base card design? Yay or nay? What about the First Pitch inserts? Let me hear your thoughts! You know mine!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2 Cool Autographs: A Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 2

Part 2 of my Jammin JDcards mail day, I acquired two autographs for two different reasons.

Autograph number one is of Linebacker Peter Boulware of the Baltimore Ravens. This was a guy I watched play in the late 90's as my love of football and football card collecting evolved even more. He also happened to also be a guy I pulled a lot of cards from in that era as well. I thought adding his auto would be a cool addition to my collection to remind me of those years of 90's collecting. I also like his signature as well.

Autograph number two is simply because it's a unique 90's piece. A signed phone card. You can't tell me that's not cool right? It's just too bad the featured player didn't fully play up to his hype. But either way, cool card I think.
Overall, a great mail day but I will say, I didn't show you all of it. I held out all of the sweet 90's packs I received as well. Those will be at a later time for some Breakin Wax segments and I can tell you ahead of time that I pulled a few decent cards :)

Thanks again to Jammin JDcards for safely shipping my cards and for speedy delivery. If you haven't yet, go check em out and see what they may have for your PC!

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Heritage Baseball 2-Hobby Pack Break

As we move into the second day of vacay show offs, after trying out the Topps Heritage minors I showed off yesterday, I decided that I needed to pick out two hobby packs of 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball too. And that is what I am showing off today.

Sorry for lack of pack pic, I forgot to take it. But here is the breakdown anyways.

Each hobby pack of 2015 Topps Heritage baseball comes with 9 cards. I kinda overpaid for my two packs at $4.50 each, but that's okay, I was helping out an LCS. If paying a bit more to keep a card shop alive I don't mind. Normally, they should be just under $3.

The base card design is from the 1966 Topps set. I got to add this Prado to my Yankee PC.

I also found a high number Sp of Ian Desmond. These fall 1:3 hobby packs.

And a rookie card. Also pulled a 1966 Topps Flashbacks card. I really like these and they fall 1:12 hobby packs.

And I also pulled one of these in each of my packs. Not sure what the odds are on these and they are unnumbered. But as a refractor fan and chromie, despite the Red Sox, I am a huge fan.
Overall, not bad at all for two packs. 2 purple refractors, a 1:12 insert, an Sp, a rookie and a few partridges in a pear tree. I won't complain at all. To me, money well spent.

Monday, July 6, 2015

My U.S. Women's World Cup Cards

I can't come out and say I am a huge soccer fan or that I even follow the sport, cause that would be a lie.But I do have two interests in the sport. One, I have U.S. pride and when our country goes out and plays their butts off, I like to pay attention. Two, I like to collect their cards.

And that is what leads to today's post. I would not only like to congratulate the World Cup Champions that took down Japan 5-2, but to show off my Women's U.S. soccer cards I own or at least  the onesI could find in time for this post lol.

So here we go!

Most of my collection consists of Sports Illustrated For Kids cards that are still on uncut sheets. Some of them are the big stars.

Press is a younger player who had some playing time against China

Alex Morgan has a bright career ahead of her.

And Abby Wambach finally goes out as a champion as she is retiring. I think it's great when athletes retire and end their careers as a champion.

Another Wambach in her younger years when she played for Washington Freedom.

I pulled this a couple years ago in a Panini Father's Day pack and

Also this. Rampone as well will be retiring and ending her career as a champion.

 And finally my favorite card of them all, a 2011 Goodwin Champions on-card autograph of Hope Solo.
I thought I had a few more Upper Deck cards somewhere but couldn't locate them in time for this post. I also thought I had a Carli Lloyd Sports Illustrated For Kids card too. At least I was able to locate some to show off especially the Solo.

So, congrats again to the U.S. Women's team for their tremendous effort and victory. I hope for a repeat in the next World Cup.

What are your thoughts on the cards above? Do you collect Sports Illustrated For Kids cards? Do you collect Soccer cards?

Swingin For The Fences: A Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 1

As everyone knows, I am on a mission. A mission I like to call....#MissionGriffey.

One of the places I like to search and pick up new Griffeys is Jammin JDcards. I find reasonable deals and there is plenty of selection. So in my latest round of Griffey pickups from Jammin, I stick to my basics and get base and low end inserts to help fill in a couple spots. There is a big mountain to climb in #MissionGriffey, so it's best just to take it from the bottom first and then try to claw my way up.   

Some great finds here with the Tale Of The Tape, sparkly and a nice looking card in Unforgettable Moments.

Added yet another insert and a Topps Heritage base. The Heritage base has a great design and the picture is very clear.

And to wrap up the #MissionGriffey mail day is this PowerDeck insert. You know, the cards that were done on a CD. Gotta give two thumbs up to Upper Deck's innovation in the 90's. Still really wished they did MLB cards now.
Overall, I added 7 new Griffeys to cross off my checklist. And in case you are wondering, I am still highlighting cards off from it and hopefully by the end of summer will have the checklist all caught up and have a number of Griffeys I own. That's my goal anyways and as long as there is no interruptions, I should have it done.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Jammin JDcards mail day that will publish tomorrow afternoon. 2 sweet autograph additions.