Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trade Mail Day From @skunkman1998

Recently I have pulled off some great trades online, not something I ever expected to do as it's hard to trust many collectors in today's age of collecting, but I have found myself with a small circle I will trade with. One of those people is my buddy Tim, @skunkman1998, who I have known probably the longest online just through the same sites we have visited.

So having known Tim this long, I know that every time I come across a Broncos or Volunteers card that I need to save it for him. So I did and mailed them out to him. He knows if he finds any 90's inserts, NY Giants or NY Yankees that I would be interested. It works out great.

So today's mail day came to no surprise what I would find inside. Except this time Tim had thrown in a couple of bonus goodies.

First bonus goody, is this pack of Upper Deck Gridiron Fantasy Football Game. I haven't opened it yet as I am saving it for a future Breakin Wax segment.

Same can be said for this Topps Big Baseball pack.

Shiny stuff makes an appearance with a Bryce Harper Bowman insert and a Oscar Taveras Orange Topps Chrome rookie refractor.

Some new Yankee pickups including 2 Tanaka Rookies, guy dominated Toronto today and 2 new Derek Jeters.

Up next, some NY Giants love! Rueben Randles, Eli orange refractor and my man Rodney Hampton!

A couple of pure beauties right here! LT and Andre Woodson. These two cards are even more fantastic in person!

Odell "One-Hand" Beckahm Jr! I don't have any of these!

A sweet Ryan Nassib Topps Chrome refractor jersey card that is numbered to 16. This pads my Nassib collection a bit more.

And to end it, a really nice Rueben Randle autographed memorabilia card! I should put together numbers on my Randle PC. I am a bit worried about him this season with the recently announced knee tendinitis. 
A really solid mail day all around and a huge thanks goes out to Tim for it.

I have already begun setting some more stuff aside for you and look forward to our next trade.

As always, thoughts on my mail day are always welcomed!

Breakin Wax:1999 Topps Stars Football 1-Pack Break

What looked like a lame product from a distance, turned into one of my favorite breaks from my Jammin Retro week. In today's finale, I know, you are sad, I take a dig into a pack of 1999 Topps Stars football. You can possibly do the same or if not go find a retro pack that best suits you. You can find all retro pack offerings on Jammin JDcards, HERE.

In every pack of 1999 Topps Stars football, there are 6 cards. In those 6 cards you will find a mix of veterans and rookies. You may also find a variety of different "Star" levels.

Here is what the one stars base cards look like. All base cards are foil based.

Here was my two star offering including a Ricky Williams rookie card.

And finally my three star offering. A sweet looking Daunte Culpepper rookie card.
There are quad diamond offerings as well.

Overall, I was impressed with not only my results, but with the product in general. It was like Topps version of Upper Decks Black Diamond with the different levels of base cards. I like that and wished more companies would bring back things like this and put more efforts into their base cards..

Now that this week has completed, how many of you have gone back and re-busted some retro stuff? What was your best pull? What did you bust?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Breakin Wax:1997 Pro Line DCIII Football 1-Pack Break

Like die cuts? Like foil? Like a product with a high end feel for a good price? Well, look no further than 1997 Scoreboards Proline DCIII. You can find this and other retro products like I did by searching all retro pack offerings on Jammin JDcards, HERE.

The price tag may say $5.49, but I hauled in this 4-card pack of Proline DCIII for a great price of  $1.95.

Each of the base cards are trophy shaped. There is a base part with a player photo, name and position done in a bronze foil with the top part containing a full color action photo of the player.

The players I pulled were:

Give me that dang card Keyshawn Johnson

The one and only Issac Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce.

Antonio Free-man coverage

and a sweet looking Road To The Super Bowl insert of Steve Young. These fall 1:12.
Overall, a great break for that price. I knew and watched every single player I pulled. Can't say that for a lot of today's products.  I really like the design of the product and the insert looks more impressive in person with the etching around Young.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Breakin Wax:1994 Topps Finest Football 1-Pack Break

In my next Jammin JDcards retro break, I am taking you back to 1994 to visit Finest. As I stated a few days ago, I really enjoyed 90's Finest.

And here is my breakdown of the 1994 football version, hopefully at it's Finest.

In every pack of 1994 Finest football you will find 6 cards. There may be a mix of vets, "rookies" (no real ones) and subsets with a possible refractor. I may have found one of those but you will have to read on. I found my pack on Jammin JDcards for $2. You can find all retro pack offerings HERE.

The Finest design for this year is what I consider one of the iconic ones of this product. When I think Finest, I think about this design.

Cool subset of rookies from the 1993 class which doesn't make these ones real rookie cards and only a nice looking subset.

and a sweet refractor find! Not the best player, but who cares! It's shiny!! These fall 1:9 packs.
Overall, the iconic design of the base cards did it for me. The refractor was just the icing on the cake. Pretty happy with the results here. Good price and some top player refractor pulls in the product could land you some sweet $ now a days still.

Which years design do you consider the most iconic for Finest?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Giambi, Super Bowl, Facemask, Schneider And Footballs:A JBF Trade Mail Day

Recently I have had some amazing mail days through trades and it has actually put me a bit behind on posting them with other posts already scheduled to go. So, yes, I know I have the rest of my 90's Niche Football Card Blog mailings to show off, but I already have those to post next week. But, this trade mail day I have been sitting on a few days trying to figure out when to post it. Well, I am posting it now.

So, for the fourth time, I pulled off yet another trade with Jaybarkerfans Junk blog. He has been one great trader and has some nice stuff to trade. Others may not consider these nice, but in my world, they are. Sometimes it's simply not about the player on the card, it's about the card itself.

Before I continue on with this post, in case you missed my first three epic trades with him, here they are:

AWESOME Trade With Jaybarkerfan's Blog

Incredible Upper Deck Trade Mail Day From JBF

NETted Some Goods:Trade With JBF Blog

This trade brought in all kinds of fun.

First up, one for the Yanks PC, a UD blue-striped jersey card of Jason Giambi.

Up next, one of the 90's PC. A Champ Bailey rookie Edge 1st Place Game Gear

Then we move on to this nice looking Thurman Thomas Classic Pigskin card. I didn't have any memorabilia of Thomas and since the game and football swatch featured on the card is a Giants winning Super Bowl game, it's a bonus :)

Facemask! Whatever happened to creativity like this? So many plain white swatches, not enough of this:

Speaking of creativity, look how sharp this card is! This is by far one of my favorite Freshman Fabric designs of all-time. This card is just beautiful in terms of color, then you look at the nice swatch of football and it just adds another dimension to it.

Finally, we end this mail day with a fellow collector....yes...Rob Schneider! I have been told he collects as well. I have always been a big fan of his movies so this was a no-brainer addition for me.
Another trade mail day from JBF in the books. I can't even pick a favorite card from the group as all are impressive in their own way.

Thanks again goes out to JBF for the trade and I hope you enjoy what I have been return mailing as well.

Breakin Wax:1990 Panini Baseball Stickers 1-Pack Break

Let's talk about Stick baby, let's talk about Pa-ni-ni. Let's talk about stick....ers. Yup. My first retro break of Panini stickers and it's all thanks to Jammin JDcards. If you want to bust a pack of these, jump on in and find all retro pack offerings HERE.

In every pack of 1990 Panini Baseball stickers, there are 5 player stickers and 1 foil sticker. Each pack on Jammin JDcards runs for 20 cents and with such a deep player checklist, it's well worth the buy especially if you are looking for something unique for your PC.

My first 4 stickers offerings were not bad as you see.

Then you add in some George Brett....

and something foil/shiny and you have 20 cents well spent.
Overall, a couple of big names and with such little spent on these, why not go back for more. Decent value here and something I had never owned before.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

400,000...Thank You!

When I started blogging three years ago, I had no idea if anyone would read what I put on here or even care. Well, three years later, I am pretty excited about where this blog is heading.

Today marked a new milestone for this blog as I reached 400,000 views. I sometimes have to look at the number to just to double check and see if I am crazy or not. I can't believe this blog has come this far. I am sure there are many other blogs well ahead of this pace, but for being the smaller blog of the blogging realm, I am pretty happy. By smaller, I mean I am not on many other bloggers "to read" list nor do I have the amount of followers some have as I am still striving to hit 100.

None-the-less, I wanna THANK all of you who come back on a regular basis, once a week, once a month, stumble upon the blog, read one article or find something to your liking. Every time a view comes in, it strives me to continue on posting and continue to get better at it. I know I am not a professional writer by any stretch, but, I do my best and glad you come to check out my best efforts.

Here's to the next 400,000!!

Breakin Wax:1996 Playoff Absolute Football 1-Pack Break

Was I a fan of today' Breakin Wax in the 90's? ABSOLUTEly. Did I find it cool to open a pack within a pack? ABSOLUTEly. Am I hoping you enjoy this as much as me?ABSOLUTEly.

Today's pack if you didn't read the title or get my hints, it's Playoff Absolute.
In every pack of 1996 Playoff Absolute football, there is 5 cards. 4 cards in the main red pack, then a 1 card in a bonus white or blue pack within the pack  I found them on Jammin JDcards and you can too for a good price of $3.95. You can find all retro pack offerings HERE.

The design is ABSOLUTEly cool. I really dig how Playoff did these. The cards have a foil background with the stadium picture of the featured player. These have a very high end them.

Look at these base cards up close. Awesome!

My pack inside the pack was a white parallel version.

What makes this card different than the rest of the cards above? Check out the words Absolute. They are white. The ones above are red. That's what makes this the parallel.
Overall, I love the base. Those alone helped pay for this pack. I didn't hit it big per say, but there are some great inserts and other tempting parts to the product that would definitely want me coming back for more.

What are your thoughts on this base card design? Tempting or not very tempting?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 1: SET NEEDS And Bonuses!

As I stated earlier today on Twitter, I received a trade mail day from 90's Niche Football Card Blog and would be posting it on the blog. We worked really hard on the nooks and crannies of the deal so it took awhile to finalize it then to mail it with our busy schedules. But, it got done and we both were pretty happy with the results.

My end of the trade was awesome all-around. It was so awesome that I have to break it up into many sections because certain cards just needed their own parts and not be summed up in one post.

In this trade series, tonight, you will find out what I got for set needs and extras, the next one you will find out about my NEW PC player, then two separate posts on important 90's PC adds and to end it all you will see an autograph card from one of my favorite actors. How is that for some good reading?!?!

So there are 5 parts in all.  

Tonight will sadly be the teaser post from this trade as all remaining posts will be published next week. Sorry about that, but I have the Jammin JDcards Retro Breakin Wax week going on and I don't want any interruptions or over-posting where you guys may miss something.

In the meantime, enjoy tonight's portion and be ready for a week of greatness next week!!!!

A few months ago I showed off my Breakin Wax of two boxes of Score 2015 football. What I didn't show was my week of sorting those cards by number and narrowing down on an index card what I needed to fill my set. However, it was much more than I was ready for. You would think breaking two boxes you would pretty much fill a set but not with this years Score. I was more than a hundred off. However, I didn't have many doubles either. It was odd.

My Score set needs is why I started working out a deal with 90's Niche blog to see if we could help each other out as he also is trying to fill his set. He has been collecting and filling Score football sets since 1989. But, as we started to exchange our dupes numbers, we could only help each other out so far. We even tried to help each other out with Score insert needs, something that didn't work out either. This years Score will be tough to complete for both base set and insert needs!

I was only able to help him with 15 for his needs and I was the lucky recipient as he helped me knock 38 off my needs. Here they are!

Some rookie needs in this group

And two Giants needs. My first Preston Parker in a G-Men uni and CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZ.

 Now onto some bonus freebies he nicely threw in with this trade! Some Big Blue love!

Some Brett Favre Flight To 420's I didn't have. What you don't know is that I have a decent amount of Brett Favre cards as well.

And to finish this part of the freebies, this swirltastic Cedric Jones Artist Proof! What a good looking card!
Overall, a great mail day. Really happy to knock some off some of the Score needs list and got some great bonuses. But, as I stated above, this is only the beginning. There is a lot more to come and some great stuff at that. So come back next week and check it all out!

Breakin Wax:1996 Finest Football 1-Pack Break

My second break in my Jammin JDcards retro break week, is a pack of 1996 Finest football. As all of my readers should know, I am a huge Finest fan. Especially the 90's version. Who doesn't miss the Finest protector?

Well, here is the break. I sadly forgot a pic of the pack.but will give you the breakdown. In every pack of 1996 Finest football is 6 cards. There are many levels to collect in '96 Finest such as bronze, silver and gold. My pack was all bronze. My luck. But, you can also find refractors. I didn't. Once again, my luck. But, what I did find is a trip down memory lane. You can do the same by searching for something to open from Jammin JDcards retro pack section. You can find all retro pack offerings HERE. I found this pack of Finest on there for $2.

My first three cards is from three Destroyers. One that really tore up the field in Reggie White.

Next up are a couple of Playmakers.

And finally is my rookie of the pack, Moe Williams.
Overall, not the best break but at least added a few more 90's Finest to the collection along with adding a rookie to the rookie PC. Would definitely bust more if they came available. Hint, Hint Jammin JD!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fantasy Football 2014 (Yes I Am Recapping Last Year)

As football season finally begins tonight (YAAAASSSS!!) in Canton between the Steelers and Vikings for preseason , well technically football is a year-round sport for me, I forgot to put up a post at the end of last football season giving you guys the results on my first fantasy football season in over 10 years. It was also only my second time playing it. My first and only other time I was champion.

In 2014, I was given an invitation to play fantasy football by my friend over at Jammin JDcards. Not having played in years, I had no idea what I was doing or how to even play. Luckily Jammin showed me how to get set up and how to use the ESPN site for it.

After the draft, I was confident I had a great team, however the start of my season said otherwise, as I fell to 1-3 right out of the gate. I was extremely disappointed and did some serious tweaking of my roster releasing everyone except Peyton Manning, Rueben Randle and JJ Watt. What I didn't know is that it was my best move to ditch them as I picked up players such as CJ Anderson, Mike Evans and the man Odell Beckham Jr who were just floating out on Free Agency.

My roster after those moves and for the rest of the year(other than a few minor changes) looked like this:

With this newly revamped roster, my season completely turned around and I went on a winning streak into the playoffs. However, I was not top seed as I finished my season at .500, 7-7, and snuck my way in. I had to play both top seeds in my division just to get to the championship game. Both of those teams had destroyed me the first time around. Of course I had to get by the third best team first.

But, just like the Giants the past two Super Bowls they won, I went in with confidence and succeeded in taking down the top three seeds in the playoffs on my way to the Championship where I would face another team I lost to in the regular season that was playing lights out in the playoffs.

But somehow, some way, this happened despite low point weeks by my top players..................

I am hoping that another season of Fantasy will happen again with Jammin JDcards as I had a great time last year. Not to mention, I would love to have a chance to win again.. But, as we all know about the NFL, it's hard to repeat.