Saturday, September 5, 2015

Up And Running With Rodney

I have been holding a contest the last few weeks to guess the total amount of NEW Rodney Hampton's I have added to my collection. Well, I am here to show you the gallery and the breakdown of how many are actually new.

First up, I bought this lot off from eBay for $2. Came with 16 cards in which 10 of them were NEW.

Gotta love the photography on all of these here

The Playoff Prime was my favorite pick up from this group.

And my three favorite adds from the eBay lot. The Advantage card really stands out with the Giants blue on the "film" blue design.

Now onto my pickups from Jammin JDcards. If you haven't checked them out yet, I strongly suggest you do.

Some of these I thought I already had, but I didn't. How could I not have added the Flair base card to my collection already??! Overall, ALL 6 of these cards were NEW!

Bowman Foil. Looks better in person.

And my favorite of the group. Yes, it's very shiny and rainbowy.

So if we take the 10 from the eBay lot, 6 from Jammin JDcards we have a total of 16 NEW Rodney Hampton additions. This brings me to a 96 card total out of 700 or so cards. That's pretty good. So if you're number was 16 or below, you have a good chance at being the prize winner which I will announce in comments of that post. Please make sure you find that post and check it out.

Thanks to everyone that entered that contest and to everyone that is viewing this just to check out my new Hampton adds. More fun to come!

Friday, September 4, 2015


This card is crying out for a Caption.

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Chrome Baseball Hanger Box

I am a huge Chrome fan as you all know. So without a doubt I needed to get my hands onto some 2015 baseball.

I have heard that finding retail Chrome has been a challenge. This hanger was my only find of the product at my local Walmart. I really wanted a blaster but took what I could get.

In every hanger box of 2015 Topps Chrome baseball is sixteen cards. Yes, sixteen cards. Four of those cards will be pink refractors but there may be other refractors or even an autograph hidden within this $9.98 box. My only problem with it was that these weren't individual packs of four. All sixteen cards were in one see through pack. I prefer opening up multiple packs.

 The design is the Topps flagship but chromed. The flagship design, best in years, already looked good without the chrome. Now it's even better! A few good players mixed in here.

A couple here

And a couple of rookie cards here. No Kris Bryant however which was my main chase. I have heard his retail rookie is next to impossible to land from a few collectors.

And here are my pink refractors. Strasburg to me is the highlight of the group but none of these guys to me are big time stars. I do like the pink refractors however. Really cool!
Overall, Chrome usually brings the best value on the retail market. Not sure I felt that way after this break. I was actually quite bored with it and was disappointed that it ended so fast. I would hope a blaster box would bring much more joy. But, just gotta wait and see if I can find one.

Like Basketball Cards? Here Ya Go Part 2

More basketball cards???!! Yup. As I stated in Part 1, there is more basketball cards to show from the lot I acquired from my former teacher's son. I must also note that this isn't the end of it. There will be more parts.

But, for now, let's get this show on the road shall we!

More Mailman Malone! 90's goodness delivers! See what I did there ;)


In the 90's, the Jazz were the bombsizzle. Malone was good, but you couldn't have Karl Malone with John Stockton. They were like PB and Jelly.

Gonna Crash The Game!

Yay! Flair!

Overall, some nice additions. Fun 90's cards that at some point I may share individually as well for a 90's Flashback card. That may also help you see these cards a bit clearer up close.

Like I stated above, plenty more of these to come. I will work on getting better angles of the pictures for Part 3. Wanna show these off the best way I can!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Topps Redemption Mail Day:Giancarlo Stanton Autograph!!!!

On a daily basis I check the updates on my redemption cards, especially two I am waiting on.

Well, in Topps latest redemption update, I knew that one was on it's way.

This morning about 5 a.m.I received an email from Topps telling me that my card was on it's way and five hours, yes, FIVE HOURS later the card was in my hand. Crazy huh? I just assumed they were a bit delayed on the update.

Well, anyways, here is my newest addition. One I am extremely happy to have in hand as the 25 year old has an outstanding future ahead of him. Just wished he played in a more popular place. Hopefully he makes a healthy return on Friday and swings away for the remaining part of the baseball season.

This card is numbered 21/50.

Here is the front. ON CARD AUTO TOO!
Pretty happy with this card and the turnaround on it. Luckily I haven't had the same problems that others have had with Topps redemptions. I have always gotten a two to four month return on them from Topps. I have only gotten one Panini redemption back in that time frame so I usually just get replacements for my redemption cards from them. I have also pulled many more Panini redemptions than Topps too.

So tonight's topic is a three-parter,
First, thoughts on my card?

Second, what's your normal return wait on redemption cards?
Third, which company takes care of redemptions better, Topps or Panini?

THIS vs THAT Battle 5

Time for Part 5! The 4th battle pinned the first victor for the 2000's with Topps Fire. However, Flair proved to be just a tad bit too much for it and came out on top. Can Flair repeat? Well....Who will win is ALL UP TO YOU!!

So here is the lowdown on this NEW fun card game!

I thought it would be fun to do a BATTLE OF THE..... CAAAAAAAAARDS (picture a deep voice and drawn out ending). If any of you watch SportsCenter, you would know they have a segment called the Best Of The Best where they pin two of the best plays against one another. One play may have been from previous days in a row against a new one. The goal is to narrow down the best. Well, I want to do a Best Of The Best card version but mine is called This vs That.

Here is how this is going to work.
  1. I will put a post up such as this one and you will have one week to vote on one card or the other by telling me in comments which one you like more. 
  2. There will be one card from the 90's, one card from the 2000's. 
  3. There will be a variety of sports versing one another. This contest isn't to pin sport vs sport. 
  4. Voting is based upon the OVERALL card and looking at things such as design, creativity, photography and eye appeal. Don't judge a card because it's an autograph or jersey card vs a base card. This "contest" is to see which card is OVERALL better and not just because it's signed or has someone's memorabilia. Same goes for the inserts vs the base. I will try my best to make them the fairest I see possible.
  5. After a week of voting, the card with the most votes moves on to face another card. 
  6. A card that loses cannot be brought back nor can its design.Example is if I use the 1993-1994 Stadium Club hockey card design, I cannot use the 1994 Stadium Club football card design later on as they are most likely the same thing. The designs on the cards must be different.
  7. I will keep a tally on which cards have won and how many times they have won at the top of the next weeks post.
I am not sure when I will end the overall "contest", maybe by the end of the year, let's see how many voters show up first. But, the goal is to see which card ends up being the best and which era gets more wins.

Now let's move onto the next round of This vs That!

90's vs 2000's
90's 3 Wins
2000's 1 Wins

1993-1994 Stadium Club First Day Issue        2
2014 Topps Fire                                                  1
1994 Flair                                                            1

1994 Flair                                                         



2013-2014 Upper Deck Black Basketball

Put your vote in below in comments on which card you like best, OVERALL.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Precious....METAL GEMS Mail Day!!

One of my most sought after late 90's insert, has now been added to my collection for a second and a third time. Never thought I would get one, but now three. Yeah baby!

First off, I picked up these two PMG's off from eBay for a ridiculous price. Each one I got for $1.04. Yes, you read that right. That's insane for such a rare and tough pull when most on eBay are BIN for at least $15 each.

This particular seller I bought from, I have bought from before. You have seen and read about my great deal steals that were dirt cheap pickups from the seller in the past such as a '97 Totally Certified mirror gold and a '96 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor to name a couple . As you can tell, I plan on staying with this seller for awhile.

Not only did I get the cards for steals, I also got some bonus cards too! These three SHINY base cards are from Head Up hockey.

First up for my PMG collection is Nilo Silvan. This is probably the first player of the 90's I had never heard of. Either way, it's a cool card and the old Buc's unis don't look to bad on these. The card also came in supreme MINT CONDITION.

Back of the card.

And my second PMG mail day was of a decent player in Bert Emanuel who played for a few teams over his career from 1994-2001. However, this one was a bit rougher in condition as along the top there was some minor chipping. But, for the price I paid for it, I couldn't complain.

Back of his card:
I gotta say I am pretty happy with this purchase. I got two rare 90's cards and bonus cards for all under $5. Don't tell me that's not impressive.

Now onto my next PMG goals of getting a green PMG (any player) and getting a NY Giants one of any player. Those two goals will be a bit more challenging, especially the Green, but the fun thing about this hobby is that you just never know.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Trade Mail Day @Seahawksfan605

When scrolling through Twitter you sometimes come across cards that you must have. Now, this happens quite often with me, but I usually don't ask about a trade due to my trading conditions. If you forgot what those are, I havr to know the other person, get references/background check on them with already trusted traders and make sure everything about them is safe without any red alarms. Yes, you would think I am renting to a person or giving them my kidney and not trading cards. Call it OCD or whatever my issue may be, I have a 100% trade success that way.

With my latest trade however, I didn't need to do that. Almost since I have been blogging, @Seahawksfan605 has been reading, responding, entering contests and interacting on social media with me. So I absolutely had no concerns trading with him.

My mail day reflects the great guy he is because he threw in some bonuses as well. I will be sharing those first!

The first three bonuses include, Strahan, I gotta see if this helps my set in 2015 Score Gridiron Heritage, Hankins is looking like he may have a big year and Nassib has shown some glimpses in the preseason.

The rest of the bonuses are a couple of Andre Williams Chrome and an Eli refractor. See, I told you he reads the blog. #ShinyGoodness

And finally I will reveal the card that sparked the trade. A new Andre Williams for the PC. I really need to update how many I have. I guess I can when I have a minute haha. This card despite his wrong jersey number is plain beautiful all around. The patch is nice, the numbering is to 50 and the overall look catches your attention. One of my new Williams favorites!
A big thanks goes out to @Seahawksfan605 for the trade and the ease of the trade. I am glad that you got your part of the trade today as well and that we worked this out so fast. I look forward to possible future trades with you as well.

Thoughts on my mail days are always welcomed!

One Of These Things Don't Look Like The Other

Earlier in the celebration on here known as 90's week, I busted a box of 1996 Stadium Club football. I landed a few decent cards and was happy with my results. However, upon sorting the base cards I found something that I hadn't seen before.......

Up close these two Anthony Millers look the same.

But if you flip them around, you find out that they are not.
Match Proof parallel is what I had found. Not something I had ever seen or heard of and most of the time never would have noticed if I hadn't sorted the cards by number. So I did a little research on them.

Match Proof in Series one fall at a tough rate of 1:240 packs. Each card in the 90 card set has a Match Proof parallel and they are numbered to 120 sets of each. The only thing that separates them from base is the gold foil on the back as you see above. The ones in Series 2 are much easier to find at 1:150 packs, however those are only numbered to 100 sets of each.

I think this was a great find for my 90's PC and I was fist pumping the air when I saw that I had pulled something cool. It's both something unique and rare. This is the kind of fun that busting older products can bring.

You knew a topic was coming with this one. Have you ever found a great card that you may have missed the first time around in a card pack or random stack you bought? Maybe it was even already in your collection? I want to hear all of the details! Your reaction, what it was you found and how you discovered it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995-1996 Topps Basketball Series 2, 2 Box Break (BIG HITS/MJ Heavy)

Well, well, well. Here we are finally. The last break from my auction lot back in May. Of course I stuck with the number one rule, you save the best for last. So here we go!

In every box of 1995-1996 Topps basketball is packed with 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. There are lots of shiny inserts and most importantly, Michael Jordan in the base and inserts.

The base cards design for 95-96 isn't too bad. There are some great action shots and the border is thin leaving the base card with a full photograph. The player's name may be a bit too big, but the gold foil it's done in makes it look nice.

Back of base card.

Rookie cards. They say draft pick on the side.

Rattle and Roll inserts look really cool. Very 90's look!

Spark Plugs! I finished an entire set in two boxes. You will find many, many of them as I had many doubles except of the one that's worth the most, you guessed it, MJ.

Mystery Finest. These fell at one-per-box or 1:36. Another MJ sighting! Woo hoo!

And finally, awesome looking Power Boosters. These fall one-per-box as well or 1:36. The next one I pulled from the VERY FIRST pack of the VERY FIRST box. Check that out......

BOOM MJ! Best first pack I have ever opened!
Overall, WOWZERS! This was probably the most impressive basketball break I have had for some time. After busting the first box, I couldn't wait to rip the second.

Now for the breakdown. I took the inserts, star players from the base and rookies,the sets (3 of them) and got a rough Beckett Book Value for it:

Here is what I paid: $4 per box, so $8
Here is what I roughly got in Beckett Book Value from it: $210

This was amazing break and value. No doubt my best break of the entire auction.