Saturday, September 19, 2015

90's Flashback:1999-2000 Upper Deck Powerdeck Gordie Howe

Upper Deck was a new innovative idea from Upper Deck that brought together both the computer and sports cards. It was a genius start of things if you think about it today. The thing I liked about this idea better than today's interactive cards is that you got this physical one as well (product had a paper card along with a CD one). Today's are just cards stuck on your phone or other mobile devices.

These also offered much more. Each CD-ROM has game clips, sounds, photos and career highlights of the featured players and can be played on almost any computer.

Friday, September 18, 2015


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

What year did you start collecting? What got you into collecting?

I started in 1993 and my father and I got into it together. Enough with me, I wanna hear about you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Blogger Promo (NEW ADDITIONS)

Well folks, for the 4th year in a row Sport Card Collectors blog will participate in the Panini Player Of The Day blogger promo. However, this years edition will be a bit different.
What's going to change? Mostly locations of the contests as I will try to hit all social media sites this year. None of these contests will be hosted on here however like in years past.

Why the change? Well, Panini changed things up a bit almost deleting the blogger promotion all together as they are trying something new and moving to a different POD promoting field. But, I luckily begged for you guys and will be hosting it again. So please make sure to make some noise so I can continue to host this for you. If not, this could be the final bow.

Another reason for the changes in my promotion this year, in years past, not only were you guys getting some sweet prizes, but if I ran the best promotion, I would also receive some cool prizes. It was a double bonus which I enjoyed immensely. I liked giving away the prizes both from Panini and myself and I also liked using my mind/knowledge of promoting and trying to outdo other bloggers and myself yearly. I like a good challenge and being an underdog blogger I always rose to the occasion. Which if you didn't know, I was crowned champ the last three years out of the three years I have participated. This year the big change is that you guys will be getting the prizes and benefiting and I won't be getting anything since technically the blogger promo is no more. This means I put in the work, pay for shipping and do it just for you guys. That's how you know I love ya!

So with these changes being made this year, I decided to take my promotion in a different direction. I wanted to make it easier since I didn't need to push myself as hard. In the last few years I spent many, many, many, many countless hours on here uploading, downloading, commenting, posting, sharing and so on with the contests. Not this year. NO WAY!

1. You will find the contests mostly on the BRAND SPANKIN NEW SCC POD Promo 2015 Facebook page. You can find and LIKE that page HERE. Yes, I moved most of this promo to Facebook! This will make it easier for most to post pictures or comment. YOU MAY WANT TO HURRY UP AND LIKE THE PAGE AS THE FIRST 100 LIKES WILL BE ENTERED TO WIN A PRIZE. (IMPORTANT Note: Like with all of my contests due to shipping costs, these will be open to ONLY U.S. Residents or residents outside the U.S. who have a mailing address in the U.S. or have someone willing to ship it to them)

Contests will start next week once the prizes arrive so you have a week to be one of the first 100. Please SHARE the page with friends, on Twitter or if you are another blogger even on your blog. Let's make this contest successful.

As for the contests themselves, they will be easy and fun. Some will be just comment, some will be adding a picture and some may involve you checking out SCC or the POD website. Details will come next week on the Facebook page.
2. The rest of the promotion, the bigger prizes will be given away on our brother blog The Card Bin. You can find that HERE. Please FOLLOW the blog, add it to your keeps list and like the SCC POD Promo Page or follow me on Twitter @sportcardcollec to keep track of when the bigger contests will come.

3. I may run a couple of Twitter contests as well.

So here is to another fun year of hosting this contest. May the luck ever be in your favor!

Thoughts on this are always welcomed!


Upper Deck Game Dated Cards...I GOT ONE!

When you bought Upper Deck in the late 1990's, other than filling action photography base sets, chasing the elusive UD Game Jersey cards and nailing down some impressive inserts, you always wanted to pull a rare UD Game Dated card. Well, I didn't pull one but I did finally add one to the 90's PC.

These cards fell at a rate of 1:1500 or 1 in every 1 or 2 cases so they were not easy finds. Rumors also had it that only a certain number of these were produced for each of the Game Dated cards in the set. Even as low as 10-25 limited on some.

Some collectors, including myself early on, found these cards were also a bit confusing as many have claimed to pull them since Upper Deck put Game Dated stamped on some of the base cards. Well, I am here to tell you that cards that look like this......
ARE NOT Game Dated parallels.

However, this one I picked up for a great price on eBay, is. Ain't she purty!

Here they are side by side. The foil on the card with the side by side really shows you a great example of what to look for.
 Not Real                                                                Real

I am pretty stoked to had finally added one of these to my PC. There are not many of them around, but most can be picked up for about $12 unless they are MJ. I found this one for under $5 so I had to snatch it.

I hope you enjoyed my newest addition and I hope the extra info on these helps you if you want to add one to your collection.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996 Edge Advantage Football 3-Pack Break

Collectors Edge Advantage football, what can I say, I am in love.

This the first of 5 breaks I have with the packs that I received in a trade a little while back. I think I am going to cover one-a-week over the next 5 weeks to catch these all up. Lot's of fun ahead and some great inserts too. Hope you guys are looking forward to viewing this as much as I am about posting it.

Here we go!

In every pack of 1996 Edge Advantage football is 6 cards.

Those six cards will consist of rookies, veterans and possibly inserts and maybe a piece of football.

The base card design is kinda cool. It's designed like a featured film but instead it's a featured player. The whole product is done this way.  I also like the slight texture the base cards represent as well.

My two rookies in the three packs. I loved watching Mushin and a PC Giants one too!

I also landed 2 inserts of Perfect Play parallels that fall 1:2 packs. Warren Sapp is pretty well known whether for the good or for the bad.
Overall, not complaints here. Two beautiful inserts in three packs and two rookies along with some nice base cards. Once again, 90's busting wins again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Platinum Addition To My Andre Williams PC

What a rough weekend of football that was for me. I ended up with only 6-8 games right in my NFL Pick 'Em leagues, I lost my first week of Fantasy football in the league I created, and my NY Giants LOST against Dallas. I put lost in big letters cause that's exactly what they did. Dallas didn't win that game, the Giants once again found a way to let Romo beat them for the fifth game in a row. What I still won't get is why they didn't either let Jennings score or run on that third down. I think the game had a different outcome if so.

Enough with my rant, that could have gone on for awhile.

It had been awhile since I had last added a Andre Williams card/autograph to the PC so I had to break that streak....for $1.99.

I couldn't go wrong paying that for a rainbow shining on-card autograph. Though Williams didn't have a big game on Sunday or make any impact, 6 carries for 14 yards, I still think the ceiling is high for him and with enough opportunity he will make an impact.

At least this card brings a bit more cheer to what was that rough weekend. Here's to a better Week 2!

What were your thoughts on the opening weekend of the NFL? Your team win? Fantasy? NFL Pick Em?


WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!!! I yelled, well, quietly yelled to myself making a movie reference from the ending of Seven. Cause honestly like Brad Pitt, I had no idea what was inside this shoe box.

There was no head, hand, foot or any other body part found in this box. Just hobby goodness.

To finish up my series of What's In The Box, the final item I found at the bottom of the box was once again a box topper. This one was from 2002 Upper Deck World Series baseball and is a piece for my Yankees PC. This particular one celebrates the 1950 World Series between the Yankees and the Phillies.

Well, I hope all of you have had a fun ride with this series. If by chance I find another box of mysterious items, I will definitely bring it back. In the meantime, check your collection for boxes you may have tucked away. You never know what you may find in them...just hopefully not a head.

Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 Yard Sale Autograph Pickups Part 2: Hull'd This In

When you come across a HOFer's and to some the greatest hockey player's autograph for $10 at a yard sale....why wouldn't you jump on it?!!

This is a bit of a unique piece. The card is a BeeHive card but the signature is not attached to it. It appears this was made by a collector or company and they inserted Hull's autograph into the frame below the card. You can see where a slot was cut for it.. It looks great but doesn't have authenticity. But, my gut feeling says this is an authentic piece especially coming from someone I know. I also did some autograph comparisons online.
I still haven't found a place quite right for it in the man cave yet, but after moving a few things around, I hopefully will.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Do you think the Hull auto is real?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My NEW Giants Game Day Buddy, Eli Bleacher Creature

It's the greatest time of year. The NFL season.

With the season getting more underway today, I am getting prepared for tonight's game between the NY Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. Every Sunday (unless they are playing on a different day)  I usually do the same, go to Church and get home and put my jersey on. Each week I wear a different one depending on which player I think will have a big game or as a dedication to players from the past that I wished were still playing. This year I am adding to my game watching experience with my new little buddy, Eli.

This cool collectible is made by the Bleacher Creature company. This is the first time I had ever seen one of these up-close and I must say that I am quite impressed. The facial features, I think some Eli face parallels would be fun, are pretty spot on. The product is very durable as well. Not something I would had noticed from looking at their online pictures from social media. The prices on these are not too bad either falling around $20 a piece which is pretty standard for a sports collectible. They also offer non-sport items as well.

So if you are wondering what my attire will appear as tonight....

Yup. Eli Manning. Not only to match my little buddy, but because I am thinking a big game for Eli. My personal game prediction may say otherwise. As painful as it is to say, I think the Cowboys beat up on the Giants injured/learning curve defense 37-24. Hopefully I am way wrong and that the score is the opposite.

So, for today's topic I wanna know if you own a Bleacher Creature and who? Also your game predictions!

Go Ahead, Tell Me You're Disappointed

Months ago I claimed...THIS IS THE SUMMER OF SORTING! ALL WILL CHANGE! NO MORE PUTTING CARDS BY NUMBER! PLAYER SORTING HERE I COME! Months later, I am still sorting the same way.

I just can't get out of my rut. I started with these 98-99 Topps basketball cards in attempting to sort by team, then take out the best players and keep those sorted. I couldn't do it. It was really hard to sort that way and I couldn't face the fact I could be missing out on putting a set together. Guess that's the 90's collector in me. Which by the way, I put together three sets as you can see:
The problem is, I really want to sort by player and team so when I go to do trades, I can easily find certain players or teams. I also think sorting by player and team would be easier. The type of sorting I do now with by numbers, years, certain players can take up to hours to accomplish just for one pile. ONE PILE!

Hopefully sometime I will get myself out of my current habit and accept some change. It will be a tough habit to kick and something I may need to get some hobby counseling for lol.

So I gotta ask, how do you guys sort? Have you ever had to change a certain way you do things in the hobby and it felt like an impossible task? Let me hear it all!