Saturday, September 26, 2015


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

Odd Ball!

What's the oddest card/item you own? This can also be an odd memorabilia item.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I ROSE To The Occasion!

When you think Pete Rose, what are the first words that come to mind? Mine, Hall Of Famer.

And when you have the chance to land a "future" Hall Of Famers autograph for a deal, you take it.

So here is my latest addition, an 8x10 auto from Fanatics Authentic of Rose pointing to the crowd. My first Rose auto.
I know other than the MLB, the rest of us baseball fans agree that Rose should be in the Hall. He made a small mistake, but that wasn't as a player. As a player, Hall Of Famer. Manager, no. To me, they should have banned him from the Hall as a manager, but, put him in as a player. He was a career .300 hitter, had over 4,200 hits, and batted in over 1,300 runs. Those to me are numbers deserving of such an honor and I am happy to have finally added his autograph to my collection.

Do you own a Rose auto? Do you agree that he should be in the Hall?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! I LIKE GOOOOOLD! Ruben Randle Topps Chrome Rainbow Update!

What seemed like a stretch for years, has now turned into a reality with this addition

That's right, the Gold refractor numbered to 50!! I also got an awesome deal on it from COMC. My first purchase from there as well.

I am now ONE card away from completing my 2012 Topps Chrome rookie rainbow of Rueben Randle! However, that card being the Superfractor, may make my rainbow always one card short.

I recently did a search of the Super to see if I could even find it or have a shot to afford it. This was the last appearance by it:

Then I got excited, despite the price, when it said view relisted item!

Happiness turned to sadness very fast.

Despite possibly never having the "full" rainbow, I am pretty happy with my accomplishment and to me, this is a rainbow. That doesn't mean I will end my search for the Super, but if it is never listed again, I will be okay with this:

Have you ever completed a rainbow? Are you finding it hard landing the super?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Far Ahead, Yet, So Far Behind

If you have been reading Sport Card Collectors as of late, you will notice a good amount of mail days, pickups (such as the autograph yard sale ones) and Breakin Wax's going on. It's not because I have come upon a pile of money (even though I wished I had), it's because I have fallen really far behind on here posting my pickups when I pick them up. A lot of what you have been reading recently was picked up months ago.

Now you must be wondering , why did he put far ahead in the title then if he is that far behind? Well, I am actually far ahead in terms of writing the posts. I was able to get ahead on writing them by sticking to my once a week dedication to blog posts where I spend a couple hours putting together as many as I can. Not sure how many of the rest of you bloggers do that. I would be interested in hearing if you do or how you get your posts done.

All of these older posts are scheduled to publish until October 23rd which should get me caught up on ALL older pickups/mail days. The 24th should start NEW posts as long as nothing pops up that needs to be published before the others. Which you never know as those kind of things have already happened delaying these ones.

Anyways, enjoy the upcoming posts as there is a lot of fun stuff to share coming up. It's actually a surprise to me as well as I don't remember what's publishing on what day til I wake up lol.

Also, while I have your attention, if you haven't voted for your favorite segments on here yet, to the right of the blog on top you will find a poll. It just takes a second to click on a couple and hit submit. It would be greatly appreciated :)

Breakin Wax:1996 Stadium Club Baseball 4-Pack Break

Continuing my weekly posting til I am done with them, another break from the trade I made with @batcavelv. Today's offering is baseball and what I consider one of the best products out there. Stadium Club has caught our collecting attentions with it's top notch photography making us feel like we were alive at that certain event.

1996 was no different.
In every pack of 1996 Topps Stadium Club baseball you will find 12 cards. One of those cards will be a TSC card that you will see coming up. You can also find inserts!

The base card design for 1996 Stadium Club was simply clean and photographic. Topps should dig back to these times of making baseball cards. They were so much better then.

Here is the above spoken of TSC rainbow foil card. Very nice and clean just like the base cards.

In my four packs, I actually pulled an insert in each one. Each of the inserts were Extreme Player. This is the Bronze version that fell 1:5 packs.

And these are the Silver Extreme Players that fell at 1:10.

Extreme Players parallels existed for 180 of the players on the checklist and at the end of the 1996 regular season, an "Extreme Player" from each position was identified as a winner based on a statistical formula. It appears none of mine were winners.

If they were and this was 1996, I would be able to exchange them for 10-card sets of the winners of whatever level I have.
Card backs came with the info on how to claim.
Can't go wrong with these. I got some fun base cards for my PC, some inserts and they brought back a few memories. Couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vote Please!

Once again I have placed a poll on the upper right side of the blog. It is also one I have done before a couple of months ago on your favorite segments.Why do this one again and especially so quickly? I just wanted some feedback for an end of the year post that will publish on December 31st. I have also given more time on this poll to vote and hopefully everyone that reads this or stops by will give their input.

You can vote for more than one segment if you enjoy more than one. This is not a vote to eliminate any of the current segments and is just being used as feedback to me on possible new ones for 2016 to add to this already star studded lineup.

Thanks to all of you in advance who take a second out to vote. You guys rock!

PS: You will notice one NEW segment on the poll that will be coming up soon. I am very excited about this one.


The segment you thought was over last week, has one more addition to it. A very special addition at that.

Recently my mother-in-law dropped off this box and told me I would like it's contents. She had picked up this item at a yard sale she happened to stop at before coming to my house.

I slowly opened the box expecting to find some oddball items and hopefully not earnings. Luckily I was in-agreement with her after opening it up. .
SWEET! CARDBOARD! She knows me so well and is always on the lookout for cards at yard sales. She paid a dollar for the box and it's contents. I immediately started to rummage through the goods.

There wasn't really anything too special in here, but here is the rundown of every card that I found.

Not a bad McGwire amongst some prospects


Classic. A few names here.

Can't go wrong finding a Nolan Ryan

Pedro I will have to send my buddy Shane. Boggs too!

The Straw-man!
It seems to be at least worth the dollar she spent. A few of these I will keep and the rest will be used to pay-it-forward especially since I have most of them.

I must also note before you ask, the box isn't FT or FS as my mother in law took it back. Sorry!

Hoping this isn't the last time I get to do a What's In The Box post but in all likelihood it is. Unless another surprise like this arrives.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Packer Fans Don't Look, The Kick WAS GOOD!

My first two weeks of the NFL have been awful. The Giants continued to blow games late this week, my NFL pick 'em looked to had been done by a 2 year old (they might have done better) and even though it appears I may get a fantasy win this week (need 11 points total between Andrew Luck and Chris Ivory) my team has a long way to go.

So to help bring some cheer to this NFL season I have had so far, I will have to take a look back. Where you may ask? Well, to the 2008 NFC Championship game between the Giants and Packers. An amazing game with a great finish. At least for Giants fans.

So the game was tied 20-20 . It honestly shouldn't have been, Lawrence Tynes had missed multiple FG's including one at the end of the game in regulation that would had won it.

But he we were. Green Bay had the ball and I was covering my eyes sweating like a pig with my jersey pretty much glued to me at that point. Brett Favre suddenly released the ball and I was thinking "oh no" but somehow and someway CB Corey Webster jumped the route intercepting it. I shouted so loud I was shocked the windows didn't break. I mean, they did this off from the LEGEND Brett Favre who had been put in winning situations many times.

Now a few downs later, it was up to Lawrence Tynes again. Could he kick the Giants to the Super Bowl or crumble under pressure.

Let's see if my newest pickups, roughly under $3 from Steiner Sports, can tell the story a bit. They are quite impressive shots.

Tynes lines up for the kick. He has his focus on......

The kick is up in the air, by now I am down on one knee like the players on the sidelines....
And IT'S GOOD! The Giants are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!! And if I have any Patriot fans reading this, I must remind you of how great that Super Bowl was :-D

Those were the days. Feels like forever ago and that same feeling I have is about the last time I have watched a playoff game with the Giants.

This years Giants have played well like I thought they might. The offense did pick up last week, the defense is slowly improving and now with the best players Dallas has out for awhile, the Giants with a few wins could put themselves in good position. Of course this is saying they can stay healthy too and I think Victor Cruz or another WR is really needing to step up. Odell is dominant, but if teams start to pile on him, Eli has nowhere to go.

In closing, another thing to note as well, in that same season in the above article I just wrote, they started out 0-2, gave up a ton of points/yards before playing the Redskins and turning their season around. Guess who comes to NY on Thursday night......

2015 Yard Sale Autograph Pickups Part 3:SHAQ ATTACK!

I didn't need any Icy Hot to pick up this autograph at the yard sale. That's right, it's a Shaq auto.

The authenticity company wasn't one I had heard of before. I tried to do some research on them but came up empty.
The autograph is spot on to Shaqs after looking around at some. The only differences it seems in Shaq autos is his jersey number placement. Seems to be all over the place with every auto. But, for $10, I couldn't go wrong with this multi-NBA champions autograph..

Sunday, September 20, 2015

BREAKING! Latest News On Rueben Randle Topps Chrome Rainbow!

It's almost been a year since I posted any updates to my Rueben Randle 2012 Topps Chrome rookie rainbow mostly because the last three cards I needed were tough to find and expensive. The final three were the Red, Gold and Superfractors.

As you can tell by today's title, I have an update!

My rainbow did appear as this..........

But now, BAM! I added the really tough to find red refractor! I probably overpaid for this item, but this has been the only one of these listed for the past year and if I am going to make any progress on this rainbow, I needed to just fork out and buy it.

What makes these tough to find is the serial numbering to 25.
I am excited to knock this one off the want list and bring myself two more steps closer to completing this rainbow. Something I am really hoping to accomplish since it is on my hobby bucket list.

Time to search for the gold and super!