Saturday, October 17, 2015


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

Upper Deck and collecting hockey cards.

As you all know, I am a big Upper Deck fan but with recent lost licenses from the CLC along with the other hard to deal with past losses NFL, NBA and MLB, I fear the once hobby giant is losing ground in the hobby with only an NHL license.

I will say I do collect hockey, but it's mainly third on my collecting list. Not sure where it lands on yours. However, when I do collect it, I mainly do UD Series 1 and 2. I like the layout of the product. No focus on hits, nice looking base set, fun inserts with things like the Canvas. However it's these that really do me in.....


Can't wait to try and pull a McDavid. And I know trying to pack pull one will be my best shot as you will probably have to pour out a ton to buy one. Not to mention, pack busting makes it more fun and the chase! 

The product mocks a 90's product. 1:4 rookies cards, not an insert in every pack, rare autographs, and tough to find top notch jersey card players.

My question to you is, how many of you have given their hockey cards a try for your Upper Deck fix with no other newer Upper Deck options on the market for the main 4 sports? I am talking us die hard NFL, NBA, MLB or college collectors. Not ones who have already been collecting hockey. How many of you are trying it now? And for those of you who do collect already, I wanna know your thoughts on Series 1 and how excited you are.

Many questions to answer and I look forward to your responses.

Swinging Deep, Very Deep, With Griffey Jr Pickups!

A few days ago I showed you Griffey #600, what I didn't show you was the even bigger number of adds since #568. That's right, I added another big whopping 118 cards bringing my Griffey total up to 686 where it currently stands.

Since 118 cards would be impossible to post all of on here, I am just going to show you a few of my favorites along the way. All of these were acquired from separate eBay lots that I got for dirt cheap!

I also have a post going up tomorrow with all of the relic cards I picked up as well in this 118 card total addition. So in the meantime you get to enjoy some base/inserts.

First up, some shiny Fleer Ultra goodness!

Shiny continues to be the theme here with this Topps card

Certified unpeeled! Glad to see other collectors keep their peel offs, on.

This Flair design to me is still one of the best looking base card ones in the 90's.

And to finish it out, you gotta appreciate the efforts put forth by Pinnacle in the 90's. This shows "The Kid" side of Ken. Great photo.
This closes the gap a little to 700 and makes me just 14 cards away. Hopefully soon enough I will be there and find another special card to share for Griffey #700.

Wish me luck as I continue to add to #MissionGriffey and make sure to come back tomorrow to see my new relic additions.

Friday, October 16, 2015

LANDON In My Collection

Typically I am not a collector who buys defensive players autographs, but, when it comes to a high profile one for my team, I may make an exception.

This time the exception was made for Giants safety Landon Collins who has a very bright career ahead of him. I managed to land this auto for $1.29. A steal in my mind.

Topic as well with this post, what do you guys think of Panini's College inclusions in NFL products?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIN This Packers Player Of The Day Autographed Card!

This is so easy to win that a caveman can do it!

  1. Must be a U.S. Resident or have a shipping address in the U.S.
  2. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. I will mail it as safely as I can, then it's up to the USPS to get it to you safely. 
  3. Comment below with the name of your local participating Player Of The Day shop or one that's closest to you that you can find right, HERE.
  4. Have your entry in by October 19th 2015 and you will be entered into the random drawing.
  5. Winner will be announced on October 20th 2015 in the comments below..
  6. Good Luck to everyone! 

Breakin Wax:1995 Upper Deck Football 1-Pack Break

In my final break from my trade with @batcavelv, yes this has been dragged out for three months with all of the posts I am behind on, I am busting a pack of 1995 Upper Deck football. Love Upper Deck product especially pro licensed.

Upper Deck had many fun things to offer in the 90's from holograms to die cuts to foil Fx cards. Every pack you opened you knew something special was within.

This pack made me both happy to open and sad with the loss of Upper Deck NFL cards.

Enough with the Upper Deck rambling before this post turns into a book, let's see what the pack had!

In every pack of 1995 Upper Deck football, this is a retail pack, there was 12 cards per pack. There were rookies, veterans and one Silver Electric parallel to find per pack.

The base cards for the 1995 base set were great. Photography was amazing, no border and the name layout looked terrific.

My rookie find in the pack. I like when the rookies are slightly different designed than the base.

And my Silver Electric parallel was kinda ironic knowing the player and what team he played for. The photograph on this card is great too. Guess Junior showed Drew what the ground looked like on that sack.
Overall, nothing big in terms of pulls, but in terms of memories and fun, it scored an 11 on a scale of 1-10.  I definitely want to find more.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sport Card Collectors Blogger Player Of The Day Promo Main Contest

Every year when I have hosted this contest, I have always had a MAIN CONTEST to my promotion.
This year is no different.

How do you participate in the MAIN CONTEST? Well, here are the details.
  1. Go to your local participating Player Of The Day card shop. You can find your participating shop, HERE.
  2. Take a photo of you and your purchase in front of the Player Of The Day sign
  3. Post that picture to my Facebook page wall, SCC POD Promo 2015.
  4. I will then share your picture to the wall for others to see. I have already shared some on there so check those out if you are curious.
  5. You can go to your shop as many times as you want. Every time you visit counts for ONE entry. At the end of the promotion, Oct. 31st 2015, I will random everyone and their entries who visited the shop for the Top Three prizes and some bonus ones if we have more than three people participating (I hope so)
  6. Winners will be announced on Nov 1st 2015 on the Facebook page so make sure you like that page to see if you were a winner.
Here are the TOP THREE PRIZES to score.
Jamie Collins Bobble, POD Packs, Panini POD shirt, Panini shirt, Patrick Peterson /50 Player Of The Day auto

POD Packs, POD Shirt and a POD auto of Terrence West 5x7 photo

POD shirt and POD Packs

Good luck to everyone who enters between NOW and the end of the month! 

For those of you who don't have a shop nearby, I have other contests for you coming up so stay tuned for those.

Also, I decided to host the contest on here after all. So look for all other future contests on here. 

Breakin Wax:2014 Topps Platinum Football Blaster Box (AUTO!)

Topps Platinum+Marked Down Box At Walmart=One Happy Collector.

One of my favorite Topps products, other than Chrome, Topps Platinum comes packing with lots of colorful offerings right up my alley.

In every blaster box of 2014 Topps Platinum football, there are 8 packs of 4 cards. Normally these cost $20, but this one was $11.97. I always find the odds for autographs are much higher in Platinum and for the blasters.

Base card design is really nice. If I can't get my action photography, I want this.

The rookies are printed on a much different surfrace than the base. The base cards are printed on cardboard while the rookies on a chrome surface.

I pulled two great X-factors too.

And to my surprise, but not really, an autograph find. However, it's my stalker, Terrance West.
Overall, great deal. I got a couple good rookies, nice parallels and an auto. Can't go wrong.

Monday, October 12, 2015

WIN This Garrett Grayson Jersey Card!

To win this sweet 2015 Panini Player Of The Day Garrett Grayson, give me the winner AND Total Score of tonights MNF game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and SD Chargers in the comments below.

*contest open to U.S. Residents ONLY or those outside the U.S. with a U.S. shipping address.  I apologize but can't afford the shipping . Failure to abide by the rules you will be disqualified and cannot claim the prize.

Sport Card Collectors is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen mail. I will try to mail it the safest way I can but after I mail it, its no longer my responsibility and is the USPS'.

Prizes will be mailed ASAP.

Entries are due by 8:30 pm e.t. tonight 10/12/2015 and a winner will be announced tomorrow here in comments. In case of tie, winners will be randomed.

Good luck!

Griffey Jr. #600

When the time came and I reached my Griffey 599 different Griffey, I wanted to mark my 600th Griffey as something really cool to show how serious I am about my #MissionGriffey.

Well, I think I did pretty well with my choice.

Introducing the 600th Griffey card to my collection, a 2001 Donruss Classics Benchmarks with a piece of Dugout Bench from Three Rivers Stadium.

Here is the back of the card with the photo of the actual item the swatch came from. Man, I miss these days of showcasing the item as a whole on the back.
Now it's the drive to 700 different Griffeys! I plan on keeping you all updated as I go.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 3C Finale: Lots Of Jernigan

So the final player I gained a few more cards of, I already PC'd a bunch of him, is Jerrel Jernigan.

I never understood why the Giants released him. When filling in for injured players, Jerrel played well and should have for being one of the highly touted WR's in that draft. The Giants were surprised to had landed him in third round. But, I guess they felt they no longer needed his services.

Currently Jerrel is a free agent looking to continue on with his NFL career as his time with the Giants didn't pan out. I think any team that takes a shot on him will be lucky as watching how he played in spots for the Giants I was impressed and think he could make an impact on any WR needy team.

Enough with my chit chat and let's get to the real reason why you came, here are newest additions to my Jerrel Jernigan PC. Maybe I should take count on how many of his cards I have lol....

One of my favorites from the group. Really liked Gold Standard 

And my favorite of the group. Nice swatch, good looking card and on-card autograph. No complaints about this one. 
A big thanks goes out to Shane at Project Pedro blog for this amazing HUGE trade. I look forward to our next one which I am sure could be just as massive.

Also if you haven't yet, please check out his blog and add it to your blogrolls. I know most of you will enjoy the Cheap Wax Wednesday segments.

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 3B:Backflipping With David Wilson

The Giants had a great 2012 draft not only grabbing WR Rueben Randle but also snatching up David Wilson from Virgina Tech in the first round. Sadly I didn't get to see all he could offer as his NFL career was cut short due to career ending neck injury. Who knows what would have become of this speed demon if he had been able to play.

One thing that I will always remember about his career and it was also captured on cardboard was his double back-flip after scoring a TD against the Eagles in 2013.

But here is some new exciting cardboard I added to my collection. He is always a Giant to me and I wish him tons of luck on his upcoming attempt in his new career of track and field.

Once again, red, gold and black, no I am not talking SF 49ers, I am talking about how beautiful this card is. 

Prizm parallel #D to 99 

And finally one impressive looking Triple Threads card. 

I only owned a couple Wilson autographs before this so adding four new ones is awesome.

One more player to go.....who will it be....we will have to wait and see. In the meantime you can take some guesses. Here is a BIG hint. You may have pulled him millions of times in 2011..... 

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro BONUS Part!

Here are the inserts, most numbered, I haven't posted yet that were also apart of our trade. I just realized I didn't post these.  There is some great ones as well. The Elite die cut Manning was my favirite of the group.
Thanks also goes out to Shane for the bonus freebie oversized Winfield and mini NYY jersey.
(Note: This is my first time doing and publishing a post on the blogger app. Let me know your thoughts on it)

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 3A:Rueben Randle Cards!

One of the Giants players I have the most autographs and jersey cards of is Rueben Randle so anytime I can pad a few more I don't mind.

It's year four for Rueben and this is supposed to be the year he breaks out. He showed signs at the end of last year and against the Redskins this year, but still doesn't have the consistency yet. I think he can be quite the threat when given the opportunity to be. I am hoping he will catch his stride soon. Maybe even Sunday night against the 49ers.

Here are my newest additions to that PC. Triple Threads I didn't have before.

I do have the Panini Black one, but these bad boys look so sharp that I would take 10 of them. 

Stay tuned for my next player later today!  

Thoughts on my mail days are always welcomed!