Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Junior

Today marks Ken Griffey Jr's 46th birthday! No better way to celebrate then showcasing a PC card. This is my one and only copy of this spectacular and most iconic Griffey Jr and Upper Deck card, the 1989 Upper Deck #1 Ken Griffey Jr

SCC Segment Poll Results

I did a similar poll to this one back at the end of June to see which of my segments is most popular.With some newer ones in place, I decided a second poll was in need to see if opinions on some had changed and found out that they had.

The first time the results were pretty even across the board, this time they are much different with a few surprises to me as I see the views on my end.

Let's take a look at this round and see how the segments fared. Then you will get my thoughts on it.

Hobby Topic
  7 (20%)
Caption This!
  0 (0%)
What's In The Box?
  12 (35%)
This vs That
  3 (8%)
  7 (20%)
Breakin Wax (different than reviews)
  8 (23%)
90's Flashback
  9 (26%)
Reminiscing 90's
  5 (14%)
Opinion Stories
  2 (5%)
Mail Days
  11 (32%)
I Miss The Hobby
  6 (17%)
Throwback CardsDay
  2 (5%) 

What's In The Box finishing at the top spot wasn't much of a surprise. It was my highest viewed series. The sad part is I had to end it as I showed off all of the contents. Mail days coming in second was a bit of a surprise. My mail days are more top eight than second. The more highly viewed Hobby Topic finished in the middle of the pack and third best viewed Caption This! never got a vote. I guess people don't enjoy captioning the cards as much as I do.

Another top 5 in views on my blog is This vs That which nailed only three votes. Breakin Wax and my Reviews always score high but I was a bit surprised my opinion stories failed to only get two votes. Guess a lot of you don't agree with my thoughts lol.

Newcomer Reminiscing 90's did well, but 90's Flashback did even better despite being on the lower end of being viewed. Weird how things worked out.

Let me know your thoughts on these and which one is your favorite!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

WINNER Of The Victory Fine Arts Print Giveaway!!

I apologize about the delay today on announcing the winner today, but I wanted to hear back from Victory Fine Arts before I announced the winner so I know where to send their info. I still haven't heard from them yet and didn't want to delay this any longer, but will lead the winner in the right direction on who to contact.

So without further ado, one of you will be lucky enough to take home one of these amazing prints.

There were 41 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Scott
  2. Scott N.
  3. P-town Tom
  4. Jeff
  5. richard procter
  6. Cameron Towe
  7. Richard Nebe Jr
  8. the bowl cut kid
  9. Ben Hong
  10. @EEFFL
  11. the bowl cut kid
  12. Play at the Plate
  13. Michael Wardrop
  14. Michael Wardrop
  15. Fuji
  16. skunkman
  17. Bryan McCarter
  18. Derek
  19. Fuji
  20. Corky
  21. Corky
  22. The Lost Collector
  23. Eric Polk
  25. Jon
  26. JT Woodworth
  27. Cameron Towe
  28. Greg Zakwin
  29. Matthew Scott
  30. Reds Card Collector
  31. Scott N.
  32. Daniel Wilson
  33. Jon
  34. Tracy LeVeaux
  35. Mike
  36. Scott
  37. Derek
  38. Richard Nebe Jr
  40. P-town Tom
  41. Jeff
Timestamp: 2015-11-19 11:13:02 UTC, IP:
You have randomized this list 7 times.

BIG CONGRATS TO Scott on pulling home the win! Please email or contact @VictoryFineArt on Twitter on how to claim your Kobe Bryant print you commented about. You will have 7 days from today to claim your prize or I will give it to the second name on this list.

Thanks to everyone who entered especially those who spread the word on the contest. This was a fun one for sure and maybe Victory Fine Arts would like to do this again in the future.

Random Card On My Desk:1994 Action Packed Kenny Wallace

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wrestling For My Life Book Review And GIVEAWAY!!

For those of us who like to read and may be feeling a bit down, a faith based book as Wrestling For My Life is a key pick-me-up.

When you think of Christian athletes you hear names like Russell Wilson and Tim Tebow, but did you know that Shawn Michaels is one as well. I didn't. That alone was a reason to pick-up this book as I was intrigued by that thought. I always look at wrestlers as mean as they come but there is another side of them.

In Wrestling for My Life, Shawn Michaels opened up about his days in being in the WWE and the many different struggles he went through. He began the book by sharing how he became addicted to pain pills after suffering from extreme pain from his injuries in wrestling. He admitted that some days he took up to thirty-five pills a day. Which you would imagine from the hits, trips and falls they take that some would be needed. But, obviously that amount is a bit much.

His wife, Rebecca prayed daily that God would come rescue her husband and set him free. That moment came when his two year old son, Cameron crawled up on him while he was resting after taking a few pain pills and said, “Daddy’s tired”.  Sometimes even the littlest things can lead you in the right direction. Especially if it involves your kids.

Shawn then was led by the Lord to find a local church to attend in Cornerstone. He began to increase his knowledge in God by joining in on a Bible study group as well and surrounding himself with supporting Christian friends. Soon enough he was led to salvation by asking Jesus into his heart and was saved. After doing that, his life began to change as the addiction went away and he began to work in a Christian ministry working with various Churches, charities and organizations.

It's simply amazing how God can turn your life around when all you have to do is find Him. Sometimes He finds you in amazing ways like with Shawn and through his son.

There is a lot more to this book that I won't give all away including an amazing photo gallery in the middle. I would recommend this book to everyone. It's a great read from cover to cover and to see the changes that God made in Shawn's life was amazing. I will say however if you like Wrestling, hunting, family and faith, you are covered here.

Now thanks to Family Christian, you guys can too own a copy of this book. In the comments below, I want to know who your favorite Christian athlete is. That's it!

Now onto some other mumbo jumbo for rules:
  1. Contest open to U.S. Residents or those who have an address in the U.S. but live outside it (I checked with them on this rule so that was their decision)
  2. Contest ends on Wednesday November 25th 2015 with a winner being announced here in comments on November 26th 2015.
Good luck to all that enter and God bless!

Random Card On My Desk:2015 Topps Stadium Club Lou Brock

Monday, November 16, 2015

2 Rack Packs For $1...SAY WHAT?!?!

Yup, you read it right. I paid $1 for these two rack packs. How? Well, every year on my anniversary, Olympia Sports sends me a $10 use-as-you-wish gift card. Usually, I use this card to buy cards and spend as little as I can in real cash. 

This year I was able to pick up two rack packs for roughly $11. So you take $11-$10 they gave me and I spent $1. Good deal!

Now onto the rack packs. I got a 2014 Topps football and a 2015 Topps baseball.

First up, the football. I didn't get much in my opinion. Inserts weren't great....

 and rookies weren't much better except for these two. Other than that, pretty lame break.

The 2015 Topps baseball provided me with a little more. It was by far the more valuable pack between the two.
First insert I pulled.....

A foil insert, numbered gold card and a Mo Rivera. Nice!

And some great rookies including a Rusney and a Pederson, both of which I didn't have much of. 

Not a lot of big time pulls here, but for a $1, you can't really complain. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's Time For Giants vs Patriots Again!

Call today's game what you will, but when the Giants and Patriots match-up, according to the last four games, this will be a doozy.

My hatred towards the Patriots has been long standing and you would think they were apart of the NFC East, but they are not. I just don't know what it is about them, the coach, their QB, their continuous winning*, the fans I know, whatever it is, I root against them all of the time.

So it always makes things more interesting when my Giants play them as I have many friends and family that are die-hard Patriots fans. Luckily I have had the upper edge in the last few face to face games as in the last four match-ups, not counting the preseason, the Giants are 3-1 against them including two Super Bowl wins.

The one loss, the Patriots final game in their 16-0 season. A game I will say the Giants had until late third/fourth quarter. But, that loss was okay, it built momentum to a Super Bowl 42 win so I will take it.

As you will see, I get a tiny bit excited about a Super Bowl win against them (sadly this is only a few items).






Card Sets: 

My favorite set of them all, I have two copies and would def take more. Real Super Bowl ticket stub!! 

Panini's Super Bowl 46 set:
Interestingly enough, the last two times they met in the regular season, it led to a Super Bowl match-up. How great would Super Bowl 50 be if that was the case :)

However, since their last match-up, the Patriots have continued on winning was as the Giants have fallen from grace til this season as they are in first place in the ugly NFC East. This season the Giants are winning against sub-par teams, besides the big Buffalo Bills road win. How will they fare against an undefeated powerhouse like the Patriots? I am not sure.

I do know the key to beating the Patriots is not stopping these two, but slowing them down. If you can do that, you give yourself a chance.

The only issue with that for the Giants, their horrific defense. It's not even close to the one that beat them the last few times. I think the key is this guy who made an impact last week, but will have to be a firework on defense to help slow down the Pats.
What's my prediction for this game, I think the Giants will put forth a great effort, but unless I see massive improvement from their injury riddled defense, it will be hard to beat the Patriots.

So I will say 31-20 Patriots as painful as it is to admit, but not being able to slow down Gronk will be the main reason. But, I won't fully count out the Giants as a possible threat to them and their undefeated season. And obviously I will be cheering hard!

Let's hear your predictions for the game!