Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Box Of Goodies,Grady M Mail Day Part 5:The Shine Begins

Welcome. This is my favorite part of each mail day, not that I don't enjoy the rest but here is the butter on the bread of the package.

The shiny stuff as most collectors call it.

Up first, we have some hockey and NASCAR. I included anything that had a rainbow shine.

Platinum parallels. 

More here. Going to miss this product in 2016 when Panini takes over the exclusive license.

Beauties here from Elite. Carpenter is numbered to 21!! And that Ellsbury I am all over. 

And the shiny continues! Chapman I like even more now. Go Yanks! 

Certified is always loaded with this kinda stuff. Guess that's why it's one of my favorite releases each year. 

Topps Chrome parallels. Never go wrong here. 

And to end part 1, OOOOOOOOOOODEEELLL! 

Solid all around in part 1. Part 2 puts a bit more focus on Prizm parallels and there are plenty to look at. 

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