Monday, January 4, 2016

Breakin Wax:2014 Crown Royale Football Hobby Box

One of my favorite products found it's way under the Christmas tree this year as a gift from my wife. Dreams of pulling an Odell Beckham Jr. autographed silhouette danced around in my head.

Was my dream going to be a reality? Well, read on.

Sorry I didn't have a picture of the box to post like I usually do, but here is a breakdown of what you will find:

There are 4 Packs per Box and 5 Cards per Pack. Yup, just 20 cards. One autograph or memorabilia card per pack. Every box right now will run you roughly $49.95 Per Box.

I haven't seen the 2015 base card design, but I was a huge fan of 2014's. Also got a PC piece for the Giants. Big time game yesterday for Jennings too.

A couple of parallels. The Martin is numbered to 25 and I know of a perfect place to send it. Grady, I am talking about you.

My first two hits. Single colored jersey cards. At least one was Mike Evans.

My other hit was a 250pt points card that I traded away and this autograph.
I do like the design especially with the rainbow foil, but not the best player to have found.

Overall, a tough break. Outside of the Evans jersey card and PC Giants base card, not much here.

What are your thoughts on my break and have you broken any 2015 Crown Royale? Thoughts on it?


  1. That's awesome that your wife buys you boxes for Christmas. Definitely Wife of the Year Award candidate.

    I really like Crown Royale. However... the thought of pulling a Panini Points card, instead of an actual hit would annoy me. Don't get me wrong. Panini is onto something cool with these points. It gives the collector the opportunity to collect and redeem something that they actually want. But when a collector is expecting to pull one autograph or memorabilia card per pack, that's what they should actually pull.

    1. I put her on top of that list. She knows how much I enjoy the hobby.

      I agree on the points card. I like them, but the fact you have to pay for shipping is the part thats frustrating. If that was eliminated, I would be fine with it I think.

  2. I'm a big fan of Crown Royale because I feel like there is something significant about every card in the box - even the base are elaborately die cut and adorned in foil. That said, I have seen a couple breaks along the lines of yours. I opened a 2015 box recently and got 400 points instead of the big hit (auto rookie silhouette). The 2015 base are a little simpler, too, with just the top edge die cut instead of the whole card shapes in the 2014. I did pull a PC rookie of a guy making his first card appearance in a Packers jersey! Also, one of my plain old jersey cards was that Lawrence Taylor card you liked so much. (Still not ready to give it up!)