Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gone, But Not Forgotten

There it was right at my fingertips, the missing piece to my 2012 Topps Chrome Rueben Randle rainbow, the Superfractor.

The 1/1 beauty would had been the final touch on my rainbow while also acting as my first Super. I hadn't seen the card listed in years. There was no way I could miss it again could I??....well yes I had to.

The problem was, financially I couldn't afford it and couldn't find a way around it. Within a few hours, I watched it slip away possibly forever. Sadness settled in and I tried to re-focus on collecting before putting this post together wondering if other collectors had to face this situation.

Now I gotta ask, have you ever had that one card you needed that you had to watch slip away due to finances, someone beating you to it or other reasons? Let me know below!


  1. It really sucks when a card you really want/need for your collection falls through your fingers, especially when it's just a poor timing thing with your finances. It sucks, especially when it's a 1/1 card that you might never see for sale again.

  2. Considering there are dozens of cards I want that are out of my price range... I could say yes. But I don't think I've actually been in the exact situation as you were. Sorry buddy. Hope it pops up again sometime in the future at a half the price.