Friday, January 8, 2016

Panini America vs Topps Redemption Replacement:Battle For The Ages

Last month I posted two redemption replacement mail days that I received with one being from Topps and the other from Panini. I thought it would be fun to breaking it down on how I got these replaced and to see which company came out on top in their replacement.

Here we go!

Panini America
What I got replaced:
2014 Panini Preferred (14-15)
Card #240 ( / 35)
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers G

What Arrived: 

Estimated Time Of Response To Replacing: 3 Hours
Contacted Via: Twitter
Delivery: 5 Days
Equal Value: Yes
Team Of Choice: Yes


 What I got replaced:
2014 Five Star Five Star Auto Rainbow Parallel of Rashad Jennings

What Arrived:
Estimated Time Of Response To Replacing: 2 Months
Contacted Via: Email

Delivery: 3 Days
Equal Value: Yes (if not a bit more)
Team Of Choice: No

I think it's pretty easy to see who won this round. Topps had the faster delivery but a TERRIBLE response time as opposed to Panini who quickly responded then turned around and replaced it. Not to mention Panini offered my team of choice over Topps who I mentioned which team I liked and got another.

I will admit however my Topps replacement is the best one I have ever gotten from them so that part was headed in the right direction. I think the most frustrating was getting a response. I understand that they are busy, but isn't Panini too? I think maybe a Topps C.S. Twitter account like they used to have may help some.

What do you guys think and how has your experiences been with either company?


  1. I have never had a card replaced by Panini, but have had good luck with the redemption process. The coolest thing is their willingness to take expired redemptions. I've had few of those the last couple of years and all of them arrived lightning fast. I've actually had 2 McCutchen auto redemptions for over 3 years that I haven't had the heart to replace. Seeing that they did a pretty good job replacing your I may have one replaced.

  2. I think I have been a very lucky person as I have ha zero issues with any redemptions for Topps, Panini or Upper Deck. That being said, I have had so few redemption pulls that I don't think my experience would be considered the norm, certainly not in what I have read elsewhere in the blogsphere or Twitter.

  3. Over the years... I've had good and bad experiences from pretty much all of the companies. Overall... I feel that Topps has the slowest response time (I've waited over a year on a few cards) and Upper Deck did the best job of giving me equivalent value (although it required me taking my story to social media).

  4. I need to get the e-mail address for Topps' replacement folks. I've got a couple of cards that have been sitting in my queue for a couple of years and it's time to turn them into something.

  5. is the address I used