Thursday, January 21, 2016

Player Cameos On Cards, Do You Collect Them?

When thumbing through a stack of base cards, this one stood out to me

Yes, you see that right, that is Ken Griffey Jr. Ignore the fact that B.J. Surhoff is on here too. The player that stands out more is the Griff.

So the question was, do I count this as a Griffey card? Technically on my big checklist it doesn't count as his, but he is obviously in the photo here. So I sat and dwelled on it for a bit. In the end, I don't think I could put a card that wasn't technically a Griffey card in my PC of him. Cool photo, great cameo but this is a B.J. Surhoff card. (which by the way I did still keep it because of the uniqueness just not in my Griffeys)

So I pass this question onto you, if your favorite player you PC appears on someone elses card, do you count it? Why or why not?


  1. COUNT IT!

    While you're at it, count these, too:

    1. I remember this! Maybe I should start to count mine. Will think about it at least

  2. I do sometimes, but I don't normally go out of my way for them. My collection is too much like a hoard at this time.

  3. Absolutely not! I have enough cards to chase down already!

  4. I don't chase cameo cards, but if I get them in a trade or come across them cheap at a card show, I'm happy to add them to the PC. I don't count them toward my goal of 100 cards of each player I collect, but I still group them together.

  5. I think they are a lot of fun, but I don't collect them, in particular. There are some pretty cool football ones I've found in looking through some of my 90's stuff lately - Collectors Choice was a brand that had a bunch! The 1996 Marino base card shows him and Curtis Martin on the field at the end of a game, for example.

  6. I haven't gotten to adding cameos yet but there are some that I am watching for my Griffey collection, including the Surhoff card you posted.

  7. Nope dount count it. and no I don't collect cameos.