Sunday, January 24, 2016

Psych Autograph Project New Additions

At the beginning of the year, I broke two more boxes of Cryptozoic Psych and joked about trying to put together an autographed set. Well, it seems my joke may have turned more reality as I began picking up a few more pieces towards it. Today's mail day only ran me $20 which is much less than these normally run for.

Up first, Angus Mcfadyen who also played in Braveheart.

Up next, Dana Ashbrook who should ring a bell with most of us since he played in the cult classic Twin Peaks as Bobby Briggs.

Leslay Ann Warren is up next. She also inscribed hers with love. She played in the 100th episode of Psych as a rock groupie but is known by many for her role in The Happiest Millionaire.

Sage Brocklebank played recurring role as Buzz Mcnab on Psych but has also guest played on other TV shows as well.
Can't believe I knocked four off my checklist so fast. Maybe this side project is a possibility but we will have to see. Things will get quite costly as I move from the lower end autographs and try for the harder ones.

In the meantime, it's still fun.

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