Friday, January 8, 2016

The One Time A Connor Shaw Autograph Is Worth $100

You read it in the headline folks, I have found a Connor Shaw autograph that is worth $100. Now the $100 I speak of isn't cash, but it's something just as awesome, it's a $100 gift card to Steiner Sports!!

Steiner Sports announced a promotion yesterday, you can find it HERE, where you can trade in an autographed Cleveland Browns photo, mini helmet, football, jersey or card from any of the team's starters at quarterback since 1999 for a $100 gift card in return! It's a way to give back to those Brown's fans who have gone through so much QB drama. Or for collecting fans like me who sat and waited on a guy who I thought might be one of those surprise undrafted rookies who makes it big time. Sorry Connor, your 177 yards in the 2014 finale as a starter isn't enough for me.

So here is the card I will be submitting in tomorrow.

Back Of The Card:

One of the biggest rules of the promotion is that it had to be a legit autograph from legit companies. Right here is my guarantee.

And here he is getting packed up for his journey. I will miss the card a bit because I do like the design, but Steiner offers so many great items that I am sure I will soon forget.

I made sure to include an index card with my info for the gift card.

Final envelope all addressed and protected to go out in the mail tomorrow.

Once this reaches them, it says on the site it will take up to three weeks to receive the gift card if you are approved. I assume all that means is if the item you sent in is off their list and is legit. Which mine is.

I will let you guys know what I pick up with the gift card once I get it back. I have my eyes on a few things.

In comments, let me know if you are participating and your thoughts on this once in a lifetime promotion.

PS: I am hoping if they do another promo like this that its a Browns Running Back one. They have suffered there a lot to and my collection is loaded with them. Thanks Trent Richardson and Terrence West.


  1. Sigh. Bye, Connor!

    Although, I may sacrifice a Luke McCown from my collection for a gift card. I should be able to buy one back cheap somewhere or other.

  2. Great promotion. Time to dig up my worst Brown QB Auto. Might end up being one of the toughest decisions I have to make this week.