Friday, January 22, 2016

This Trade Hit The Spot

My buddy @batcavelv and I have been working on a trade for a few months and today my end of the trade came in packing a punch as usual.

Tracy knows of my addiction to busting unopened late 90's wax and picked me up some packs.
 Here were the best cards from basketball. A Karl Malone and three silver parallels that fall one per pack

The football pack came with this 1:12 pull of Jerome Bettis. Pretty nice looking insert.

Also got this base card rookie of Bobby Hoying.

Now onto some pretty sweet Giants additions. We got Rueben Randle, Tim Carter and Steve Smith jersey cards from their rookie years.

One of my favorite Giant QB's of All-Time in Kerry Collins. May actually be one of my all-time favorite Top 10 QB overall. I believe this is my first jersey card of him.
Big Hank, Jonathan Hankins who I believe next season will have a huge breakout year. This is a nice rookie autograph of him. And it's shiny, double bonus!

Now onto my two favorite cards of the bunch, not that they all weren't awesome. Dress For Success of Sinorice Moss, who never did pan out like his brother Santana, rookie face mask card. I miss companies doing these.

And you would have to be blind not to enjoy this beauty whether you are a Giants fan, football fan or not. This is one good looking piece of cardboard. A Leaf Limited Leather and Laces PRIME numbered 11/25 of Ron Dixon. 
For those of you who don't know Ron Dixon, he was most notably known for special teams returns and scored the Giants only, gulp giving myself nightmares again, score in Super Bowl 35 on a 97 yard kickoff return where the Giants got walloped by the Baltimore Ravens 34-7. He only played for the Giants from 2000-2003 and his career ended with a nagging PCL injury and was ineffective in tryouts after the Giants and retired in 2005.
Despite the player, this card is one that you just can't simply pull your eyes away from.

A big thanks goes out to Tracy and I am already looking forward to our next trade. I have begun stacking a pile for you already. 

Thanks to everyone else for reading and comments on my mail day are always appreciated!

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