Sunday, January 17, 2016

You Voted For The Blog Name, Here Are The Results!

Towards the end of last year, I put up a post asking you to give me some suggestions as a blog name for this blog since I don't like the current one. I then set up a poll to see which names would come out on top.

You guys voted and here is how the voting came out.....

Shiny Happy Cardboard
  6 (17%)
Catching Whales
  1 (2%)
Snagging Cardboard
  3 (8%)
Cardboard Catch
  3 (8%)
  1 (2%)
The Card Bin
  10 (28%)
Cardboard Paradise
  3 (8%)
Sport Card Collectors
  15 (42%)
Card Collector Daily
  4 (11%)
Flooded With Cardboard
  0 (0%)
The Adventures Of Cardsorting
  4 (11%)
The Cardboard Strikes Back
  2 (5%)

It appears the majority of you want to keep the Sport Card Collectors name alive. Even though I was strongly thinking about changing the name (especially after adding in the new layout look), looking at the dominating results I don't think I can. Especially with the two that I really liked in Shiny Happy Cardboard and Snagging Cardboard as they didn't get voted on too much. The Adventures of Cardsorting was pretty catchy too.

Let me know which one or ones you voted on. At this point who would just be fun to hear your thoughts on why you voted for what you did.

1 comment:

  1. I voted to keep the blog name the same for a few reasons. It's how we know you. Safe to assume most people that visit this blog themselves are sports card collectors. This blog is your baby and changing the name would be akin to changing your firstborns name.