Sunday, February 7, 2016

90's Niche Football Card Blog Trade Part 2:90's Insert Goodness

I posted Part 1 of my trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog yesterday, today is Part 2. This one is all about the 90's!

So sit back and enjoy!

Up first, this Digital Replays MotionVision. These things are really cool. Companies don't make anything like this anymore. This is the front cover, it's a CD case.

When you open it up, you find a card. These cards when tipped the right way make the player run a play. Really cool. This is of Kerry Collins who was one of my favorite 90's quarterbacks. 

Speaking of Collins, even more additions. 

More 90's inserts. You have gotta truly appreciate their beauty.

Two of my favorite Broncos. A 90's UD hologram to. Those were always rocking!

Randy Moss! What a beast he was.  Not that Seau wasn't too.

Some of the coolest base cards ever made. Acetate surrounded by cardboard. 

Another one of my favorite 90's QB, Mark Brunell. Loved the year that he led the Jags to the AFC Championship game while upsetting Buffalo and Denver along the way. I thought they would had taken down the Patriots, but sadly couldn't. Probably the last chance the Jags had to make a run like that it seems lol.

And finally, Mirror Image. 4 interesting players on this card. Not really sure I would have called them mirror images of each other lol. 

Overall, another great mail day. A big thanks goes out to 90's Niche football card blog for the trade and I am looking forward to our next which is already in the process. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, please do so!


  1. All those look even cooler here on the blog!

  2. Great stuff. I have a few of those Motion Vision cards. Very cool to look out... but terrible to store.