Saturday, February 6, 2016

90's Niche Football Card Blog Trade: GIANT Trade Mail Day!

As I posted on Hampton Cardboard Craze this morning, I recently pulled off a big trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog and acquired not only some new Hamptons, but some other wants as well.

Today's Part 1 of the mail day focuses on the NY Giants portion. Tomorrow is some 90's insert goodness and the Hampton part you can only find on Hampton Cardboard Craze. So I guess you better get to following that blog.

Let's get to looking what I got.

Some great Giants here from a variety of brands. I love the Charles Way Brilliants.

Eli Manning and Michael Strahan inserts and more Dave Browns. I still have nightmares sometimes about him haha.

New pickups for Shane Vereen, some Valor I didn't have and adding new Tiki Barbers is never a bad thing. 

Cruz "bulleted" insert, Nassib and Collins rookies here among other great cards. 

Tyrone Wheatley Action Packed rookie and silver rookie parallel. Couldn't believe I didn't have these after all of the Action Packed I bought back in the 90's. I wished Panini would give these a go. 


McCaffrey rookie. 

And the biggest surprise of the mail day, this LT jersey card. I had seen him post it on Twitter but he claimed he was holding onto it for awhile. I had no idea this was coming to me. Crazy awesome! 
I will be posting the rest of the trade mail day tomorrow so stay tuned especially if you are a fan of 90's or shiny cardboard.

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